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Hydration is one of the most important factors in a life of thrival!

The human body is some 70% water, and it serves many purposes:  

  • regulates body temperature
  • transports nutrients
  • encourages glowing skin
  • flushes waste products through sweat and urine
  • moistens tissues and lubricates joints
  • fundamental to digestion and metabolism

Given water's vital role in the human body, water quality is a topic worth a closer look. 

Some water is full of many important elements such as trace minerals and potentially living organisms which contribute to true hydration on a cellular level, and other water is lacking these elements. -- @quinneaker

Consider this: would you rather have a drink from a banana leaf in the rainforest or from the city water in Flint, Michigan? Obviously all water is not created equal, so in this post we will address some factors that determine water quality and affect proper hydration.


Water contamination comes in many forms; there are obviously many places on Earth that have pollution floating in fresh water sources, but even unblemished springs high in pristine mountains may contain tiny organisms that wreak havoc on the human system. Or as in Flint and many municipalities, harmful chemicals like lead can turn tap water into poison...and some bottled water is even worse than tap water!

In a survival situation or in travel, iodine, colloidal silver, and hydrogen peroxide are all valid water purification techniques for killing harmful microbes in questionable water. 

In a more residential setting, filtration makes a lot of sense for removing harmful microbes as well as toxins. However, methods like distillation and reverse osmosis are still not optimized for proper hydration, because they remove healthful ions (like the minerals calcium and magnesium) that enhance water's absorbability right along with detrimental contaminants.


Water molecules are polar; they have a slightly negative and a slightly positive end. This feature gives water properties that enable it to support all life on Earth as we know it. Surface tension, for example, happens because a slightly positive hydrogen in one water molecule is attracted to the slightly negative oxygen of another.

image source

Surface tension is a factor that can be somewhat manipulated to make water "wetter", or more absorbable by the cells. This can be done by adding food grade hydrogen peroxide to water, or using a water ionizer, which is a device that uses electrolysis to separate water into 2 streams, one acidic and one alkaline. 


There is no known disease that can survive in an alkaline state.-- Dr. Axe

We're hearing more and more about acidosis, an excessively acidic state of the body's fluids and tissues caused by a number of factors, including the standard American diet and a heavily polluted environment.

Can drinking alkaline water counteract this condition? The human bloodstream is optimized within a narrow pH range around 7.4 (7 is neutral; lower is acidic, and higher is alkaline = basic). While we know that too acidic leads to disease conditions, it is also possible to be too alkaline as well. Our hypothesis is that drinking some alkaline water can raise an acidic body's pH to the optimal level, but one must be responsible to stay within the optimal range and not consume too much alkaline water.

We were recently gifted a water ionizer that produces alkaline water, and we're super curious about it's claims for improving health! In upcoming posts, we will share our observations, experience, and further research into using it. 

References 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - Full Spectrum Health by @quinneaker


Congratulations you were chosen as one of my top 5 best articles of the day!

You got a re-steem from me. I like your tribe and what you guys (and gals) put out.. sustainablility, yoga, health, eco-consciousness.

Thanks for your support, @flexifriday! Really grateful you find value in what we bring. We want to inspire the best life possible, and we have a lot of proven successes for increasing health and happiness!

@gardenofeden @quinneaker @everlove Hey guys I left the comment on your post about sustainable habits In our community, but I guess you haven't seen it. You have inspired me and I promised to post about my garden and share with you my story, because you seemed interested. It caught attention and its now trending!
Check it out:

Grateful to meet you @flexifriday. It seems we have much in common. I'm grateful you're here to share it with us.

Thanks for the post - clean water is becoming more and more of a problem and I am following the desalination news as well I drink structured water as my girlfriend introduced me to it 6 months ago and the science intrigues me - who knew water had memory and could have so much value outside of hydration? Keep up the good work - following you :)

I just took a one quarter liter of water now for reading this. Thanks for reminding me.

Good job!

This is SO important.
One of the key secrets to my radiant health is proper hydration which requires proper quality water.
Its amazing how many people drink total shit water....ALMOST EVERYONE.
This is SOO easy and the difference is life changing.

So many people don't even question it! They just drink from the tap or buy bottles of water and blindly hope that it's safe. Food is given way more consideration than water, even though hydration is more important.

We need a safe drinking water.

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What a well explained post, great writing, and super useful content. It's really weir how much we know we need water, but we kept skipping the recommended daily dose. I'm gonna try to keep some of this in mind, thanks for refreshing.

Thanks, @fivefiveeleven. It's important to get enough water, but QUALITY water is the real key!

Totally agree, its always about quality more than quantity. It applies in almost every aspect of life I guess.

I have seen many things pertaining to ionized water, what I have not seen is any lab tested results to back it so will be following this to see the conclusions. Resteemit for others to follow along as well and perhaps chime in if they have.

Great job!
I can tell you as a health specialist that ionized water is superior to non ionized water. If you were to go one day with regular water and the next with ionized water and go back and forth day by day you would be able to FEEL it your self. Thats the BEST proof.

Dunno, I am sure they are out there. Ionized water has been around quite a while and there is lots of people who sell machines etc. Probably plenty of data. I just don't need it cause I ALREADY KNOW hahahaha
I will get the GOE to get some studies and make a post about lab stuff if u like.

Thank You.

Your welcome

Great article.

Proper hydration is very important!

It's importance cannot be overstated.

I've been thinking about structuring water


@gardenofeden There is natural ALKALINE WATER. Natural ALKALINE WATER came from mountain; in a falls continues falling of water. The small stones filter the dirt that flows into the water. There is one more!

Dont you know when the lightning strike the water from the river, it became ALKALINE.

😊😇😊 i hope this is a big help for all...

Try to add some lemon juice to your water. It makes it more alkaline and its amazing for your health :D
Nice article, keep up the great work!

And super tasty! We like lemon or lime juice or ACV with a little honey and cayenne!

Water is the key elixir of life!

Yes! After breathing, it's the most important factor for health!

true talk @bitdollar
water is essence of life and health too... health is wealth. thanks for the comment

Very informative article. Thanks for helping informing us about water.

VERY important!

Very interesting. I was just reading about how water can change from just sitting out overnight. As it sits, it gets more acidic.

We're conducting some pH experiments, and we're observing that water that starts at a high pH will trend downward, but if it's already at a low pH it stays stable much longer.

It's probably sugar that contributes to chronic body acidity. People will try to tell you that it is meat, but I doubt that claim. Sugar is the real poison.

Anything used to excess, including water, can be poisonous.

Interesting...this is the 3rd article about water in the past 24 hours.

Is there a WaterCoin?

There should be!

That's a great idea!

Nice work tnx for infos and the share

You're welcome!

My parents bought an Enganic machine to make alkaline water and it has helped with hydration, arthritis and incontinence. I drink it when I visit them and at the very least it sure tastes better than tap water!!

That's a great testimonial, thanks for sharing @summerskin! It inspires a few questions: what pH do they drink? Do they test the pH from time to time? Do they prepare it a glass at a time or make like a jug at once? How often do they drink water? How long until they saw symptoms subside?

They drink the strongest available on the machine at 9.5, but they worked up to that from 8.0. They clean the machine twice a month and they test the pH once a month to make sure everything is working as they should. The machine is attached to their kitchen sink faucet, so anytime they use the faucet they are using alkaline water, unless they want acidic water in which case they switch the machine to about 4.0 (they use the acidic water to clean their faces, clean kitchen countertops, etc). For them first they noticed decreased incontinence in about 2 weeks. The arthritis symptoms subsided within 3 months. Their doctors say it's all in their heads, but I'm like who cares how it is working IT IS working. They have been drinking this water for about 5 months now, so I'm excited to see what the long term benefits are.

I'm curious too about drinking alkaline water. My suspicion is that the human body will neutralize the water making it irrelevant whether it is alkaline or not... but who knows? Perhaps it is the best thing for ya.

the body will balance out, but the higher alkaline water you drink and the more of it the MORE alkaline your body will become. This is a FACT.
The body thrives at about 7-7.3 ph. Being in the 4-5 range is disease prone being above 7.5 is also not healthy. So be sure to test ph and if its low bring it up if its high bring it down.

You cannot change your body's pH with what you ingest. It doesn't work that way.

I can tell u don't know much about health. Thanks for the comment though. I won't waste any time on more than that.

Interesting, I can tell that you are nothing but a flim-flam artist and know nothing about health!

Wish you the best.

There's a lot more research to be done, for sure. We'll share the things we find!

You reminded me that I should go refill my 5 gallon bottles at the Co-op.
I've been drinking the tap water recently.
Sometimes I wonder about Sacramento's tap

Great post!
STEEM ON and stay Hydrated ;)

NOOOOOO dont do it!
Only drink clean activated water.

There is no such thing as "activated water". LOL

yes there is. LOL

Tap water is questionable, at best.

I drink at least 2.5 Liters a day :D it's the best source of energy

Lots of water is good but most importantly it needs to be HIGH QUALITY water.

What do mean High Quality? like bottled mineral water or so?

well read the post for one. But no bottled water is mostly crap, the bottled water industry actually has lower standards than municipal water standards. Municipal water is toxic nasty and so is most bottled water. Mineral water is also not good because it generally has inorganic minerals in it which the body cannot use and just builds up in the body.
@gardenofeden has some other posts on water as well as many enlightening posts on health.

Alright thank you, I'll look into it :)

Some countries do not have running water ... Personally, I drink tap water without having any health problems.

I would never drink tap water unless I was going to die. If u think ur healthy then just imagine how MUCH MORE healthy u could be.

In the US, they add neurotoxins like fluoride to tap water. In some cities (like Flint), lead pipes contaminate tap water. In others, arsenic is found in high concentrations. We don't consume or recommend consuming tap water because it is so frequently unhealthful, especially on a daily basis over long periods of time, but of course everyone is free to do whatever they want.

Wow, great stuff! I'll be honest, I don't drink near as much water as I should. It's always been a struggle for me but I'm trying. One of the things is finding good water! Everything is polluted these days! It's easier to find polluted water than clean water.

It does feel like polluted water is way more accessible than clean water these days...same with air and even food. This is why it's so important for humans to take responsibility for the planet and ourselves now!

Don't get me started on food. We can't grow where we live but we have a contract with a local farmer to buy our veggies from him. It's all organic and locally grown.

your blog updates are quite educational and as someone into health, it gives me joy to read and know others are benefiting from your wealth of knowledge as health is also wealth. Keep it up ...I appreciate your guy a lot.
thanks for sharing this... enough hydration is a true key to healthy living. Even from fertility to weight management..from brain effectiveness to proper health.... hydration plays vital role...even in electrolyte balance...

What do you think of distilled water? Some people think that distilled water is the most pure form or water to drink and the only one that allows the body to properly function.

It IS the most pure, it is really good for detoxing and purifying the body. Also helps flush inorganic mineral build up. Though it is NOT ideal water for every day all day drinking.

Thanks for your answer. Why do you say that is not ideal for every day drinking?

Because it is not optimally structured, doesn't have an excess of ions or oxygen and doesn't hydrate as well as other water alchemies.
It won't hurt you per say, it is WAY healthier than tap water or mineral/spring water. What you DONT want in your water is chemicals (in all tap water or inorganic minerals (in most spring water.
Like I said its real good for cleanses, detoxes, fasts etc but not optimal for every day hydration or nutrition.

It's stripped off life force, and it's less absorbent. At least put some herbs in there!

Thank you for this post. This is so true! Water, the GIFT of Life,
Use it Wisely.

that's pretty interesting thanks a lot for sharing and keep on posting ;)

You are absolutely right!!👌

Awesome post @gardenofden I will follow you

great work you are awesome

Muy Buen articulo! felicitaciones . te leo~

Always guessed this. Thanks for proves)

Great informations !!

thanks for info :)

Nice post! We often foget the very basics of life. I have a question, are you guys associated with Rob Cruz? Are you into Korean farming? Just wondering.

Alkaline water is the best.

So I have a question, we are told to boil water for babies before they turn one as it can be harmful, we only have access to town/tap water and I'm wondering if we should invest in some sort of filtration?

Absolutely you should filter, especially if your town water contains fluoride or chlorine, because they're both toxic to our organism. Both accumulate in your body over time and their effects compound (like a bad mortgage in your body), which eventually leads to illness, arthritis, brain degeneration, bone density loss etc. And that's without considering chemical runoff from agriculture, herbicides/pesticides and pollutants like mercury which is an atmospheric bi-product of coal mining, that travels our jet-streams and lands in rain. The fact that you're asking about water quality, means you're smart enough to want to learn more about it, so your babies are in very good hands. You'd be better off distilling your water and then adding back trace elements, because distillation is the only way to remove fluoride, as far as I know. We use a Megahome brand countertop water distiller that distils 4 litres of water in 5.5 hours. It' not fast, but the result is water that is safe to drink, but devoid of any beneficial minerals, or toxins. You basically have JUST water, so then you need to have a level teaspoon of sea salt per day, to intake the minerals you might have had in the town water. The upside is huge though, because if you get in the habit of taking sea salt regularly, your whole body will benefit. Obviously a small baby needs much less salt than a their Mum or Dad, or teenage siblings, but they still need it. If the Mum is breastfeeding, the baby gets all their good/bad nutrition from their Mum, but once they're off the boob, their minerals come from what they eat and drink(obviously). So it wouldn't hurt to get them accustomed to very dilute sea salt drinks early on in life. Research some more on water nutrition, because people who asks questions, are the ones most likely to find the right answers, and it sounds like you're doing a great job asking important questions about the health and well-being of your kids. Good Water is life. Trust only yourself, but cross-reference and research every point of view you can find. You'll find your truth, and you'll drink to good health :)

Thanks for the info, I'm definitely going to look into it as the kids only drink water and nothing else, so makes sense to invest in the best possible water we can get. Just another question, I thought they put fluoride in the water to protect teeth?

If your kids only drink water, you're a lucky Mum, because it tastes boring, and most kids usually crave sweetness, so count your blessings for that :) The "fluoride protects teeth" myth is based on very flawed research from many decades ago, which you'll need to hunt down to prove to yourself. My understanding is that the industrial form of fluoride is a waste product from aluminium smelting plants and fertiliser production plants. Since it would be illegal to dump it into the ocean because it would be very toxic to marine life, some clever business-folk derived a way to dispose of that waste product via human water supplies for profit (because governments are the most easily corrupted group of all humans); under the false propaganda that it was good for teeth. Naturally occurring fluoride may well be good for teeth, but not the industrial waste they call fluoride, which is completely different. An easy way to prove that fluoride is actually bad for teeth, is to research dental fluorosis. "Dental fluorosis (also termed mottled enamel) is an extremely common disorder, characterized by hypomineralization of tooth enamel caused by ingestion of excessive (fake) fluoride during enamel formation." That quote is from wikipedia, but don't think that wikipedia is going to tell you the the full truth either. That's only one of hundreds of resources. Look further, cross-reference, and find your truth. Fake fluoride is a neurotoxin, which means it poisons the nervous system, and then some. It also makes an entire population more compliant when delivered in a water supply, which is why it makes sense if the Nazis put it in the water supply at prison camps. The last thing you'd want in a prison camp, is rational thinking people, who could plan an escape. Hydrofluoric acid and hydrofluorosilicic acid (the crap they put in drinking water), is completely different to the natural "calcium fluoride which is naturally found in soil". We've been scammed, bottom line. We're born into a world where we're led to believe that our government has our best interests at heart, that doctors know best, and that banks loan money they have in reserve. We're lied to from day 1, and our parents don't know the difference, so we vaccinate, drink our tap water, and go to our local GP without question. Only a few lucky ones have an open mind and realise that we are all FREE, if we choose to be, but that requires research and an open mind. If vaccination was so good for children, why does california make it mandatory? If it's so great, responsible, loving parent would demand their children were vaccinated, right? Well it's the ones who bother to do some research that quickly find the research is flawed, and downright dangerous to all humans, let alone defenceless little kids. There's BILLIONS of dollars involved in selling pharmaceuticals to unwitting people; which accounts for the majority of people unfortunately. You're diving deep into the rabbit hole if you look further, but you're entire life will improve, if you allow yourself to research. This will get you started. And if you're American, God help you, because the U.S. government is the largest terrorist entity and sponsor on the planet, and if they had their way, we'd all be dead already. WTC7 didn't fall down because of office fire, The Gulf of Tonkin incident was a fake news report which killed millions of Vietnamese, thousands of good American boys, and hundreds of good Australian boys, and if you find that I'm lying on any point noted, I'd be happy to hear your point of view. You should feel very privileged to be asking questions that will lead you to the truth, because very few people ever have the opportunity or inclination, to open their mind, and actually learn what's going on in this world. Find Dr. Russell Blaylock on Youtube, and you'll learn how to cure cancer by next week, and you'll learn more about fluoride from him as well. I hope your awakening journey is smoother than mine, but since you asked for the truth, I'm obliged to tell it as I see it. I care only about your health and well-being, and that of your family. Good luck, and THANK YOU for asking important questions :)

Great post. Water is essential to life, yet we don't take the time to look at the quality of the water we consume. Thanks for sharing

There is no known disease that can survive in an alkaline state.-- Dr. Axe

This is the premise of the Mucusless diet from Prof. Arnold Ehret that I am following. That and other one is that constipation from mucus is the cause of all disease. Proper hydration and getting enough fresh air are most important things when it comes to health and longevity. Great post.

Great post


Proper hydration also includes getting a balance of mineral intake. That is best achieved by adding a natural sea salt drink to your daily health regimen. Celtic Salt contains about 84 minerals that your body uses to process, restore, rebuild and eliminate, so it's completely different to "table salt". Table salt usually consists of sodium, silica and anti-caking agent, providng a total of only 2 minerals. If it's iodised salt, you get all of 3 minerals. Being "worth your salt", requires that you have had a drink of correctly salted water every day. 1 level teaspoon of Celtic salt, (or other
high quality sea salt) in 250 ml of water per day, will help you not only stay hydrated correctly, but assist your body in preventing and curing pretty much any illness it encounters. But don't trust me, go research why natural sea salt helps your body, and why drinking too much plain water, can actually kill you. HINT: It's because you're flushing out too many minerals, and your body dies from a lack of them. We get most of our minerals from health fruits and vegetables, but we also need it from natural sea salts. Noone tells you this in school, but then, they don't tell you Bidens pilosa cures cancer either ;)

It's hard to get started drinking enough water, but once you've done it a week or so, you'll get thirsty much more often, which makes it easier s.png

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