Illegal Psychedelics VS. Trial-Tested Pharmaceuticals

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2017 has been a great year for the medical industry, Evermore people are using pharmaceutical drugs to deal with their symptoms and ailments and the industry will continue to grow in 2018.

The war on drugs continues, $50+ Billion spent annually in the U.S. on the war on drugs. Over 1,572,579 arrests in 2017 for drug law violations in the U.S. alone.

Number of these arrests that were for possession only: 1,249,025 (84 percent) (LINK)

Everything going as plan? If you answer yes you might be suprised by the narrative I have compiled for you...

Before we get down to the elephant in the room let's get some facts straight.


What is a Drug

There are two different types of drugs!

One of them is deemed a evil substance which has a very psychedelic, mind altering and sometimes even spiritually awakening effect.

These drugs usually take the form of completely natural and safe substances.

The other is a very safe trial tested pharmaceutical drug.

Has little to no plant matter after it has been extracted and put through multiple purification processes and mixed with more chemicals.

Most of us who still think that all "illegal drugs" are dangerous most likely not aware that prescription opiates cause more addiction and death than illegal drugs.

They are also legal and being over prescribed to the max.

The Problem With Today's Drug's Laws

We all have to acknowledge that there are drugs which have different uses.

What we are only just starting to uncover is that grouping natural mind altering drugs together with chemically procured drugs is unfair because:

We have been taking Ayahuasca in the Amazon for centuries.

We most certainly were not taking painkillers or popping aspirin for centuries.

There are even theories of how Psychedelic Mushrooms played a role in our evolution and answer our missing link mystery.

One of my favorite philosophers Terrence Mckenna talks about his "stoned ape theory" in depth in this video.


An Opiate Medication you take when you break your leg...

Will never stand a chance as being a step in our evolution...

But a psychedelic drug naturally found on our planet does..

What Do I think about Pharmaceutical Medication?

The pharmaceutical industry has done many things that was thought impossible by humans at the time.

However, just because they are innovative does not mean they are perfect and just because their drugs are marketed to be safe does not cut it for me! How much damage should we let pharmaceuticals cause for us?

I have personally never been vaccinated, this is because I believe that vaccines may contain several "preservatives" which cause more harm than the vaccines themselves.

I also fend off most of the ailments I catch using natural alternatives if I can.

This has been one of the best things I have done in my short life to keep my life in check.

I feel healthier than ever now!

I am also aware that there is a possible corruption of the Medical Industry that has caused their motives to change for the worst.


What Do I think about Psychedelics?

Many people describe the sometimes out of body experience as one of the most important things they have done in their entire life.

I think it should be an individuals right to experiment with their consciousness. I do not want a nanny state government which takes my rights as an individual.

One interesting effect common in Psychonauts (Psychedelic Astronauts) is a sense of freedom and a sensitive emotional state.

Some laugh, some cry and some learn the secret of life and then forget it right afterwards.

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I'm getting psyched up for my first Ayahuasca ceremony February in Mexico.. Kind of nervous, I'm very glad I already have some experience..

I'll probably never take another corporate drug for the rest of my life by the way. And certainly never take a vaccine!

Good luck on your mystic journey to the other planes of consciousness @jamesc 👍

Glad you are on the same page as me about the Pharma.

The psychedelics and plant spirit medicines are incredibly valuable. I'm a big fan of San Pedro, as I always find that it gives practical solutions to issues that I'm exploring in my life. I'm also very excited about the healing potential of these plants and I have recently been listed as a psychedelic integration practitioner in the resources section of I've got a post about psychedelic integration coming up soon.

Personally, I haven't taken a pharmaceutical medicine since 2012. However, there is a place for them in a fully integrated approach.

They truly are @eftnow!

Hope you luck on your journey on becoming a PSYCHEDELIC PRACTITIONER!

Steem on!

By and by, I haven't taken a pharmaceutical prescription since 2015. Nonetheless, there is a place for them in a completely incorporated approach.I'll most likely never take another corporate medication for whatever is left of my life coincidentally. Undoubtedly never take an antibody

Very true! If you had no other choice you should take them.

However... If you have a strong enough immune system you should not!!!

You are absolutely right sir, it is the game of choice, suppose a person does not hava a strong immune system, what should he/she do?

I guess they should take the drugs.

If my immune system was feeling a bit crap I would try to stay off the meds if possible and would take if needed.

good answer,but i think age factor is also count.

I have done quite a bit of market research for pharmaceutical companies. They do extensive feasibility studies to ascertain whether or not their products are usable in the "real world" of patients' lives and doctors' offices. They also make sure that they know how to properly address the public, doctors, and the government so that their message is heard loud and clear, and that it is credible.

I wish that psychedelics had the same sort of support. There is truly an uphill battle for psychedelic acceptance, after years of misinformation. Hoping that someday I will do the same type of research that I do for pharmaceuticals for psychedelics!! That's actually a huge goal for my business in 2018. Wish me luck ~ I'll be posting about the fight here!

That is awesome! Psychedelics deserve way more research than they are receiving these days!

I believe in your initiative!

Dropped a follow! Welcome to Steemit!

Thank you so very much! I have two meetings coming up with people that have successfully found traditional funding sources for this type of research. So hopefully between my efforts here, Patreon (once I get it up, should be today or next week), and some more traditional routes I will get somewhere!

Good luck on your research!

Steem on!

Thanks for sharing. I agree with your sentiments for the most part. I think most of us who can safely operate within the established norms of our society have little to no needs for pharmaceuticals. Just get some exercise, get away from screens and go out and learn to have some fun. I consider myself a burgeoning psychonaut and last year started doing a few experiments with micro-dosing. It boggles my mind how repressed the world is (generally speaking) when it comes to psychedelic and their therapeutic capacities. I currently work in cannabis though and many of us thought that wouldn't be possible to do, but look where we are now haha! I do believe we are about 20 years away in America from seeing it be considered a viable medicinal product, but it will happen in my lifetime. We just need to remain good ambassadors of the movement and not abuse our privilege to experience these things. Big love and thanks for sharing.

Microdosing is great! Tripping hard isn't too bad either 😉.

Big love back 🤗

Thank you for commenting 👍

I'm currently writing about psychedelics, specifically, Psilocybin mushrooms and how they've been beneficial with my PTSD treatment. As a combat veteran, I felt it was important to get my story out, to encourage others to share their own. To show that there's an effective alternative that's been around for thousands of years. I actually just did my write up on my microdosing experience here on Steemit!

Good luck with your posting @therightsideofup!

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@chron amazing...
great post !!

Thank you very much!

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This Post is awesome

You are awesome! 😜

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The War on Drugs is already lost, the only way to stop Drug crime is to leagalize all drugs. It would save so many lives

We need revolutionaries to start this process!

I hope it happens soon

Thanks for commenting 👍

I think why using chemicals if you can solv it with natural herbs and compounds!!!

Only use the chemical if you have to!

Our bodies are STRONG!

Vaccines are actually very important. They prevent the spread of diseases that may not have a cure or treatments, but are preventable with immunizations. Smallpox and polio used to kill millions of children every year, but since people have started receiving vaccines, the diseases are nearly eradicated. Measles was also nearly eradicated several years ago. However, measles is a disease that is making a huge comeback because of parents who choose not to vaccinate their children! While you might be able to "fend off ailments" that you catch, there are some people who cannot because of weakened immune systems from chemotherapy or various other reasons. It is very selfish to risk contracting a preventable disease that maybe you can fend off, but you must consider other people with weakened immune systems especially the elderly and young children.