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Guilt Free Buckwheat Cookies

Buckwheat Cinnamon Cookie and Fruit Salad Recipe

I can see my cheekbones after gaining over 20lbs this last winter. Three years ago I lost 55lbs on an 800 calorie diet from May of 2015 to September of 2015. The last two months I've lost almost 20lbs. I weight around 147lbs; my goal weight is 135lbs. I eat two meals a day, one meal in the morning and one meal around 430pm. I walk 4 miles a day and do Yantra yoga three times a week. I'm thinking about adding two more days and more moves to my yoga routine rather than weight lifting, thanks to @frankbacon's suggestion. Also, I am taking naps and not working as hard on Steemit articles thanks to @builderofcastles suggestion I need to take time off and rest. He thought I caught the flu because I needed a break. I thought about this for a couple days, and I agree with him.

    Organic Ingredients, June 28, 2018

  • 1/2 cup of whole milk yogurt=113 calories
  • 1 apple peeled and diced=68
  • 1 medium ripe banana=89
  • 3 tangerines=65
  • 1/2 cups of buckwheat cinnamon cookies=80
  • Mix ingredients together and garnish with Buckwheat cookies

    Recipe For Cinnamon cookies

    • 3 cups of buckwheat flour
    • A couple cups of boiling hot water
    • 1/2 cup of sugar
    • Add cinnamon to taste
    • 1/2 teaspoon of salt

    Mix flour with 1/4 cup of sugar and salt. Add hot water 1/4 cup at a time and mix until you have the dough that sticks together and can be kneaded without sticking to your hands.

    Knead like bread dough for 10 minutes. Buckwheat doesn't have gluten like wheat. It will not stretch but adding hot water makes the flour pliable. Roll out dough between two sheets of baking parchment paper until an even 1/2 inch thick. The thinner you roll out the dough the crisper the cookies will become when baking. Move dough with parchment paper to cookie sheet. Cut into squares and bake in a pre-heated 450-degree oven for 15 minutes. Before baking mix remaining sugar and cinnamon together and sprinkle over unbaked dough. The cookies will be chewy but not crispy, the dough tends to be tough if baked any longer than 15 minutes.

    Move cookies to a cooling tray. I usually double up my cookie recipe and prepare 3 cookie sheets before baking.

    1 cup of cookies or 8 ounces equals 160 calories. Buckwheat has a strong nutty flavor and homemade goods with little sugar taste vastly different than store bought products made with the same ingredients. I do not add chemicals to enhance flavor, I add a little salt that is all.

    Dividers From Pixabay

    Buckwheat Health Benefits

    Diet Progress

    My Last Diet Post 20 Days Ago

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My dear friend, you made a great success so far! But I think it's better drop your weight to your dream level slowly. Hope you also concern about gastritis and few other side impacts when you eat less a day! And also would like to see you at least twice a week here too!


55lbs weight loss is impressive, I'm new here, can you give me some tips to lose belly weight :p My belly is kept increasing day by day :p how you calculate Calories of each item? This dish is mouthwatering, Can you share it with me? ;)


@abdulmanana, if you drink sweet drinks or alcoholic drinks, cut them all out, if you eat high carbohydrate foods with a lot of sugar, like baked goods or fast foods, that includes chips, cookies, fries cut them out of your diet. Eat more veggies and fruit. Eat moderate amount of complex carbohydrates like root crops, rice, and whole grains. The smallest portion on your plate should be starchy foods and meat.

I also do intermittent fasting, for men and women eating correctly proportioned whole foods between a 6-hour window works well. Women have a harder time losing fat because we have less muscle mass and our hormonal system is different than men, which have an easier time; usually, belly fat melts off if you watch your portion size, cut out sugar, refined grains, and alcohol. Eat whole foods, moderate exercise, and count your calories. You can find the proper amount of calories your body needs if you do a little research online.

We missed you. We are accustomed to reading beautiful and quality articles. I hope you start a healthy day. The recipes you write are great. Good ideas for healthy living. Welcome again. @reddust


To tell you the truth @turkishcrew, my time here on steemit has almost reached 2 years, and I need a vacation! It takes a lot of work writing those quality posts, I need to recharge a little bit, plus it is the world cup for soccer, my husband and I have been enjoying the games and taking a short break from research and writing. We will be back to work this Friday (I think)...hahaha

I love my midday naps!

Oh man! the cinnamon cookies............. somehow I haven't eaten them or something like them for a while. I love them.

Although I miss your posts a lot but its really great to see you doing better and reaching your health goals. Also really glad that you post from time to time and share the details.


@hashcash, I don't miss posting at all, I was reaching the burnout line. I don't want to burn out, and I want to enjoy my experience here on @steemit, plus I love you all, so I want to continue loving you all with the right attitude...

This type of post is the hardest for me to share, I don't like sharing things this personal. But I know how the world is suffering from obesity, this is my way of helping myself and other people that struggle with eating habits and weight.

I made up the recipe, and I grind my own buckwheat groats for flour.


Yeah its definitely a good strategy to pace oneself here in Steemit. I'd love nothing more than to see your Steemit career prosper and share the journey for a long time with you guys.

Thanks for sharing these posts despite them being difficult for you. Every bit counts and we never know how much these acts can positively effect the lives of others.

Aww man I wanted to see the cookies!. Salad looks so delicious. Your skin looks radiant. Wow. Health is wealth.
Thanks for sharing.


No traditional cookies, that's how I gained all my weight last winter. I bake for my family, and no one is getting cookies...haha

Thank you @joy


Aww man. I have low blood pressure...high metabolism ...need weight...and I love cookies. I will keep looking for your goodies I can add stuff to. I love good food. Healthy food taste the best...when it's made with love...and done of course. I love your channel btw.

Very good that u have loose u r weight 55 lbs after taking a diet which may stable u r body & as well u r health.Good article for heath care takers,they should apply.


Thank you @drkuldigmengi, the pleasure of endulgence is fleeting and the pain last so much longer. I loath losing weight, the pain of an 800 calorie diet is not worth the fleeting pleasure that cookies give me.

Highly rEsteemed!

@reddust: this is a communication regarding Samhadi, even though your post on yummy, healthy living is very welcome. I found this film and thought of you. May you be blessed.

buena dieta

Walking 4 miles a day and doing yoga. I'm proud of you. The cookies sound tasty thank you for sharing. @reddust

We all feel that if our body is healthy then everything feels good on the world, but if our body is bad then nothing feels good, I feel like reading your writing, you are very conscious of your own body, every day you are 4 miles walk, have control over the food, do weekly yoga for 4 days, your rooting is very nice ,,signature_1.gifI know a lot of things to be aware of each, thank you for the @reddust Medam, we'll wait a further discussed in the coming days

good recipe, eating is a pleasure in life and very necessary but we must eat healthy, and do exercises, healthy body healthy mind.

you are also good at cooking my friend, I've been waiting for your post, I do not know if my comment still you can read my friend, I want to tell you that I am now clearing new land with an area of about 2,500 square meters for me to plant papaya again , I enjoy the time of gardening, may you always healthy my friend

20 lbs in 2 month is a great reduced. so 12 lbs weight loss is left. Hopefully you will lose it easily. Thanks for sharing the delicious recipie. keep sharing @reddust

Congratulations, friend @reddust, you look very good. You have the will to do it, something I need in particular, stress makes me go beyond my diet. I would like very much to be able to make this recipe because if you know how it looks, I can imagine the deliciousness. Greetings friend keeps harvesting

Amazing recipes look very delicious and healthy to sin without remorse. By the way, you look very happy and very well.

Hahaha. You can see your cheek bones.
How have you been ? Long time huhn.
It's great to see you fit and in shape. You are our fitness inspiration, though I am also into fitness so much.
Thanks for the recipe though, it looks delicious.

it's good food for health. this food like very testy.

I like your recipe with calorie details that always helps to maintain the healthy fitness and body weight. Some times its hard to do that but you have done it smoothly.

Thank you for posting well, I read and liked your writing. I hope you like it. Thanks

Well the foods sure looks healthy and moreover the Yoga seems to be working kind of great for you !

Its very good advice for women like me. I put up lot of wait and its effect on my health. I already started work out and yoga but when the talk about to maintain diet I always be lazy to doing it...

Congratulations dear. 👏👏👏You are make a wonderful job. This days my diet is a failure😢

Good and wonderful day, dear friend @reddust. It is my best wishes that you are in good health and in good spirits; I have been virtually worried because I have not heard from you in seven days. Health comes first, and so does family. Blessings and prosperity. A brotherly embrace.

everywhere I look, there's evidence that sugar is the culprit, I would suggest cutting sugar from your diet.
I'm not a big fan of sweet things and I guess that's the reason why I didn't gain much weight after seven years of sitting by the computer and not exercising

if you are sick my friend, I am sad not to see you in these few days, hope you are healthy always, your diet is too tight, maybe you will faint see us eat three times a day with gigantic portions ,, ha ha ha