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Majority of people have faced problem in their life to quit any kind of addiction that can be Alcohol, Smoking, Porn, Drugs and many others. Many people start using substance of their choice simply because they want to feel good for short period or they want to forget their stress/work load and relax. If any of these substances are consumed in moderate way there is no problem, but if these habits becomes an addiction then the real problem arises. Today we will discuss few stems to overcome any addiction.

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Any addiction cannot be stopped with immediate effect, until unless it has severe negative effects on our body. Make a plan and try to control the addiction what you are having and gradually try to quit it. Set daily, weekly and monthly activities to quit the habit. Find healthy ways to substitute your needs instead of going for any bad habits like Smoking, drugs and others. It is advised to seek any counseling or therapy if the situation is beyond our control. Any change you want to adopt should come from within you, if someone is forcing you to change your habits it will not have any impact.

Exercise may benefit people suffering from depression, according to an updated systematic review published in The Cochrane Library. The authors of the review found evidence to suggest that exercise reduces symptoms of depression, although they say more high quality trials are needed. [Source - The Cochrane Library/Science Daily]

To quit any addiction, one should maintain a healthy lifestyle in terms of both mental and physical activities. Developing new interests helps you to stay focused off your problems, learning new language or making new friends which promotes a good can beneficial to your recovery from any addiction. As we discussed, depression is one the major cause for any kind of addictions doing regular exercise can help you to quit or control your addiction. Many studies have revealed that being physically active can help you to recover from any substance of choice. Also by practicing meditation you can control you mind and will power.

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It is always good to keep you mind busy with thing in real life rather than in sobriety like make yourself busy to achieve any realistic goals. It is the hardest part you need to have a really strong mind to overcome your weakness and win over any addiction. No matter how hard it is or in which situation you are in it is always possible to get rid of any addiction the key is you need to believe and have a strong desire to live happy and healthy life without any substance addiction.


Physical and mental exercise , both needed to get an optimal result . And both are inter-related to one another in reciprocal manner.

If you maintain a physical health, you maintain confidence. Confidence is they key to change and to go out of your comfort zone. So do what ever generates confidence. Do the things you are good at and you like to do. The key of a happy life..

Agree with you. Confidence is a multidimensional output and very much subjective.

Good post. I totally agree you need both goals and hobbies to deter yourself from bad activities, and it is all up to positive emotions in the mind! :)

My drug of choice has always been food. I developed a binge eating disorder at the age of 14, leading to weight gain and overall poor quality of life. Since then, I've worked hard on controlling this addiction, but I've realized the root of the addiction was not food. It stemmed from childhood and not feeling loved or good enough from parents. Only when I discovered this through hard, painful soul searching did I finally figure out the way to end this addiction was to reprogram my brain and start loving myself, unconditionally. I still have a long way to go, but I have an amazing support system and I'm making the conscious decision daily to work and improve on myself and to not let this addiction beat me.

I successfully quit smoking, coffee and porn since last year July. I used a mental technique to create a positive peer pressure. Once done, I been clean ever since.

I successfully quit smoking, coffee and porn since last year July. I used a mental technique to create a positive peer pressure. Once done, I been clean ever since.

That video is trippy!

Agreed, social pressure is a great motivation hack.

I hope you don't quit coffee forever, good coffee is one of the healthiest things you can consume.

I'm surprised it worked. Because it's only an imagination. For our brain, a real happening and imagination have no difference.

So they said about green tea and red wine. With substance, there is always a risk of losing control. As long we can live happy without it, there are always healthier substitute like different types of herbal tea. Some can find some health benefits from cocaine, heroin, and weed.

My suggestion in this regard is to set realistic goals.Addiction is not a sudden process nor should deaddiction be.Keep destination in mind that is to quit addiction but no destimation is ever achievable without interviening milestones in between.What i mean tonsay is , for an alcohlic don't think of stopping all at once ,it should be a gradual process which ahould atart by cutting down conaumption slowly heading towards deaddiction.Same applies for all cases.Trust me this is the only tustworthty way of deaddoction otherwise results are going to be dimal.Stay focussed.

There are many ways to work on an addiction and all take a commitment to get it removed. Getting to the point where you are wanting to change your life is always the hardest part. Living healthy is always a good choice. I am writing a series of articles about good health. Check them out on my blog if you are interested. Thanks for the good content.

not making any jokes if someone has a bad addiction.. instead of that help him to get on trademill... stayfit

exercise can be the best thing against stop the bad addiction. Good post buddy. Keep posting..


You are right we do not waste our life in addiction rather we will do something which is good for our country and make our country proud on us😊😊

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I think positive attitude towards change and strong will plays a pivotal role in giving up any addiction.
Addiction is just a temporary thing,indulging in activities that helps your mind keeping busy also helps in giving up addictions.
And yes most important is belief unless you tend to believe that you can give up any addiction in actual you can't.

So good, and it is so true how addictions can come in so many forms, not necessarily being the most known ones, like caffeine for example.

It's true that addiction is a real problem thousands, or even millions of people face in their lives. Yet there are risk factors when it comes to addiction.

great thinking !

good work. this addictions i believe is the major problem people face.... i am a victim of one of the addictions... these points are all very important... but one thing i have noticed people fail to do is PREVENT RELAPSE....
Anyone can learn to stop an addiction. but do they learn how to not go back to these addictions. the mind is kind of weak and can be tempted to go back to what he or she has learnt to do away from but when exposed to the same environment or condition, is there a contingency plan to prevent them from going back?

Physical exercise regrows brain cells. Taoists say: you can skip external exercises, but internal ones must not be skipped. I meditate daily for 3,5 years and i stopped smoking by ending deceiving myself.

Agreed, meditation can be a powerful tool for breaking mental ruts. Check out my blog for some meditation techniques, my followed list is also full of similar writers. Best!

True Story: I quit smoking thanks to drugs

I smoked cigarettes for about 5 years and 5 years ago I quite successfully (haven't had a single cigarette!) I also haven't been boring, in fact I've had a marvelously hedonistic half decade, traveling latin america and Europe doing plenty of socializing with smokers. The secret to my discipline is drugs, more specifically Nootropics or smart drugs (If you're into biohacking see the infographic below).

  • If you don’t have discipline, you are going to continually fail to accomplish your goals, you are going to feel like you are bashing your head against wall, you are always going to be starting things but rarely finishing things.
  • Lack of discipline is really difficult problem to self diagnose, unless you have really honest friends, that really care about you they aren’t going to call you out for your lack of discipline.
  • If you don’t have discipline then you don’t realize the value of it, you’ll talk about working smart instead of working hard, you’ll constantly be chasing new tactics and opportunities.
  • Finally discipline is self perpetuating, once you have some it’s easy to get more, but it’s really hard to acquire in the first place. 

The good news is that smart drugs are literally and figuratively gateway drugs to discipline... 

You are so on point... We all should learn how to moderate everything we do..