We did our 5th Helping Survey on 28-04-2018

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On April 28, 2018, we did our 5th promising donation campaign. Donated 68 school bags to children and dry food. It was a good day for us. It's great to help people whenever we enjoy the company and humanitarian work. Spending time with them is always peaceful and pleasant.

Most of the people were very happy about getting a school bag because they didn't have a school bag before. They usually carried books by hand. We toured a nearby pre-primary school in a tribal colony. We found that most kids don't have a bag. Even their clothes were often dirty. We informed them of our donation. They really welcomed us with a smile and courage.

We can't do a big donation campaign, but we have covered most of the colony. Most of them really don't study well. This happened because their parents are seriously illiterate.

Thanks to everyone!

Best honor to @asksisk as his help are the key to our Campaign. Also to all mates

Our moments of that survey:





Thank you @asksisk



Your support is highly appreciated!


I appreciate your work. You always help the poor in this way. I support you for pushing me up.

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Keep up the good work. I consider myself lucky enough to contribute what best I could..

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