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The Weekly Steemit Health Challenge


We are on week ten of the Weekly Steemit Health Challenge. This is the last week of these challenges before we get NEW challenges. But I need your help - what health challenges would YOU suggest we run in the coming weeks to help inspire more health and fitness for Steemit? Let us know in the comments below AND of course, post your entries for this week too. Looking forwards to hearing your ideas.

Let me tell you about the specifics of the Steemit Health Challenge...

1. There will be a different challenge each week, posted on a Monday. These will rotate each week and will include, recipes, exercise, stress relief and walks/runs.

2. All entries need to be submitted to the comment section of this post, by 8am on Sunday of that week.

3. You must use THIS banner at the end or beginning of your post.

4. The winners will be chosen each week by a panel of judges, including myself and the challenge's sponsor @sweetsssj.

5. First place each week will win 30 Steem, second place will win 10 Steem and third place will win 5 Steem.


Use this banner on your entries!

The Challenge This Week!

This is the last week you'll see this challenge for a while so make the most of it! Once again, please post your ideas for future challenges in the comments below so we can keep making the health challenge fresh and interesting for regulars and new people alike!

This week I want you to:

Show us how you keep fit and active

This week I want to see your hobbies that keep you fit and active. Perhaps you play a sport like badminton or rugby, or perhaps you do an active hobby like surfing or snooker or poledancing. Do you take part in cross country running or orienteering? Do you get out often to play Pokemon GO? The possibilities are endless.

What I'd really love to see from these posts is passion for a sport or active hobby and some information about how we could all think about getting involved too - inspiring us and teaching us! If you don't currently do a sport or active hobby, I'd love for you to try out a new one and let us all know how your first experience was - you might discover a new love. That means everyone can join in!

This weekend I went and played Airsoft, which is like paintballing, but much more realistic, tactical and engaging. I loved it and am now thinking of taking it up as a sport to keep me fit. Show me what you guys do!

I'm looking forwards to seeing all of your entries very soon!

Yours in health,
Coach Ben



Entries are now CLOSED, thank you for all of the entries. We are reviewing them now! Tell me your ideas for future challenges that you'd like to participate in by replying to this comment!!!

For this weeks activity I chose hiking and yoga. It is very satisfying to do ones practice at the top of the mountain surrounded just by nature.

Thanks for another great entry sir! Looks amazing

Hey, Do one need to create a post to participate in it ??
on comments will do ?

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Excellent, this week, I will prepare for this entry, in future challenges I would like to join physical, mental and nutritional activity, since all act together, and the initial post would be like explaining your body weight and what would be your goal in the challenge.

Oooo, so the challenge would be kind of like... 'what changes have you made in your life to improve your health'? For example, I want to lose 10kg so I have done X, Y and Z?

Greetings! i would love to share my everyday activity/hobby. Thank you so much for keeping us inspire and healthy.

This is my entry : )

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