My Water Only Fasting Experience – Day 11

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Wednesday, September 6th 2017


A daily update of my progress fasting on just water.


Not A Great Start To The Day

I felt pains first thing after waking up. Nausea and stomach pains. The same sort of feelings from a bout of Gastro. I continued to lay in bed for a little while and the nausea passed as did the main pains.

My visit to the bathroom was almost typical, with urine being a normal slightly yellow colour. It’s been that way for a few days now so I think I’ll leave that detail out of the posts from now on, unless something changes. No back end movement.

A hot shower brought some relief and really helped wake me up properly. I dressed as if I was going out, even though I was working from home today.

I logged onto my PC and did my first thing in the morning checks. Server is up and running, the robots ran overnight, Outlook processed the macros, brows the online server logs, check emails and a few other things I won’t mention here.

I started to feel a lot better as the morning went on and the pain changed from a Gastro feeling to a straight up feeling of constipation. Yes, it’s been a few days now. I really had to go.


Morning weight: 66kg



Time For Another Salt Wash

While the smell of my family’s lunch filled the air my pains returned.
I had tried a few times in the bathroom to clear out the back end, but I hadn’t been able to. I mixed up a heaped teaspoon of ground Himalayan rock salt and the same amount of Epsom salts into a huge mug and filled it with boiling water.

I hadn’t had a salt wash drink for days now and it was very enjoyable. I’m pretty sure if I was eating normally and had to drink it I would find it quite repulsive. Like drinking warm sea water. But since I hadn’t eaten for 11 days now, it was as good as a tasty soup.

I made a second mug of the salt wash and drank that down too.




About an hour after drinking the salt water, I started to get the alert signals from down below that something was ready to happen.

It sure did.

A moment on the throne and I ejected a few decent sized pebbles. Not much really but the relief was instant. Incredible that at the moment such a small amount can trigger feelings of constipation. Perhaps there is a time trigger and a sensor to monitor how old poo is in the intestines? I’m kidding.

I felt like I needed a shower once again, so I did and had a shave at the same time.

I was so much more comfortable after that. All the pains had gone away and I was feeling quite energetic once again.



A New Tent To Get My Mind Off The Fast

My excitement for the day was going out to pick up a new tent for when I go hiking. We spotted a really cheap 2 man tent in a junk mail catalogue and as I was wanting to upgrade from my old 3kg tent before I next go hiking, we went and picked one up.

Sales copy image

When I mentioned cheap, I really meant it. It’s going to need a couple of coats of water proofing before I take it out hiking. The bonus is that it only weighs just over 1.5kgs which is perfect and a great reduction in the weight I’ll be carrying.

Of course, I set it up not long after we returned home. My son instantly declared it his own, filled it with toys and his little foam couch and spent most of the evening before his bed time playing inside it.

I spent a bit of time on the computer and after a while went off to bed.

A small chunk of Himalayan rock salt to suck as I went off to bed with a freshly filled water bottle. I settled into bed and drifted off to sleep pretty quickly.

Weight before bed: 66kg


Scary Start To A Day That Ended Well

I was a little scared first thing in the morning. If it had have been Gastro I don’t know how I would have gone. Would I have fought it off easily in a fasting state or would I be more vulnerable and suffer more than normal? I don't ’now and I don’t want to find out.

I’m pretty sure that the pains I felt first thing were constipation pains now. Even though it took a few goes, after eventually passing something out the back end, I was instantly relieved of the pains for the rest of the day.

It seems that the pains I was having the day before have not returned.

Overall it wasn’t too bad not eating today, No weight change and I wasn’t feeling hungry at all when going to sleep.

Thank you for reading this far.

I plan on posting about my progress daily from now on so if you’d like to keep an eye on my progress, feel free to follow me, even if it’s just for a while to see my fasting posts.
You can always stop following after that if you like, I won’t be offended.
If you think your followers may be interesting in this do them a favour and resteem ;p


Stay Hydrated & Steem On!


Rock'N'Roll From Melbourne, Australia


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Rooting for you, be careful!


Cheers, thank you @quattrophoto.
I will be.

Jeeej! Another update :-) Thanks, these are great.


Thank you @bynaomi,
I'm glad you're enjoying them.

Will it be a shock to your system when you start eating again? It must adjust to the current conditions.


I don't know how I'll go when it comes to eating again. Others that I know, who did 40 days, just got straight back into eating no problem.
Last time I made 18 days and broke the fast by eating a huge Christmas lunch.