various health problems that lurk in politicians

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Steemit's friends who always support me, today I want to devote a little information about the various health problems that lurk in politicians, over time politicians often experience headaches to depression. The political world is full of intrigue, with various explicit and implicit agendas. Ahead of next year's presidential, vice president and legislative elections, all political parties are competing to find supporters. All thoughts, money and a lot of energy are depleted and coupled with prolonged stress, makes politicians prone to health problems. The media are now filled with political news ahead of the 2018 Election. Starting from both presidential and vice presidential candidates, various maneuvers launched by all political parties, to the success of the successful teams behind the scenes. With the amount of work pressure that drains physically and mentally, here are some health problems that are vulnerable to being experienced by a politician.

1. Headache

2. Fatigue

3. High blood pressure

4. Heart attacks and strokes

5. Mental disorders



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