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Hydration is one of the most important factors in a life of thrival!

The human body is some 70% water, and it serves many purposes:  

  • regulates body temperature
  • transports nutrients
  • encourages glowing skin
  • flushes waste products through sweat and urine
  • moistens tissues and lubricates joints
  • fundamental to digestion and metabolism

Given water's vital role in the human body, water quality is a topic worth a closer look. 

Some water is full of many important elements such as trace minerals and potentially living organisms which contribute to true hydration on a cellular level, and other water is lacking these elements. -- @quinneaker

Consider this: would you rather have a drink from a banana leaf in the rainforest or from the city water in Flint, Michigan? Obviously all water is not created equal, so in this post we will address some factors that determine water quality and affect proper hydration.


Water contamination comes in many forms; there are obviously many places on Earth that have pollution floating in fresh water sources, but even unblemished springs high in pristine mountains may contain tiny organisms that wreak havoc on the human system. Or as in Flint and many municipalities, harmful chemicals like lead can turn tap water into poison...and some bottled water is even worse than tap water!

In a survival situation or in travel, iodine, colloidal silver, and hydrogen peroxide are all valid water purification techniques for killing harmful microbes in questionable water. 

In a more residential setting, filtration makes a lot of sense for removing harmful microbes as well as toxins. However, methods like distillation and reverse osmosis are still not optimized for proper hydration, because they remove healthful ions (like the minerals calcium and magnesium) that enhance water's absorbability right along with detrimental contaminants.


Water molecules are polar; they have a slightly negative and a slightly positive end. This feature gives water properties that enable it to support all life on Earth as we know it. Surface tension, for example, happens because a slightly positive hydrogen in one water molecule is attracted to the slightly negative oxygen of another.

image source

Surface tension is a factor that can be somewhat manipulated to make water "wetter", or more absorbable by the cells. This can be done by adding food grade hydrogen peroxide to water, or using a water ionizer, which is a device that uses electrolysis to separate water into 2 streams, one acidic and one alkaline. 


There is no known disease that can survive in an alkaline state.-- Dr. Axe

We're hearing more and more about acidosis, an excessively acidic state of the body's fluids and tissues caused by a number of factors, including the standard American diet and a heavily polluted environment.

Can drinking alkaline water counteract this condition? The human bloodstream is optimized within a narrow pH range around 7.4 (7 is neutral; lower is acidic, and higher is alkaline = basic). While we know that too acidic leads to disease conditions, it is also possible to be too alkaline as well. Our hypothesis is that drinking some alkaline water can raise an acidic body's pH to the optimal level, but one must be responsible to stay within the optimal range and not consume too much alkaline water.

We were recently gifted a water ionizer that produces alkaline water, and we're super curious about it's claims for improving health! In upcoming posts, we will share our observations, experience, and further research into using it. 

References 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - Full Spectrum Health by @quinneaker


Congratulations you were chosen as one of my top 5 best articles of the day!

You got a re-steem from me. I like your tribe and what you guys (and gals) put out.. sustainablility, yoga, health, eco-consciousness.

Thanks for your support, @flexifriday! Really grateful you find value in what we bring. We want to inspire the best life possible, and we have a lot of proven successes for increasing health and happiness!

@gardenofeden @quinneaker @everlove Hey guys I left the comment on your post about sustainable habits In our community, but I guess you haven't seen it. You have inspired me and I promised to post about my garden and share with you my story, because you seemed interested. It caught attention and its now trending!
Check it out:

Grateful to meet you @flexifriday. It seems we have much in common. I'm grateful you're here to share it with us.

Thanks for the post - clean water is becoming more and more of a problem and I am following the desalination news as well I drink structured water as my girlfriend introduced me to it 6 months ago and the science intrigues me - who knew water had memory and could have so much value outside of hydration? Keep up the good work - following you :)

I just took a one quarter liter of water now for reading this. Thanks for reminding me.

Good job!

This is SO important.
One of the key secrets to my radiant health is proper hydration which requires proper quality water.
Its amazing how many people drink total shit water....ALMOST EVERYONE.
This is SOO easy and the difference is life changing.

So many people don't even question it! They just drink from the tap or buy bottles of water and blindly hope that it's safe. Food is given way more consideration than water, even though hydration is more important.

We need a safe drinking water.

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What a well explained post, great writing, and super useful content. It's really weir how much we know we need water, but we kept skipping the recommended daily dose. I'm gonna try to keep some of this in mind, thanks for refreshing.

Thanks, @fivefiveeleven. It's important to get enough water, but QUALITY water is the real key!

Totally agree, its always about quality more than quantity. It applies in almost every aspect of life I guess.

I have seen many things pertaining to ionized water, what I have not seen is any lab tested results to back it so will be following this to see the conclusions. Resteemit for others to follow along as well and perhaps chime in if they have.

Great job!
I can tell you as a health specialist that ionized water is superior to non ionized water. If you were to go one day with regular water and the next with ionized water and go back and forth day by day you would be able to FEEL it your self. Thats the BEST proof.

Dunno, I am sure they are out there. Ionized water has been around quite a while and there is lots of people who sell machines etc. Probably plenty of data. I just don't need it cause I ALREADY KNOW hahahaha
I will get the GOE to get some studies and make a post about lab stuff if u like.

Thank You.

Your welcome

Great article.

Proper hydration is very important!

It's importance cannot be overstated.

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