Daily Exposure To Greenery Could Help To Extend Your Life Suggests New Study

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A group of researchers from the US and Canada have recently published their findings in The Lancet Planetary Health from their study, which suggests that daily exposure to trees and other greenery might help to extend your life.

They looked at census data for over 1 million Canadians, and then compared that data to mortality rates for an 11 year period. They investigated whether or not people lived near plants, trees, and other greenery, that was at least within 250 meters of their residence. From that they estimated daily exposure to the greenery. Researchers also took into consideration things like population density and air pollution, and they still found that for those who live near more greenery, that they were likely to see between an 8 to 12 percent reduced risk of death.

Their study analyzed over 30 different cities in Canada and one of the interesting findings researchers say that they discovered was that for the more affluent families, that they were seen to benefit more from the exposure to greenery in their area. And this is interesting because if you looked at two individuals who had relatively the same characteristics (age, city, sex), yet a difference in income, those with the lower income were seen to have reaped less of a benefit from living near the same amount of greenery that provided a wealthier individual with more longevity.

Researchers suggest that perhaps one reason this could be the case is because those with lower incomes might have less time to spend enjoying that greenery outside or have worse views of the greenery around them.

According to their results, it's more beneficial for individuals to have exposure to greenery around their homes (being exposed daily), than it is to make some weekly or bi-weekly trip to the park; as far as longevity is concerned.

Aside from possible benefits of longevity, there are a variety of other benefits that are said to come along with spending more time outside.

Spending more time with nature is alleged to help with: boosting creativity, reducing stress, improving focus, increasing vit D levels, reducing inflammation, improving vision, boosting the immune system*, and more. According to a number of studies on this subject, spending more time outside could play a big role in reaping major benefits in the way of mental and physical healing.

After this study, researchers say that they would like to follow it up by investigating if there are similar results when it comes to living close to lakes, rivers, and oceans.


The information that is posted above is not intended or implied to ever be used as any substitute for professional medical advice, or diagnosis or treatment. The above is posted for informational purposes only.


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There are lots of trees on my daily walk to work. I hope that counts


Daily exposure to Greenery is what I'm talking about.


@cleverbot is that Charlie Murphy? Green spaces are very relaxing and a stress reliever. Also, it may help with coping skills.


I wish to know whether or not I am right, however you do not have to answer me.

Then am about to become a farmer.

True words, the power of mother nature is amazing and surely everybody will benefit from it. I can offer a virtual tour through some woods - it won't make you live longer, however you might still enjoy it :)

🌳 Hike with me #2: Awesome nature in Vienna - the Wilhelminenberg! 🇦🇹

That's a great looking picture cheers. Thanks mike

Nice, I live around a lot of trees but I don't get out enough. I'll start enjoying nature more before it gets too cold over here in New York.

I bet living around lakes rivers and oceans will have similar effects.

This is my message, the verbal one and the one told with my art...
Thank you for such a beautiful initiative!
Be love!


i make art too :) more on animals tho :)

great topic shared you @doitvoluntarily, no doubt greenry has much benefits and have many positive efffects on us. i think 2nd name of life is greenery. thanks for sharing important topic.

this is a very valuable and useful post. especially those of us who live in highly developed cities. plants that are less in because all are now built high buildings. this post is very useful thanks for sharing

Great information in this post. Spending time with nature is very soothing for the spirit. When the spirit is healed from all the negative vibrations, the body begins to heal as well. Keep up the great posts.

Nice post. I think humans do not yet understand that we are all one with nature, when that understanding truly manifests in everyone's belief system we will all be much healthier. So, encourage your children to play outside instead of spending hours in front of computers and television sets.

This view is worth a cool million.

Sucks for people who live in deserts...

Very informative post! I think it's really important, what with people's way of living drastically changing over the years. Well written!

The greenery around us also makes us feel happy.

If they are right, I will reach a very high age 8-).

nice post and great information.The greenery around us also makes us feel happy.

I personally try to spend a lot of time in nature because of the positive vibes I get . Even during my recent pregnancy , no matter how down I felt , nature did it's wonders in bringing positivity into my life . I can tell why it would make us live longer , without nature I don't know where I would be now


I agree, when we are in the city for too long we forget how much we need it. I find it so cool that there is a huge park in the middle of New York City. I think it says something positive about the country and the culture and how it values nature.

Very good piece of information.
I have been taught from the childhood that -just looking at green trees/leaves/bushes(from near) just after waking up in the morning before looking anything else improves your eyes' health and sight.
And I follow this as usual as possible since I can't always find green sights around me. 😃😃

Although I can't find such benefit on eyes in your post, hopefully, this might still beneficial for my overall health as you mentioned above.
Cheers !!

A wonderful study because living in oxygen filled places makes you feel happy and happy and your heart is resting. I hate living in cities and overcrowding

This is becoming more important as we get locked into digital life. I saw someone break down the concepts here paraphrased as "it is beneficial to live with 10 minutes walk a a high quality park".

I'm lucky to live by a preserved natural space. Spent the weekend in Cuyahoga and intend to get more autumn foliage pictures this evening near home.

Thanks for posting this

Nice one ! I wish I had trees around my office place.... :(

Nothing green there to find, only concrete

Thankyou for sharing @doitvoluntarily.

Even with all our technology and the inventions that make modern life so much easier than it once was, it takes just one big natural disaster to wipe all that away and remind us that, here on Earth, we're still at the mercy of nature.

The good human is the friend of all living things.

'To put it as polite as possible , America , take a walk.'

I always try to take some time out of my day to get a good walk outside in! I think getting some natural sunlight plays a big factor as well

Indeed. I'm lucky enough to live in a nice place surrounded with clean nature, rivers, valleys, mountains.

Very cool article. Thank you. I definitely feel a sense of calm when hike through the woods. I know when I see a lot of greenery I feel good inside. Thanks again. @doitvoluntarily

Green is a very pleasant, relaxing color. Walking in the park, for example, oxygenates our brains and improves our mood. Green is one of my favorite color

I think it's the obvious things that do not require researchers :) But the results are definitely practical in the matter of planning of urban infrastructure.

Thanks for this. Interesting, especially the finding that the poorer people who lived near greenery benefited less from it. Maybe because they do not make full use of it. I find that wealthier people are generally more resourceful and that is how they go rich in the first place.

Thanks again! Talk to you soon!

lovely post,. i believe this....
im a wildlife artist :) me like dis,,, upvote follow resteem! kaboom!

Very interesting findings. When I first looked for a house in my town I was amazed that many had no garden - they were called 'back-to-backs' and only had a paved yard and alley between them. For me a garden is essential. I chose a house that does have a garden, but others in my street don't. A real bonus is the view of beautiful woods and hills out of my rear windows. We get the most spectacular sunsets!

Great post and keep it up 💕
Health is Very Important in Life.💕