Health tips for surviving the New World Order... Will be re-shot, so Let's Open Source this.

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Health tips for surviving the New World Order... Will be re-shot, so Let's Open Source this.


Film Summary

So I was very happily going over some of the important health tips to survive the New World Order system of depopulation and the livestream just so happened to freeze completely making me forget like half of what I wanted to talk about. I do not use a script or a teleprompter I just speak whatever is on my mind.

So because this happened, I am now stating this video is going to be re-shot, but from home office via a proper livestream so I can screen share information. However this video will serve an important purpose so it shall remain as I asked for it in the video anyways. Let's open source this thing. Please leave your comments below on youtube or steemit or dtube or bitchute. I will go through them and the proper comments will be read in the re shot video. That way we can not miss anything.

Obviously the main health tips I wanted to go over were:

  1. Geo Engineering must be stopped as we all breathe that in.
  2. GMO's are toxic, they can cause the extinction of the human race by mere assault on the genome's long term fertility. They also are covered in toxins that are carcinogenic.
  3. Raise your pH level, drink higher pH water and eat less meat and more vegetables and fruits (even though that sucks to do). Try having a juice or smoothie for lunch instead of a sandwich.
  4. Exercise, get yourself into a regular exercise schedule of 3-6 minimum high intensity workouts a week. I use map my run, an app that tracks your runs and walks, it helps you stay motivated and though it is likely an NSA / CIA spying tool or something, I do use it and find it kinda fun to use. Also play sports, play that child hood sport you use to play, it is still fun and it gets you out and helps you make friends.
  5. Turmeric (Curry powder) is a great addition, helps fight cancer and helps with pains and sores like arthritis. It is an anti inflammatory. Same with Cayenne pepper mixed with black pepper.
  6. Colloidal Silver a viewer stated works for them and improves health.
  7. I take vitamins daily, sometimes extra D vitamins as the Sun is almost never out in MA during the winter.
  8. 100% Gum Spirits of Turpentine can help reduce "Candida" in the system, among other things in your gut you don't want:

Please post your health tip below and later I will go through them all during the re shooting of this livestream. Thanks in advance for your comments!

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Take probiotics daily to build up good gut bacteria. Your gut bacteria accounts for over 70% of your immunity. They have also linked the gut and brain so a healthy gut equals a healthy mind.

You can take probiotic pills but you can also get them through eating more raw or fermented produce and beverages such as kombucha, kefir, kvass, etc.

I wrote a couple posts on brewing probiotic rich beverages here

Here's how to turn something as simple as oatmeal into a gut boosting food

Hey thanks so much for all the tips. I will be going over these live. I up-voted all your comments.

No problem dude. Thanks for bringing up this important topic.

As for probiotics that is a HUGE one I forgot. I personally take them daily. I also have my kids on them, they really help with baby fussiness and more. Great one.

I recommend getting a good water filtration system. I use the berkey cleans the water of chlorine, heavy metals bacteria and more. Even removes fluoride if you buy the pf 2 filters which I recommend. It's has been a great investment for the last 8 years now.

Thank you for the information on both of your posts. Still new to this so I don't have much steem power but I did upvote you. Following you now.

No worries. I appreciate the support.

Yep, I have a pro pur one, but yea some deal. Another great tip.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

the health tips you describe are more beneficaial for all comunity regarding healt! the whole eight point of health much appriciated!
actually the stip raise tour ph level drink high ph water and little less meal and sleep less are better for health!
Balance should be there in eating, exercising, sleeping otherwise it will harm our health! valuable tips thanks! resteemed dear friends!

You are very welcome thanks for the comment.

First of all, thank you for the Turmeric suggestion. I was not aware of its benefits. I will add that to my diet.

One of the most important skills to possess is to be able to hunt wild game. I grew up in the city but regularly went deer hunting with family of mine in small town Nebraska where there are seemingly an infinite amount of them.

I learned how to dry the meat in order to make jerky which is a good skill to possess if you are without refrigeration and need a good source of protein. Also, having gone deer hunting this past January, I have a freezer full of meat that I know is not processed nor contain GMO's.

As far as water goes, what is the best way to go about drinking high quality, pure water? Is there a certain filter that you would recommend? Or is there a method that you have practiced on fresh water sources such as rivers or lakes?

Thanks for the list, and I'll look forward to catching the video.

I don't want to plug any water filter companies but I buy them from pro pur, there is likely better and cheaper sources.

That is a great solution regarding the wild game. I will def cover this.

I organic is a must but even that isn't a garuntee that your food is free of pesticides/herbicides. Best solution is to grow as much of your own food as possible. Buy land, or join a community garden just find a way to grow it. You could also do like me and do a little guerilla gardening and grow on land you don't have permission to grow on.

Yeah, I think that is a great idea. I try to grow some of my own stuff. However a community garden would work for those in the city.

Eating sprouts is another great way to boost your nutrition intake. Sprouting boost the seed or grain's nutriention content by 50% as well as improves their digestibility.

Here's a couple sprouting posts I've written.



Interesting, I did not know this. I just followed you on here. I look forward to learning more for sure. This is interesting stuff.

Intermittent fasting has many health benefits.

Gut health (fact: a 3 day fast can reset and repair your immunity system)

Reduces stress, burns fat, keeps you younger looking and many more.

Yeah but a 3 day fast is really tough. I do a one day juice cleanse and by midnight I am literally starving.

Oh yeah I've only gone a few days. If you do stuff like just delay the time in which you eat breakfast e.g. Eat your breakfast at noon that will make a big difference.

Avoid toxic laundry soap with natural and as easy to use as a tide pod. Non-toxic Soap nuts

Wrote a post comparing the two plus a how-to on using soap nuts

Yeah, I have actually covered this in the past. Laura Kelley told me about this.

Plus, if you don't use the tide pod for laundry you can use it for the tide pod challenge.

Oil pulling: oil pulling (swishing oil in your mouth for an extended time) with either sunflower oil, seseme oil or coconut oil is an old folk remedy. It has been shown to remove bacteria, plaque and whiten teeth. It is also said to remove toxins but I haven't read any studies to back this up.

Something you might wanna look into.

That is interesting, never heard of this one.

Yeah I do it off and on. My mouth feels cleaner when I do though.

Garlic is really beneficial (especially raw). But if you are going to cook it, chop the garlic first. Chopping garlic rupture the cell wall which releases Allicin a very powerful antibacterial oil that will help kill any bad bacteria in the gut. The reason you want to chop it up first is because it takes about 10 minutes for the allicin oil to release.

Eating the garlic raw has many benefits and has been a home remedy for generations.

  • Garlic fights colds and is good for respiratory issues

  • very nutritious

  • blood pressure and cholesterol

  • antioxidants

  • detoxifier

  • and more

You should also look into black garlic. Black garlic is garlic that is slowly cooked for a course of a few weeks. It takes on completely different characteristics and flavours. Also in addition there are many health benefits to this as well.

This is a perfect example of what I was looking for. Garlic, something simple people can add to their diet and will help them in many ways. Thanks again. I will be live streaming all this when I can. I'll show your articles to people, thanks again.

Right on. I'll try to catch the show live but if not I'll definitely listen to it when you post it. Thanks I'll throw a few more tips on here in couple minutes.

Hello @titusfrost Bro,
Great health tips! Great Post Again! I Love YOur Tips! Nice Video!
Thank You Share Great Post
Upvote And Resteem Done

Thank you sir.

You Are Welcome

that's pretty cool to know....

DQmdUEXuYT42TAqbSRXqHM2AYUZWKEziNMfboqiTi3A5TYD.gif is great post.this is very important for us, this tips are useful for everyone.thanks vital men.

Wow, good healthy tips, your post really helpful, great video share, I like you always, thank you bro
Upvote with resteem done

upvote and resteemit done dear....
keep it on....

hmmm interesting

that's pretty cool to to read it

excellent post...

Avoid toxic underarm deodorant with this simple three ingredient recipe

‪I use a different and more advanced recipe for home made deodorant now but this super basic one worked well.


Equal parts baking soda and arrowroot powder, then add coconut oil a couple spoonfuls at a time til it's a thick consistency. You can place the mixture into an old underarm deodorant container.

Replace your household cleaner with white vinegar.

Fill a spray bottle about half way full of vinegar and the rest with waters. You can add a drop of essential oil to give it a nice scent also if you use theives oil you can improve the cleaning power of the mix.

It’s never too late to share a heath tip. Avoid too much soy foods, especially women. Soybeans can be healthy because of the isoflavones but soy may adversely affect thyroid function. I know many people don’t support this information but, last year I started a soy protein based diet and instead of getting healthy it caused me hypothyroidism and I never had any type of problem with my thyroid before. My doctor found out that my main diet was soy food and protein and made me stop. He even suggested I had to check out the food labels for hidden soy source.