The Sproutables: #2 Lentils

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So last month I made my first entry in a series I entitled "The Sproutables"

It was on how to sprout Quinoa. I also spoke about the health benefits of sprouting food. I recommend you check that post out first, if you are completely unfamiliar with sprouting.

With that said let's sprout lentils!

All you need:

  • 1/2 cup of (organic)lentils
  • about 2-3 cups of filtered water
  • 1 quart mason jar


All you need to do:

First rinse and remove and stones and debris from the lentils

Add lentils and water to the mason jar


Allow the lentils to soak for 8 hours.


After 8 hours soaking, drain, rinse and drain the lentils again.



Now you'll need to invert the jar over a bowl at an angle. You'll need a sprouting screen or thin piece of fabric to put over the neck of the jar. (Keeps the lentils from escaping.)


Repeat the steps of rinsing and draining the lentils 2-3 times a day until the lentils have sprouted about a inch long tail.

Here's how they look after one day of this process.


After day 2


All done! Now I'll lay them out on a cloth to dry a bit before I refrigerate them.


If you store them in the fridge, be sure to use them within 1 week. However they freeze well for an extended storage time.

Now to convince my wife do a write up on her badass sprouted lentil burger recipe. ;)

Thanks for reading!

P.S. I've decided to start the tag #thesproutables so you can find all my edible sprouts posts searching that tag line.

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I have been wanting to do this but was kind of intimidated. It looks really easy, I will try it next week with brown lentils! Great post

Oh awesome! I'm happy to have broken down that barrier you had.

Thanks, happy sprouting!

lentils are one of my favorite... would love to know the recipe for that burger :)

Me too! I'm hoping to get a link to her recipe up on this post before the 7 day period is over.

I'll let you know when I do.

I second that!!

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