Steemit Weekly Health Challenge #7

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The Weekly Steemit Health Challenge


Week number 7 of the Weekly Steemit Health Challenge! Every single week you'll be able to enter the Weekly Steemit Health Challenge to a chance to win Steem. There's 45 Steem up for grabs so make sure you get involved!

Let me tell you about the specifics...

1. There will be a different challenge each week, posted on a Monday. These will rotate each week and will include, recipes, exercise, stress relief and walks/runs.

2. All entries need to be submitted to the comment section of Monday's post, by 8am on Sunday of that week.

3. You must use THIS banner at the end or beginning of your post.

4. The winners will be chosen each week by a panel of judges, including myself and the challenge's sponsor @sweetsssj.

5. First place each week will win 30 Steem, second place will win ten Steem and third place will win five Steem.


Use this banner on your entries!

The Challenge This Week!

Every single week we're going to be doing a new challenge. But obviously there's only so many challenges that allow everyone to join in - so we're going to stick to the five challenges that we used in the Six Week Health Challenge.

This week I want you to:

Cook a healthy dessert recipe

This weeks challenge is about replacing unhealthy desserts with healthier ones. Most desserts are laden with calories and unhealthy ingredients. This means they are easy to over-eat, not good for your body and will hurt your health. However, they are tasty! So this week I want you to cook a healthy dessert recipe so that you can teach us how to replace some of those unhealthy treats with something that's much better for us! For inspiration and to see what a GREAT entry looks like, check out some of the past finalists HERE

Good luck Steemians, remember, I need your desserts entered by 8am on Sunday THIS WEEK!

I'm looking forwards to seeing all of your entries very soon!

Yours in health,
Coach Ben


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Entries are now CLOSED! Thanks for the great response this week. Winners announced SOON!

Make sure you check out my Ask the COACH Series where you can ask a Personal Trainer of over 10 years, anything you want to know about fitness, health and food

Sure, i'm in

I'll definitely be on this, this week!

Great to continue working for my health and for this great challenge that has revolutionized the health of the steemians.

Of course I will be on! Great opportunity!

@healthsquared this is my contribution for this contest, read full {here]( hope you like it. thank you very much.

Hello, here is my submission to this weeks health challenge. A gluten free chocolate cake.

Oh great ... I will encourage you to make a healthy dessert specialty

Hi @healthsquared, happy to be participating in the challenge, here I leave my post this week.

Hi @healthsquared this is my last minute entry after some busy and tired day. I hope you guys like it my 3 easy recipes