My Water Only Fasting Experience – Day 10

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  • Tuesday, September 5th 2017

A daily update of my progress fasting on just water.

Ups And Downs

I Realised I’m not as fit as I normally am. Started to get some pains. A strange and unexpected weight gain.



Into The Office Today

Morning was typical, I woke up went to the bathroom. Some urine, normal coloured as it remained throughout the day so there isn’t any reason to mention that again. Still no back end movement though which has started to worry me a little.

Morning weight: 65kg

The climb up the elevators at the city train station took a bit out of me. It’s one really long, steep elevator from the lowest platforms, then a shorter elevator from the top platforms up to the main concourse then a flight of stairs up to ground level. I really felt it when I reached the top.

I think I’ll ride the elevators from now on during the fast.

I caught my breath once I was up and out of the train station and began my single block walk to the office.

All my energy had returned by the time I reached my desk. I logged in and went about the day. First thing I did though was to enjoy the view with my improved eyesight.




Why Do People Eat At Their Desk In A Shared Workspace?

Lunch time came and I continued to work on my coding and drink my water.

All of a sudden I could smell something and it wasn’t pleasant. Not too far from me was a fellow eating some sort of hot takeaway food at his desk. Not cool! We have a pretty good tea room to eat meals in. There is no need to eat at our desks especially when you use a laptop.

Rant over.

I did start to feel a little drowsy around 1:30pm, but ended up with a couple of new tasks that kept me busy.



Slight Pain Appears

I attended a meeting at 3:30pm during which I did start to get some pains in my upper abdomen. Nothing too bad, just enough for me to notice. The pain only lasted a short while and disappeared.

The rest of the afternoon was normal although I was still quite tired and the pain reappeared a couple of times.

I enjoyed the short walk in the rain to the train station. I decided to see how I’d go walking down the elevators and it wasn’t a problem. Not as hard as climbing up them. My train came soon after reaching my platform it was already quite crowded and I wouldn’t get a seat for quite a few stations.

Once I managed to obtain a seat, I started to get the hunger like pains again. They were not in my stomach though. The pain was located just below my sternum. Probably my oesophagus? Something to keep an eye on anyway.

I put on my headphones, which I really do on the train, and listened to the Bach Cello Suites while I drifted off for a sleep as best I could until I reached my destination.

As soon as I made it home I took a smallish chunk of Himalayan rock salt and sucked on it until it disappeared. That helped get rid of the pains.



A Warm Bath And A Movie

I ran a hot bath with a heap of Epsom salts in it and soaked in it while watching an episode of a show I’ve started to watch.

After my bath I climbed into bed and watched a movie with my partner. I had another chunk of Himalayan rock salt and was able to sleep pretty well, even with brand new pillows that I’m not quite used to yet.

Weight before bed: 66kg.

WTF? How did I put on a kilo in a day just by drinking water?


Summing Up

The Roller Coaster

It was a day of ups and downs. A real roller coaster. One moment I was alert and wide awake, then I’d be dopy and drowsy. I don’t think the pains I started to get today are anything to worry about, but I will be keeping an eye on it.

I can’t believe I seemed to have put on weight drinking only water. I’ve used the same scales so I can’t dispute it. It’ll be great if I stay at this weight. It’ll make it easier to put all my weight back on after the fast.

Thank you for reading this far.

I plan on posting about my progress daily from now on so if you’d like to keep an eye on my progress, feel free to follow me, even if it’s just for a while to see my fasting posts.
You can always stop following after that if you like, I won’t be offended.
If you think your followers may be interesting in this do them a favour and resteem ;p


Stay Hydrated & Steem On!


Rock'N'Roll From Melbourne, Australia


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