How I Became a Crane? Lesson 5

in health •  2 years ago

Hello, Steemians!

Do you know, how to get into a pose of a crane?

Also this pose is called Bakasana, and it is the most popular handstand pose.
Bakasana helps you to strengthen arms, shoulders and abs and also improves abdominal organs. However, before you get up in the pose you need to strengthen your hands to manage to stay in this position.
Therefore, I suggest you to prepare for Bakasana doing a plank (try to start with 30 seconds and keep doing it everyday, standing for 5 seconds more than the day before).

I also suggest you to make push-ups (it' ok to stand on your knees). Start making 3 sets with 10 times each.

As soon as you feel ready - try to make Bakasana.
Sit on heels, put hands in front of you, apart from each other at shoulder width, keep knees apart and heels together. 

Gently lift your body up. Hold the pose for about 30 seconds breathing evenly through the nose. 

After Bakasana you need to protect your wrist.

Important! Pose of a crane is prohibited for pregnant women!
Advice: if you are doing the pose for the first time, put a pillow in front of you, as you can fall headfirst.

"Yoga is the best way to be young and to improve both mind and body."

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I always wanted to become a crane! Thanks for a new lesson, Mary


Now Dreams Come True

Yoga has always fascinated me. I've only tried it once, but maybe I'll get the courage to try a few of these poses, later. I'll respond to this and let you know if I do.

Anyway, good post!


If I can somehow help you, please contact me. I would be glad, thanks.


Woah, thanks for that offer. I may have to take you up on it :).


You are welcome =) @jenkinrocket

Great post, Mary! Thanks for a new lesson


Thank you for reading

Great lesson again! Not for me, you mentioned it´s for pregnant women, but anyway: Nice! :D

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You are in good physical shape, Mary
I'm waiting your lessons more!