February # Dedicated to Health # Health Series - 3 # Avoid Stress; Live Physically and Mentally Healthy

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Stress a very common problem in today's time. I feel it very funny when the teenagers say they feel stressed out. But it is the hard reality of today's time. Our life styles and the fast moving world we live, in that it is very easy to attract stress. Stress could be due to lot of reasons, but it is not difficult to tackle. Most of the problems in our lives are self created, we do not like to keep our lives simple. We want more in every thing be it a profession or studies or relationships or social circles everywhere we aim to be the best irrespective we have the capability and capacity for that and in turn we create all the possible stress for us.

It is ok to work at a junior position and not get stressed out taking up additional responsibilities which you may not be able to deal with, or it's ok to not come in the first few ranks in your studies rather then stressing out yourself and creating troubles for your own health. We need to set Goals to achieve for our life, but important is to set realistic goals and have a proper plan to achieve it. Feeling stressed out because of things not happening the way we want or due to other reasons can only deteriorate our health. A friend of mine who works for a Company has a miserable boss and working condition, the only thing he gets is a good salary. We always have a debate and I tell him he should quit his job no matter whatever the pay is, because I can see the stress level building up and effecting his health. I can't understand what is so worth it that people can sacrifice their health for some materialistic gains. People are hardly 30 and their hair starts graying up and one of the major reason is stress.

Why do we always want so much drama in Life. Sometimes I really feel we humans like to complicate things. We cannot believe and accept that we can live simply. One should work hard, put in best effort to achieve goals but for any reason if it does not work out we should learn to accept that part also. Accepting failure is not hampering our dignity but getting stressed out is definitely hampering our health.


The few major reasons I feel for stress are;

  • Being always in Competition
  • Succumbing to Social pressures
  • While we say "Nothing is Impossible" and we should always stretch our limits, but it should be done in a healthy manner. Otherwise taking up something that is not in Individual's capability and capacity is not a very good idea.
  • Worrying about something that is beyond our control
  • Lack of Healthy Nutrition and poor eating habits
  • Very little or absolutely no physical activity
  • Poor sleep patterns
  • Succumbing to work pressure
  • Toxic Relations
  • Ego

Some very simple ways to tackle stress are;

  • Try to live your life as simple as possible, the more you make it complicated the high stress levels you build up.
  • Eat just enough and a balanced diet. Do not overeat and avoid junk and packed foods.
  • Have a daily time set for some physical activity, that will increase your body metabolism.
  • Have a disciplined sleeping pattern. A minimum of 7 hours sleep is good for the body for average people. People who are doing regular meditation can have a lesser sleeping time but on an average 7 hours is good. This one is again one topic of debate that I face. I do Yoga, Meditation everything but still my sleep quota I need a minimum of 7 to 8 hours. How much ever I have tried I can't reduce it. So now I just go with my body clock and I feel good and healthy with it.
  • Have a hobby for yourself, that will activate your brain and can help you build up your focus.
  • Read motivational content
  • Let go off your EGO


And the most important is "Take it Easy & Keep it simple"*, Life is not a race, do not keep running all the time. Set some time for reflection on a regular basis. Life is to learn and grow and not take part in any competition. At the end of the journey we all go empty hands, so there is no point in stressing out for materialistic things and wasting time and energy on unnecessary emotions. If you are in Toxic relations where you have tried everything and it is not working out, the best is to get out of it rather than ending up with all the possible problems for your health. Most of the people stress themselves out to earn more money, which they never use in their lifetime. It just stays in bank as a number. Stressing out for Job which one day will mean nothing. Parents get stressed out if their children do not study. Every child cannot be a genius so learn to accept what your child is. Like such so many things which we stress out for, not realizing they are so meaningless.

Thank you for visiting my blog.


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The simple funda one can apply...."just take it easy" and let it be. Why to bother about work and take too much stress to spoil our health. As said in "Geeta"...

Jo hua acha hua,
jo hoga wo acha hoga, and
jo ho raha hai acha ho raha hai"

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And jo nahi hua woh bhi ache ke liye nahi hua


Hahaha....exactly...just chill raho or mast raho...especially the Mumbaikars then why to bother 😉

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I believe one of the major thing that can combat stress is taking some time to rest. Rest a lot


That's true, when we are well rested the capacity to handle stress is better

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So easy to say nevertheless so hard to do... but I will try harder ! 😉
See you soon !

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My question to you is, what makes you feel stressed out?


My relationship sometimes.

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Well it would not be fair to make any comment without knowing the whole picture of it, but all I can tell you is nothing is worth taking stress, not even our closest relations. You work with them to a point but if the relation gets very toxic it is better to be at distance.
Little bit here and there is always there and we need to balance that. Any relationship will ask for some understanding and compromise.
Good luck and Best wishes for you 💚

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