February# Dedicated to Health# Health Series - 1 # Why Vitamin D is very essential for our Body

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I would like to dedicate this month of February to Health and this whole month of February I will be putting up content related to Health.

As we say "Health is Wealth" and the most important thing we need to take care of in Life. For a Healthy life we need a healthy body and healthy mind. Good health starts with the right amount of vitamins and minerals in our body which we can get from the right nutrition. Hence the right nutrition is the key to a Healthy body.


So let's see today one of the most important Vitamin D; for the body

What are the Sources of Vitamin D

Sunlight - Sunlight is one of the most important source of Vitamin D, but sadly with the type of sedentary lives or the climatic conditions in some regions that most of us live we are not able to tap this source, hence this is one of the most common vitamin deficiency in a lot of people. Midday is the best time to take the sun exposure as the sun is at its highest point and the UV rays are intense. The full absorption of Vitamin D through the skin in the body generally takes 24 hours, hence it is advisable to keep that gap before taking a bath after the Sun bath, else the sun exposure taken does not get through at its optimal and create the required vitamin D in the body.

From Diet
Let's look at what are the common foods that help us with Vitamin D.

  • Fatty Fish like Mackarel, Tuna, Salmon
  • Codliver Oil
  • Beef Liver, Eggs, Lean Meat
  • Legumes
  • Oranges, Nuts, Seeds, Soy products.

Supplements- A lot of people take Vitamin D supplements since the natural ways are not workable. In supplement the Vitamin D is available in two Forms. D2 and D3.
D2 known as Ergocalciferol, which occurs in Plants and D3 known as Cholecalciferol which is found in animal products and also from Sunlight. While both of them are good but the preferred one is D3 as it is a natural form that the body makes from the sunlight. The dose is important, on a regular basis if the levels are good one can take 1000 IU a day. It is always good to get the levels test done once a year to monitor on the dosage. The dose can vary from 1000 IU to 50000 IU based on the levels.
Personally I find Dr. Mercola's Vitamin supplements very good. This is just a recommendation.


Health Risk from Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D is very important for strong bones, as the body uses the calcium from the diet. Hence a lack of it can create all the problems related to Bones. Cardiovascular diseases, Muscle weakness, Cancer, Osteoporosis. These are some of the most common problems that occur with the deficiency.

Health Risk from excess Vitamin D

It is a very important source for the body, but if taken in excess can also have some adverse effects to the body. Excess calcium in the body can result into nausea, dizziness, frequent urination, kidney diseases. High amount of sun exposure does not create excess of vitamin D, but when it is taken in the form of supplements it can. D3 normally does not create excess but D2 can, though the ratio is very minimal.

Vitamin D is a very important source for the body, even if we are consuming it in our diet we may not have the required levels in our body. If we are taking enough of Sunlight then yes we can have good levels. Otherwise it is good to take supplements.

Thank you for visiting my blog.


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This is a great reminder of how important a bit of fresh air and sun medicine is, even when it's really cold out. We have not been getting enough sunshine and time outdoors due to the weather. I'll have to start bundling up and getting myself outside no matter what!


In the place I live it's extreme summer, it gets so hot that it is impossible to step out so we are always indoors for almost 5 months of the year.

Few of my friends and relatives living in Bangalore are now facing this problem of vitamin D deficiency. This year sunlight was very minimal there which has caused this issue.

I'm not sure but I always feel that even though we get the Vitamins from other suplimentries, sunlight is very very important to stay healthy. May not be true but maybe living in a place where we have enough sun makes me feel that way. Great article. 😊

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Yes all natural sources where we get our vitamins and minerals from is good and healthy for us. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Awesome. We are lucky in Australia as we get lots of sunshine.for Vitamin D. Looking forward to your Feb health posts!!!

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In my place we get extra dose of Sunlight, it gets so hot that we cannot step out of the house.

vitamins must be possessed by the body, one is for bones and kidneys, I like this article best friend😊


Thank you

Vitamin D3 is what I take. Lots of it in the winter. Not too much, but gotta make up for not getting any from sunshine this far north. Great nutrition focus! :)


Yes even I have to take supplements to fill up the gaps.

I hope the month of February brings good health as health is wealth


Thank you

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So glad you addressed this... Health-positivity has come under fire late... Among certain groups... If you don't know what I'm talking about... I consider you blessed. Good show, and all Glories to you... <3


Thank you very much for your good wishes. Yes I do feel very blessed with the life I have, not that life has been bed of roses, I am having my share of ups and downs but I see whenever I am in my low I have a helping hand.

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Thanks for the post about vitamin D, especially D3 which is sooooo important. A post about sources of K2 to assist with processing D3 would be a nice follow-up.


Ahhaa, that's a good suggestion. Had not planned for it, but will give it a thought.

Hoping to do better with my nutritional intake this year. I know I don't get enough vitamins in the food that I am eating. So two things I will be working on, is to start changing my eating habits as well as concentrating on getting the best vitamin supplements for my body. Thanks for keeping me focused on good nutrition


The year of 2018 brought such heavy impact for me and my husband health wise that we had to make a 360 degree shift towards our health care. In just 6 months time could see such good benefits that now I am a fan of supplements. I hope you can also get into some best practices for yourself

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

Basic premise:

Take D3 instead of D2
You don't need to take it every day. You can take the whole week's worth of D3 once a week i.e. instead of taking 2,000 iu each day take 14,000 iu once a week say at the weekend.
Better to take weekly rather than monthly doses if you are thinking of using this method due to Vit D's half life. Also there is the practicality of say taking 30 day's worth all at once.
BTW in the video he speaks about D3 coming in doses of 2,000. Actually you can now get doses of 5,000 iu and 10,000 iu softgels, so you only need take 2-3 of each every week


Yes I take a 10000 IU once a week. Since the time I have started taking I can see a lot of difference in my energy levels. It helps