Steepshot - Android alpha 0.0.2. New registration, new set of identity, QR-codes and more.

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Hi all! We keep going forward and today our team represents new alpha 2 version of Android app. Let's see what's inside.






Important! Uninstall previously installed app



What's new

  • Registration in the app (2-step, no password)
  • Enter Posting key by scanning QR-code
  • Golos blockchain support
  • Image size optimization for better performance
  • Swipe feed & profile (refresh photos)
  • New set of identity (launch icon, splash screen, in-app icon)

What's fixed

  • Black borders around photo have gone
  • Following/followers screen displays the full list of users
  • Errors in loading images at feed & profile screens
  • Some changes on adding tags to a post
  • Several minor fixes

What has changed in the process of registration in the app

  • step-by-step
  • supports sign in with Golos account
  • now you do not need a password to use the application, just type in your posting key or use QR-code to ease up this process (see our FAQ for help)

Step 1


Step 2


What's on the way next?

  • iOS app release
  • Filter out posts related to blogging content (leave only photos)

Previously announced

footer_img_1.JPGAnnouncement Post / FAQ / Google Play

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When will you segregate steepshot post from the one written on


There's pretty much photo content uploaded by So instead of treating content based on the client used for it's creation, it might be better to treat it based on whether the post created was about sharing photo(s) vs. about sharing a blog post with some information.


I just dont like the experience on the trending page and in the feed. Definitely not what im looking for as a user. I want photos, i want a following feed that has personal photos too. I would not invite my friends to this app if they are not getting the experience they are used to on instagram.

The steepshot users will have a very different approach and type of content uploaded. Just makes no sense to mix the 2.


I agree


Me too


Just look at Instagram and use Steem backend to do the exact same thing and you'll be golden!


Also agree but keep up the great effort on Steepshot everyone and lets keep improving Steem and making content and bringing users!!!


Voting & Curating on Steemit is different to what will be done with Steepshot!!! Major flaw in the service now!
See also my comment...

good work guys. cant wait for the iOS release. do you have a new date?

Can't wait for the iphone app

Can't wait to try it! Need IOS though :(

when will the web version be released ? :)

links to Google Play here contains language marker: Please remove `&hl=ru from links, otherwise people will be always redirected to Russian version of Google Play :)


Yeah... I just was surprised, that old icon is used one more time :) Testing in progress :)

I am so excited for the IOS version! I will literally be on this everyday hahah

Seems a bit complicated for three average user. They might prefer to login with fb or g+ account


Login is one time, after that auto login, so it is more or less the same as login to Steemit.

But I would say, all of the handling process in cryptoworld shall become as simple as in the normal world for the mass to start entering cryptoworld, but that is beside the topic here :)

With the first ever SteepShot photo uploaded to Steemit, I like to first of all thank you for the great initiative for this service. Kudos for that!

I also like to give you some initial feedback to make the service better; I was using the latest Android App.

These are the BIG issues I have with the user experience, curating cultureand so on ie these needs to be fixed somehow ASAP!

  • Images / Photos uploaded with SteepShot shall get its own corner at Steemit, this could by a standard tag like SteepShot or whatever - Reason: these are different posts then the standard Steemit Posts and they need to be treated differently by the curators on Steemit. At least an indication shall be given in the post...I did this in the subject (
  • Dedicated Steepshot channel shall be created in the App, now you see the prime image of each post as we see them on Steemit and with the 'Like' we do vote for the image, but in reality we vote for the entire post which is not visible; This is a big problem in my view.

Other points:

  • Tags shall be possible to create in SteepShot

When will you have solutions for the first two BIG issues available?


First one's deployed today. Just try to take a picture again and you'll see #steepshot tag auto-appended.

We'll need some time to implement the second one, but that's in our plan.

Thank you for your feedback.


Super, will try indeed.

Hope steepshot is the first tag, under which the post will be stored on the blockchain. This is also the tag Steemit UI people will see, and I think it shall be the steepshot tag.

Cool wrt SteepShot images only in App, but this is super important IMHO, so looking fwd to earliest implementation.

EDIT: noticed steepshot is the 2nd tag; can you make it the first tag? in that way it is clear to everybody it is a steepshot post.


Tested the App on Android v5.1 device. Feedback, Comments, Suggestion and Bugs listed in another comment to this post

Congrat team for the update and work improvement. Upvote & re-Steem

I keep getting this error


Should work now.

I am getting this error (more or less):

Creating post is impossible. Please try 10 minutes later (the comment is archived)


My guess is that you're trying to created a post with a title that you've already used.

Anyway, the warning message should be different in this case. Will fix that, thanks.


that might be the case :)


it is working:

but I just noticed, that #steepshot tag is not added by default (I would suggest doing that).


and it looks like, monetization (by spliting rewards feature) is not enabled:

I would be happy to give you some percentage from posts published by your app! :)


We need a tester like you! How did you manage to create a post without #steepshot tag while no one can? ;) Will take a look into this case.

P.S. Splitting rewards feature will be added soon.

nice! Im gonna download it and test it out!

Coooool thing, Thanks!

How will private accounts work ?


I don't know who you are, especially since you don't post, but I just want to say thank you very much for your supportive up votes and reading my content, I truly appreciate it and am grateful for your rewarding acknowledgements.


Don't mention it brother. Take care you do great work.


Thank you, I appreciate the gesture. Take care as well

Registration in the app (2-step, no password)
Enter Posting key by scanning QR-code


Apa yang harus saya lakukan

Great updates .

Do you have multi language on your app?

I have been doing some testing and it seems that when one posts it is not auto voted for, this should either be an option in settings or automatic, or even better and optimally both.

Feels like this is what is going to do to Instagram what Steemit has been doing to Facebook. It looks amazing - I'm going to test it out!

Is it base on steemit ?

On the app on my Samsung Note5 the "Post Photo" button is not active. I can't post any pics?

thank god for ios release! my arm is asleep

Ok I think I have to look at this.

I have an error to report on steepshot on android on my LG tablet!
It was working fine the other day, i could upvote and upload pics to post, i mad e posts using steepshot, but today i tried posting and it said "steepshot "authentication credentials not provided" i tried restarting still got it, any idea whats goin on id like to keep using the great app! thanks!

I gonna have to try this app. I'm feeling excited already it seems like a app to express your world in colours. Im ready.

I can't login with my Samsung Galaxy S7 (Andorid 7.0). Scanning QR code I see only 7 digits recognized not more. Putting the posting key manually gives me the error "Invalid Posting key". Any ideas?

Are you using private posting key?


Yes, I do.


I uninstalled the app from my android and installed again.
Tried again and it works now.
Thank you for your help, anyhow.

If you have authentication problem delete your account in settings and relogin

Great! Just installed, about to try it.

please make it available without on


steemit-logo-25px.png steem

Is there anyone cannot login after scan the private posting key?

Nice! any estimation for IOS release?


where do I get the QR code from to log in? Thanks for answering :)

Great App @steepshot!

Yesterday played around with the App and have following feedback for you.

My Suggestions

  • SteepShot tag = great is it now added: it is last tag though > make it first tag
  • SteepShot dedicated channel in App (or even better, the only content ie no post image content from none SteepShot services)
  • Default App starts with Trending Channel > start in new channel, or even better SteepShot dedicated channel
  • Post cannot be edited anymore: Image, description, tags > would be nice to be to edit
  • No indication of post time, or time lapse > would be nice to have this
  • No search of posts possible > would be nice to have this, otherwise posts only visible through channels
  • Inconsistent naming: ‘Likes’ at image and ‘Vote’ in error messages


  • Vote on comment in App: error message ‘vote weight cannot be zero’ but counts in App as vote and seems to progress to blockchain and Steemit UI
  • No update to $ value when casting a vote: The Likes count goes up (update of $ value only after App restart)
  • Voting for comment, then unvote and vote again > message ‘you’ve voted in a similar way’, Like count goes up, but vote is not progressed to blockchain > Likes count adjust when App new start
  • When voted for own post through Steemit UI > Does not show in SteepShot App > Value amount is adjusted though
  • $ Value amount at comments stays 0 > Even when voted for
  • Vote on comment in Steemit UI on comments seems to progress to SteepShot in Like count, but not the dollar value in comment
  • Tag search for tags with 3 characters is not working: not for tag 'art' at least


  • App becomes unstable quite quickly (on Android 5.1), will try another Android device this weekend (v5.1 and v6.0)