Diabetes & Cannabis - Alleviating Symptoms With Cannabis Holy Anointing Oil!

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In my research on natural cures for diabetes I came across a very interesting application for cannabis in the form of an oil. Some people believe that this is the original holy anointing oil recipe found in the bible.

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Medical Cannabis vs Medical Corruption

I have previously written a post about my father's diabetic condition and research showing that diabetes can be healed with diet. I now want to share another interesting natural application to help diabetics.

Although I am not a cannabis user I know many people around the world who use it in various preparations for healing. Their first hand accounts along with a growing number of countries such as Australia legalising medical usage of the plant has convinced me that it must have medicinal value.

My own participation in corrupting the medical industry outlined in this post showed me that our medical industry is corrupt. It is obvious that this huge industry has a massive financial incentive to lobby for keeping healing plants we can grow at home illegal and to restrict the dissemination of information on natural healing!

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What Is Holy Anointing Oil?

The bible makes several references to meals and food stuffs but gives very few direct recipes. However in Exodus 30:23-24 the recipe for holy anointing oil is given to Moses. The traditional holy anointing oil recipe is:

  • Myrrh Essential Oil - 500 shekels
  • Cassia Essential Oil - 500 shekels
  • Cinnamon Essential Oil - 250 shekels
  • Calamus Essential Oil – 250 shekels and
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 1 hin

To put this in a modern context 1 hin is approximately 1 gallon and 500 Shekels is about 12.5 lbs. I am sure that this oil can be proportionately reduced to make a smaller amount.

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Where Is The Cannabis?

Astute readers will already have noticed that the recipe above does not contain any cannabis. Proponents of cannabis in holy anointing oil believe that the there was a mistranslation with the word clamus from Hebrew. They believe that the accurate translation is keneh bosem which means cannabis.

Perhaps this makes sense because calamus has been shown in studies to cause organ damage and intestinal tumours because Acorus calamus contains β-asarone, which is toxic and a known carcinogen.

The 12.5 lbs of calamus listed in the recipe for holy anointing oil would yield a toxic product where as this amount of cannabis would yield a very powerful and effective medicinal cannabis oil.

If this is the case it is worth us looking at all the other times that holy anointing oil is used in the Bible!

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Contemporary Uses Of Holy Anointing Oil Made With Cannabis

Here is a video of Reverend Tom Brown using his Holy Anointing Cannabis Oil to heal the impacts of diabetes on Jack Herer the author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes. Several other researchers have claimed similar success with this oil.

Medicinal products made from cannabis are now recognised for their power in many parts of the world. There is even a good case to be made that we knew about these products historically.

However it is worth mentioning here that cannabis is still highly illegal in many parts of the world and can carry severe legal penalties for cultivation or use. Don't take unnecessary risks with your liberty!

Although my father suffers from the same appalling effects that all diabetics have in his legs he was not interested in trying this potential cure. This was not surprising as he was also not interested in changing his diet to heal his diabetes.

I would be very interested to hear from any of you have experience with this treatment!

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Further information on cannabis cures can be found here:

Images courtesy of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

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Great post. I'm a huge fan of both medical cannabis and food as medicine. Unfortunately for us Aussie's, its legalisation isn't really helping anyone. The hoops one has to jump through are near impossible.
Uovoted and following.

Fortunately I think things are changing in Oz... There is too much money in it not to. The interesting question is who owns these corporations who are pushing legislation change in Aussie. A good topic for another post! Thank you for your upvote! Upvoted and following back! =)

I really hope you are right. There is money in it, and the benifits are endless....as long as its not synthetic crap, which is what I feel it will be. Either way, it needs to be done.
I look forward yo your future posts on thr topic. :-)

I completely agree. In due course it will be legalised :)

Man it's been nearly 24 hours since I last fired up my vape and inhaled some bud - time to let rip :)

Great point! It is clearly one of the best ways to medicate! I have been advocating the use of vaporisers to friends for a long time! Excellent image! Great name followed and upvoted mate! =)

Amazing information! I cant wait to get a vaporizer one day to enjoy the pure goodness of cannabis

I have tried and owned many different vapes but none of them seem to give me what I want.. If I want to stay "sober" and get only the medical effects, I might use them but otherwise I always smoke from bongs.
Don't get me wrong, vapes are awesome for medical use but If you want to get really baked, it is kinda hard.. At least for me, I have to load at least 2 bases and still not getting the same effects compared to when smoking from the bong.
But when I eat my own cannacookies, I get both high and medicated at the same time!

Anyhow, there are many ways to use the herb and everyone can choose what way is best for them! :)

Wow, when I see comments like this I wonder if other people are immune to THC or are smoking lawn clippings? :)

I have some compressed superbuds that are so grunty one bit the size of a pea will blow my doors off.

I don't have two loads because you know that state where you start seeing sounds and hearing the picture on the TV, just before you pass out? Well that is what I want to avoid so I stop at one.

And I'm just using a tiny little Vicod vape - small and well designed - it's all about what you put in it!

Two loads of regular bud gives a nice hit if it's high quality.

For me it's probably the high tolerance that makes the difference. I have tried some compressed "superbuds" and other things people call "high quality" but for me they were not so special even tho other people get way too high from those. I need to try dabbing to see if that could rock my world!
I grow my own cannabis and you can come here anytime to smoke and see if it's "lawn clippings" ! ;) I have some homemade hash and cookies also in here if you like. I take my growing seriously and I prefer quality over quantity since I grow for myself.
In your picture the herb is already grinded, but it looks like there is maybe 2 big bases for my bong and 4 stuffed bases for my vape. That would be approximately 3 my "normal" hits . I usually smoke only 1 big hit from the bong, some people take many little puffs, everyone has their own style and preferred ways :)

I use my Iolite if I need to use vape and it can fit maybe two "peas" and it will hit most people way more than enough, but not me :( I just like to smoke from bongs more than from the others.

I get what you mean with "seeing sounds and hearing pictures" but those happen very rarely nowadays.. Sometimes I wish I could just pass out after the hit so I could go to sleep :)

What's the strain by the way?

Yes you are confirming my suspicion that I'm the most THC sensitive person in the world :)

I get my "superweed" from a friend who knows about this stuff, who gets it from a grower he is a big fan of. The last lot he said "this bud is really grunty so use with care" So I did and it certainly is!

And that is the extent of my knowledge.

Here is a photo I took of a relatives greenhouse last year - we got quite a bit from this - it was OK but not superweed

Man, I need to move to somewhere warm, I wanna grow outdoors also ! There is enough space for me to make my dream fantasygarden true ! :)

Yeah, I love eatables. I love making brownies.

I should make brownies again, it's been a while :) I usually make cookies, they are fast and easy to make ^^

delicious. I made the butter and used it on burgers as well. Delicious!

Yuck :D I can do only sweet edibles (:

Yes you don't need to hurt yourself to heal yourself. Great name! Followed and upvoted! =)

Care to not just vape pure THC though, could cause some serious harm if you do so longterm. I just made a post about it

Thanks for sharing such a valuable post... :)

You are most welcome! =)

do you happen to know about myrr extract? I know it was highly valued and a present for lil baby jesus though I know little about its medicinal properties. I'd prefer to hear from the horses mouth :), I really like this article

It look like cannabis can cure everything. And I think this is the reason why the government banned it. Because if all can be cure with this herbs, then they cannot corrupt the people at all. I hope one day our government awake.

I agree that our governments have been corrupted by our pharmaceutical industries who take natural cures and patent them into pills so that they can sell them to us! Which part of the world do you live in? Upvoted! =)

If they do finally legalize it they'll have tried everything in their power to have squashed the high cbd strains. THC by itself causes problems.

It's kinda hard to find a strain without any THC.. Oils made in labs are different thing, but if you wanna smoke your own strains, then find the right ratio of CBD & THC to yourself, together they make beautiful mixture ^^

I'd read about a strain with 90% cbd a while back but can't seem to find anything on it anymore

I've never heard of strain like that.. There are few strains that have very very low THC% and high CBD but nowhere near 90% ^^

perhaps 90% of all cannabinoids present were cbd. Such strains certainly exist. 19.7% CBD and 1.04% THC, 22.5% CBD and 2.71% , the the one I remember had virtually no thc in comparison to cbd. like .04% or so. I cannot find any reference to it anymore.

Yes that is exactly what I was thinking too. The lowest THC% I have seen was like 0,2% or so. I can try to find the name of the strain, if you like? :)

Nah that's ok :)

great concept and very good information on this post. after having diabetes for over 20 years, it is a struggle that never seems to end. thank you for trying to improve the lives of diabetics around the world. #diabetes #typezero #diabetic

Thank you! I wish my father would be proactive instead of wasting away and slowly having pieces of himself chopped off... Still we all need to make our own decisions. If you try it I would be grateful to hear how it goes! I also suggest you watch this video on reversing diabetes in 30 days: Simply Raw Reversing Diabetes In 30 Days. Good luck! Upvoted! =)

I can relate. I too wish my sister was proactive as well who died 3 years ago of COPD also refused to take the holy oil even when a bottle was in her possession! To God Be The Glory.

I am so sorry to hear that! Oh dear! =(

I am a big fan of cannabis, really like to see other people apreciate it too.
Nice post!!!
My mother also makes a ointment from cannabis to use on the skin, its very helpfull for alot of things, i have resteemed her post if anyone is intrested.

Excellent thank you for the information. I am going to check it out now! Followed and upvoted! =)

Great recipe from your mother. I have followed and upvoted her too! For anyone reading this here is the link to @sieses 's mothers cannabis ointment recipe! =)

Thanks!! I followed you to, great content! First 2 minuts on your blog already answerd a qeustion i had about steemit!!
Have a nice day and thanks for supporting my mother!! Recipe @jockey the link doesnt click so i added it!!

Updated the last comment with the correct link! =)

Yes please do. It would be interesting to see the recipe as well as what conditions it helps aid. I know people with eczema and psoriasis.

In addition to marijuana is a drug, the tree trunk becomes bullet proof fiber, many other things we can do with the cannabis tree.

Thank you for your comment about the fiber I had no idea about this! I will look into this now! Upvoted! I agree it is a very valuable plant to us on many levels! =)

I'm a mechanical engineering scholar, so I know a little-about the fibers of marijuana trees, as well as for bullet-proof clothing we can also make car glass.

Amazing I am sure the Steemit community would love to hear about those topics! Upvoted and followed ! I am curious to know which part of the world you are in? Cheers! =)

There is lots of stuff out there about it @jockey. You may be surprised at the things you can do with Hemp and Cannabis. Off the top of my head...it can make biodegradable plastic cheaper and more efficiently than we do now, you can make something like 500 realms of paper from one hemp plant that grows in 3 months, which is obviously much more economical, it's the strongest fibre etc. Here is a quick pic I googled to give you some idea.

Hey @jockey , would love to offer you a slot on my podcast sometime.

It is about people doing remarkable things, whether entrepreneurs or not.
Where we talk about what you are doing, believe in and what difference you are making in the world.
It is part youtube channel where the mission is to help 1,000,000 entrepreneurs become remarkable, and the podcast acts as a way to share stories and connect with people.

Here is the playlist of the existing episodes: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5CpCNPna6p95oJfKPew0N3ZT0k-khdgg

It is audio only over skype. Would love you to come on the show and talk about yourself. Does this sound of interest to you?

Yes I would like that mate! I am going to Steemit.chat you now! Lets have a quick chat on skype when you are free! Followed and upvoted! =)

I really enjoy reading your posts about health related topics. well researched and informative. thanks for sharing.

Thank you! Upvoted! =)

I think it could be effective because the extract would have both thc and cbd. If you smoke I sure hope you use mix strains. wouldn't want you to develop the reefer madness. Marijuana Risks and Adverse Effects: The real story if you want to know more

I've had a growing interest in cannabis and its uses such as the oils and even CBD. I have an autoimmune disease and have often wondered if the effects from the plant would help when I am suffering from an episode.

I think it would be worth a try if you live in a place that it is legal to use. Give it a go! I know the Steemit community will be very interested to hear your experiences! Followed and upvoted! =)

Legal medical cards here, waiting on petitions to get it on a ballot perhaps this year for recreational use. I'll have to check more into the legalities of the medical card and talk with my ENT- thanks for the upvote and follow- back at ya!

There are countless ways to use Cannabis for healing your body and mind!
I'm planning to make some cannabis-lotion to help me with my dry skin and other skin problems. I'm probably going to use roots, stems and the leaves from my next harvest and see what happens :) I'm not growing CBD-strains now so I'm going to use my Underdawg OG for that.
I have to wait patiently for 3 months before my babies are ready to harvest but it will be worth waiting, I hope! ^^
“Cannabis is just way too healthy for a sick health care system”
― Sebastian Marincolo

Your inclusion of CBD with THC makes all the difference. You grow hemp leaves? I hear they contain a lot of cbd in them because the cbd doesn't get changed into thc as it does in marijuana. That could be my next post!

Ummmm what? Yea I grow marijuana, with leaves, stems and buds :) The leaves are mostly useless if you are going to use them by smoking. Only the trimleaves have the potential to get you high but you can use them as a mixer instead of tobacco :)
Temperature is the key with THC, CBD, CBN, CBC, THCV, CBG and other unique phyto cannabinoids.
I might use some of the smallest fluffy popcornbuds in the lotion just to see if it makes any difference :)

Hemp is the male plant that doesn't produce buds? The leaves don't begin the conversion process from cbd into thc either so it concentrates more

Well, I don't grow male plants because they don't give me the tasty lil' nugs :D The leaves from the maleplant might even work better than the female ones but it's not worth growing just for trying the lotion. If the lotion is a huge success, maybe then I will try.

Excellent comment! Upvoted buddy! =)

Cheers mate :)

Thank you! =)

Nice post.
I think cannabis help helps in many things..

Thank you! I agree! =)

It's those mixed strains though. I've seen people lose their minds consistanly smoking sativas.

Thank you for the article. Good information.

You are very welcome! =)

Wonderful post this is some deep ancient healing, I shall try once I get my cannabis oil. Thanks for sharing, upvoted and following :)

You are welcome mate! =)

I have been researching the anointing oil also. Last year the head rabbis in Jerusalem declared cannabis kosher for Passover. I'm in Tennessee and am hopeful that some day they will pass some positive legislation for cannabis.

Perhaps you could try it somewhere else in the US and let us know what you think! =)

Ha ha. Maybe if we ever move to Colorado. 😊

Thank you! =)

Valuable piece of research, thanks for posting.

You are most welcome! =)

So many misinterpreted information from the past. So ignorantly misinterpreted sometimes, it almost seems like on purpose.

Yes I do remember reading about calamus,. Now are you talking about 12 lbs of actual buds, or just the leaves, Cause if not how do you produce so much cannabis.

very much interesting. Following you. Upvote you.

Thank you! =)

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