Watercolor Painting - Country Cottage and Garden (Wip)

in art •  6 months ago

WIP=Work In Progress

Middle Ground and Foreground 1st Layer

The first layer of color helps me figure out exactly where I want to go with the layout and what colors I want to use. The first layer also commits me to the vision I have, and there will be no backing out or change the layout with watercolor. You can alter colors by scrubbing away the paint. I am trying to avoid that, that's why the first layer is always a bit nerve wracking

First Layer Of Color

22 x 30 inch cold press, 300lb cotton watercolor paper

The first layer of colors represent the highlights and lighter tones of the subjects I am painting. I will be working on adding definition and shapes to the garden, and middle ground under the rose bush. Today is dedicated to painting and editing the Buddhist History series. Have a great Monday everyone!

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    Hello friend, excuse me for saying so, I have a concern with the painting, according to my perspective, the right end of the house should be extended, the arch only covers the left corner portion. Just as I indicate it in the strokes I drew on his image. Please observe and if I'm wrong, please excuse me. Please comment and thank you again. Blessings.

    Sketch of my friend @reddust

    Today, I checked the painting gallery on your website https://red0dust.wordpress.com/ and found unique works that give me a clearer idea of your personality, and I like it. How I would like to be able to reflect what I observe daily.


    @amigoponc the entryway will be covered when I add detail to the rose bush archway. Thank you for the lovely compliment and I truly appreciate critiques, which are my favorite comments. You are not wrong so no worries, artist are used to critiques because we put our work out for the public to look at, that's part of the fun.

    Is this your personal experience or an imaginary! I feel little familiar! Layer by layer you are building this artwork! I wish to see another amazing artwork from you again my dear friend!


    Wow oh wow, this is amazing I must confess .
    This is so cool I must say . Kudos my friend


    Yeah cool but kinda nerve-wracking. I'll settle down once I start defining the flowers and plants. Thank you @olumideolowoyeye.

    Good work. I hope Perfect kind of work will be revealed in the final. Congratz @reddust


    Gardens make me think of what heaven must look like @turkishcrew.


    Heaven's Garden... A word that shivers we hearts. You have very good emotion @reddust 🙏

    Guess I will sit back and be learning some painting techniques and seeing these beautiful painting. Painting is truly a talent.


    Sit back and relax, I promise I won't get in a wreck, I've been painting and drawing since I was 3 years old...hahaha

    Thank you @yungchief.


    3 years old. I was probably learning how to stand on my feet. Wow, no wonder you are really good at it

    I think the house of background is similar to your house or not? how are you today dear red? i hope healthy and happy :). Regards


    I am doing well @dim753, I have lots of energy today...hahaha <3

    My husband and I walked 2 miles just as the sun was coming up.


    2 miles is a good walk and do it in the morning is great because you can breathe fresh air no like when you walk in the afternoon.Regards


    The house isn't like the one I live in right now. But I love tiled roofed cottages surrounded by gardens. Maybe someday I will have a cozy little cottage. I don't dream of wealth or anything fancy. Give me a lovely little cottage, a few chickens, and a garden and I would be happy.


    Yes we just need a good place where you can share with nature and a family that love you to have a fun life. Regards

    adding definition and shapes to garden
    will furrher enhance the quality of this painting
    the background is already very beautiful
    keep going


    The background needs one more layer, the deep shadows that will define the trees and give depth to the background. I will work on the foreground and middle ground so the painting will be ready for the last layer of colors. The last layer ties everything together and gives a flow that moves the eye. Thank you @muzaifwani.

    @reddust, Now your water color painting being impressive looks indeed.

    I will be working on adding definition and shapes to the garden, and middle ground under the rose bush. Today is dedicated to painting and editing the Buddhist History series.

    That is glorious idea you already decided. I didn't think you adding rose color bush middle and under. But now seems most impressive painting. I know you already seen vision how will finish valuable product. Wishing you the success.


    @madushanka, can you think of two things such as Buddhism and Painting that are so calming and peaceful? I am truly in heaven right now even though I don't own a cute little cottage ;-) Thank you <3


    Actually I know that with your Buddhism imagine improved your wholeness skills. :D
    Much appreciated and go ahead.

    Definitely brilliant work @reddust. I'm waiting to see final grand productivity. Amazing color selection.


    Working with colors are my favorite part of painting, thank you @kingsberry.

    Wow oh wow, this is amazing I must confess .
    This is so cool I must say . Kudos my friend

    @reddust - Ma'm I'm willing to see a nice & stunning scenery at the end of the artwork... <3


    Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.. outstanding drawing my dear friend @reddust

    House outside wall color selection so fabulous. Green coloring environment so perfect. Everyone know whole nation showing only green coloring. This was top class level painting after the finishing. I'm seriously wondering to see your skillful arts.

    This is so colorful and lovely. I can't to see it done!

    I think when you try to alter colour it makes the layer a bit imperfect when you wipe it?
    Well I must say how do you never make these mistakes?

    wow, this is so cool my friend! I salute you, because you do have a very cool artistic spirit. I think, your work has a very high value. I like it, it's cool. Thanks for sharing @reddust..

    Good job and wonderful painting , is your house like this drawing?

    Such scenic scenery in this scene.

    good job, i wish you success my friend

    Informative post. Well done

    A wonderful color palette
    Frankly, I did not know many things about plastic art, but following my publications I began to have information about art.

    Wow! So cool! It's fun to enjoy! Really you work with love so that it becomes a very wonderful work. Very beautiful and reconcile its color. Thank you my friend. Have a wonderful day!

    dream art....i really like your illustration...good job

    This painting is coming along beautifully. I remember the sketch vividly from the previous posts and the colors have completely breathed life into it.

    As you say that first layer is always a little nerve racking but to tell you the truth, I have tried painting several times and every time my hand won't hold steady. I wonder the amount of time and patience as a artist this work must've taken till now.

    PS: can't wait for the future layers!

    This is an awesome photography. Its really amazing photo and also creative art. I really impressed your hard work . Thanks for share.

    @reddust That's awesome. I took some drawing classes in college. It's been a while since I've practised my drawing skills, but I want to get back into it. Upvoted . It's really creative art. Please stay with art. I hope you must be will be success.

    In simplicity is beauty, I know that when you finish this painting your result will be beautiful, because what you see right now is a clean work and for my tastes perfect, there is your essence. Continue so you are doing very well.

    Very beautiful art. i really liked it

    It is very beautiful. I already want to see the final result.

    Beautiful drawing with beautiful thoughts...Indeed @reddust we all are fish looking for our way and we all are same no matter how we are only matter is we all are equal and should live in peace and Harmony sharing love everywhere.
    Your art is so wonderful.Today your post made very positive and made me realised that your heart not only kind but very clean too..Keep on posting your beautiful art and thoughts!!!!!

    What a drawing with full of emotions and great message to all of us..I loved the part that you didn't color fish linking it with human as we all are same and has no difference...Keep it up with your great art and work my friend @reddust

    YOUR steem art looks really amazing and i love the art that you have done here ,the colors are unique and not like your standard usual art which is very refreshing and works very well shows how great of an artist you are. I am hoping and waiting for the day you are fully recognized here and everywhere cause you are amazing as an artist and a person.

    Great post..Loved the amazing picture it is really beautiful drawing made by you..Loved your art and creativity making that amazing steemit art..It might be things you most enjoy doing for steemit..I know you had alot of fun making that drawing good work..Thanks for sharing it with us..@reddust

    Gran trabajo, te ba quedando muy bien. Me gustan los colores.

    This is certainly a work in progress, you're really doing a great job. Kudos @reddust.

    This is great. I have seen how you progress in each presentation and it really impresses me a lot. It really is a show as it takes shape and how you used the watercolor technique. I hope to continue seeing how you finish. keep going!

    There's a subtlety to water collar work that has always made me more partial to it! Great job!

    Wow, it's amazing to be able to create that with watercolors.

    Looks like a lovely start to your painting, the house is so bright and cheerful! I guess just how the first colors set the tone for the painting, perhaps the first things I see in the day like this may set the tone for the day - hopefully happy and cheerful!

    Most adorable looks instead house garden. Nice shape selections @reddust. Whole environment superbly painted. Nice stuff.

    Very nice and colorful piece. Would love to see the completed work.

    Good Painting, the selection of suitable colors indeed greatly affects his results, good work @reddust,
    Like artwork

    Hey, @reddust wonderful..this is amazing I must confess .This is so cool I must say .

    Absolutely beautiful work. I love your painting, it's a masterpiece . Tell me do you have to do anything else to it I mean do you have to make any changes.

    now i can see the picture is coming close step by step with color layering. now the beauty is shown with color of magic.

    Congratulations, my friend, you have already made significant progress. I hope to see it already finished. Greetings @reddust

    I like nature drawing I just discover you here on steemit and i'm following you now to see your works

    Well seems like everything is indeed going very well.While everything is coming into shapes and colors.

    All the best keep them going :)

    colorful and it harkens back to a kinder sweeter simpler time. Thanks for taking me there
    Beautifully done. @reddust.

    Wow awesome drawing

    I love your painting

    @reddust awesome color combinations... you are a talented painter

    bonita pintura amigo , de verdad una obra de arte, saludos

    Is amazing! Color combinations incredible. As if I were in a beautiful home from your image.