I Treat Vaccine Damage Everyday, Yet They Tell us it isn't Real

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I'm a homeopath and I treat a lot of autistic kids, 700 over the past three years. On the first appointment with a family I'll build a timeline of the child's life, starting before it's conception and continue right up to the present day. I'm looking for 'red flags', events that may have caused some of the child's symptoms. At the end of this process I often have a little list of the potential toxins that I feel may have contributed to the case. So, have I noticed patterns in the case histories of these 700 kids? Yes I have!

Before continuing, I know that 'autism' can be a contentious issue with some people. There seem to be two tribes in the autism community, the 'biomed' crowd & the 'neuro-diversity' crowd...and they don't get on. The Neuro crowd believe that we should accept and embrace people's autism, the Biomed people believe that their child is sick and they'll do anything to heal them. As you may have guessed, I'm firmly on the biomed side! I'm not talking here about the quirky kid at school into computers who doesn't socialise much and has a touch of dyslexia... I'm talking about kids in pain, daily pain... that wake crying, that can't talk or communicate in any way, that are so sensitive to noise that they have to stay home, that have weak muscle tone, poor energy levels and lowered immunity. So... if you are firmly in the Neuro camp, this post probably isn't for you.

So what patterns do I see? Vaccines, vaccines, vaccines. I sit at my desk and hear variations of the same story over & over & over again...

"We took him for his 14 month shots and after that we lost him."

It varies from case to case, from INSTANT regression - shots in the morning, emergency room that evening with brain inflammation and then there were no more words, no eye contact, self-stimulating behaviour, retreat into his own world. Or the gradual kind, where development just slows & then stops over the next few months until some kindergarten teacher suggests that the kid has autism, and it's only when the parents look at old videos do they see that somewhere in the past year they lost their child.

There's a surprising number of the immediate regression kind and I ALWAYS ask, "So, you took him back to the paediatrician, what did they say?" And in every case the answer is the same, "Oh, they said there's no evidence that vaccines cause autism."

So I'm sitting there hearing this over & over & I'm thinking, those paediatricians must get parents every day saying they saw their child regress after vaccines...and every day they must repeat their mantra, "There's no evidence that vaccines cause autism." How do they cope with this cognitive dissonance? Isn't there a little part of them witnessing the explosion in autism & other developmental conditions and thinking, 'there's something funny going on here.'

Ahh you say, but it might just be a coincidence. I hear doctors wisely pronouncing that this is a case of 'regressive autism', as if that's an actual disease like Tuberculosis, rather than just a statement of the bleeding obvious. How do I know that it is vaccine damage and not something else, some other environmental trigger, or something genetic that clicks on at a certain age? Read on....

I'm aware that I am managing to include two topics that are both generally maligned in western society - that vaccines can cause autism, and Homeopathy. I don't make it easy for myself! However those of you who have started to suspect that all-may-not-be-what-it-seems, and you're on Steemit so there's a good chance that's a lot of you, maybe you could ask yourself...perhaps it's no coincidence that these two topics are deemed unaussprechlich (unmentionable).

Without boring you with the history of homeopathy, I'll just say that there is a method called Tautopathy where you give a homeopathic dilution of a substance as a way of helping someone detox that substance. You're lead toxic? Then you can take a homeopathic remedy made from lead & this will stimulate your body to excrete the metal. So this is exactly what I do with these sick kids. If I'm right & a particular vaccine has caused some of the autism symptoms in a child, then what do you suppose happens when they take the tautopathic remedy made from that vaccine? Yup... they show signs of detox. If a worried mother calls me a week into a detox and tells me her son has a high fever, then I'll be grinning from ear to ear... he's reacting to the remedy...his body is detoxing & we're going to start seeing improvements very soon. And these improvements will stay.

Now you have an idea of my 'bread & butter' - day in day out I try to detox these kids and return then to the state of health that they were supposed to have, even if I don't manage to help them all.

I had a really interesting case last week where a little girl has been in pain her whole life, chronic headaches that made her existence a daily struggle. During the case taking I found out that her mother had OVER 45 ultrasound scans during the pregnancy, and that she'd suffered from low amniotic fluid during the latter part. Many ultrasounds + low amniotic fluid, and the little girl had chronic headaches, sound sensitivity and speech delay, all things that I've seen associated with over-use of ultrasound. So, we detoxed ultrasound (it's probably best not to try & get your head around what's actually IN the little homeopathic sugar pill labelled 'Ultrasound 200c'!). Result: She went through very bad headaches... even worse than she'd been coping with before...but now....the headaches she's had her whole life are beginning to reduce! She's beginning to articulate herself more, for the first time she can explain to her mother what the headaches felt like, the sound sensitivity is disappearing. In the place of a grumpy, miserable child her mum is finding her smiling when she comes into her bedroom in the morning!

Please note that I'm not claiming that all cases of autism is caused by vaccines, nor that vaccineation might not confer some benefits.

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Your posted article is different from another.I appreciate you.Thank you to share a nice post.

I Resteemed this article.
I'm so glad that another voice for vaccine truth has joined Steemit! Welcome!
I'm looking forward to reading your "introducemyself" post.


Thank you C-C ...I'm a total noob, I better look into this "introducemyself" post. O.k... VERY basic Q, how do I upvote another person's post?


There a little Up-Arrow at the bottom of an article, to the left of the $ earned so far. Click the Up-Arrow.


Oh it's so obvious now! Thank you :)


Go Here and read other "introducemyself" posts to get a feel for what it should look like.
You may gain some followers. Some people with real voting power won't vote for you until you have done an intro so that they know you are legit.


You probably won't see the slider bar yet, but here's how to do it. I put together a Steemit FAQ if you want to check it out.


Thanks for resteeming, that's how I found this article.

This is a really cool article! Not to mention you've put into words my thoughts on this topic. Thank you for sharing this with us! :D

I Am Following You!
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Hi Alan, this is a cool article. Learned more from this article. Excellent.

I'm looking for 'red flags', events that may have caused some of the child's symptoms. At the end of this process I often have a little list of the potential toxins that I feel may have contributed to the case. So, have I noticed patterns in the case histories of these 700 kids? Yes I have!

In other words, seeking out affirmation via indulging in confirmation bias. Red flag: "I see no other toxins" It must be toxins, right?!


One could say:

I'm looking for 'red flags', events that may have caused some of my life's problems. At the end of this process I often have a little list of the potential issues that I feel may have contributed to my problems. So, have I noticed patterns in the case histories of my problems? Yes I have!

it can be literally anything. Patternicity is one of the most common logical fallacies


Radio, I'm sorry you have failed to understand my entire post. ... if you had, you'd have read that I test my hypothesis by giving the relevant detox remedy.

If I suspect MMR for example & I give an MMR detox remedy....& the kid detoxes & then the symptoms improve....I'd suggest that backs up my theory! And this is what happens over & over.

Hello Alan, thanks for you article. Being a homoeopath myself I can confirm your information. Are you doing C.E.A.S.E ? Have started with it since one year and would like to support you here in steemit, if you like. The basically censorship resistent quality of this platform should suite the free and open discussion of these controversially discussed findings. You are highly welcomed here! You can find me on steemit-chat https://steemit.chat - my name there is andreas - or look for @neptun. I have been here since 2 months mainly studying the quite complex ecosystem here. So I could provide some guidance, if you like. I would try and help you get more audience here. Take care.


Aw thank you Neptun, nice to meet you here! Yes CEASE, though I've modified that approach. I'd love your support. Yes the censorship-free thing here really attracts me, but I'm still finding my feet.
I'm concerned that Facebook will become increasingly censored/filtered.

I'm a homeopath

Scammer, quack. They sell water to naive minds and ofcourse support anything anti-mainstream in order for them to stay in business. The "dillution" they do to their medicine is similar to a drop of "Active ingedient" in an ocean larger than our solar system.

Debunked in detail here

The parents that claim that vaccines caused autism are merely echoing all the bullshit trying to find a culprit or even score some insurance money. the mote the better.

again. all scammers or frauds.


As they say, A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse.
Be well my friend, my posts are not for you.
I shall not be responding to any future replies.


Hello kyriacos - in general I like to read your comments and critical attitude and like your fearless words, for example when it comes to shady accounts here and people not speaking out against obvious flaws and lies. But with homoeopathy I would recommend to stay a bit critical to your own opinion which stand against hundreds of thousands of very reasonable therapist using this method with high responsibility for the wellbeing of their patients - and this already since more than 200 years. There is a lot of best scientific knowledge gathered even if you look at the generations and mass of people involved. If you believe in market and the wisdom of the crowd you should ask yourself why this quite mind boggling method has stood through the centuries, why there is consistency and a body of experience which is growing year by year. There is no hierarchy, there is nobody to state any dogma and still homoeopaths around the world all have similar experiences with the same remedies. There is a common language and understanding. We learn so much from each others experiences.
I myself have been trained scientifically in medical college and I love science and am fascinated - in fact I started learning programming with punch-cards in 1974 - working on huge IBM machines... so I have learned to think and observe carefully - and with 59 years of age and 5 children I have seen a lot in life. I am having a clinic of my own and treat peoples ince 30 years 95% with homoeopathy - I could not have a living and feed my family if this method would not work. Patients pay and feel it is worth to come. They lose their chronic cough, their warts, their eczema, their anxiety attacks etc. I see it every day and cannot have any doubt, comparable to someone using his car every day and others questioning him, it was his illusion.
I can understand that the concepts and theory is difficult to understand for someone who is purely believing in logic and does not respect any other truth than what science has proved and logic approves. I call that a science ideology. I don´t attack you with that attitude, but would like to ask you for some respect. There might be things in the world you don´t adequately understand. It is another kind of power play and domination when scientists and skeptics on a mission feel a need to wipe out anything that carries experience beyond the logic mind. From a philosophical point of view any reasoning and logic ends in a paradox. You will never be able to prove logic to be logically the only right way - logic destroys itself in the end. So you should not be so sure about your opinion. You might miss something. Questioning things is what we need, but please also question your own dogmas. And I suppose you have not studied homoeopathy to the deepest and have not explored the results in the clinics, you have not listened to reasonable people telling you what they experienced and what effects had been made with babies and animals. Homeopathy is not an omnipotent method, it is very difficult to learn. I have spent more hours on learning homoeopathy than my medical studies and it is in my opinion much more challenging than school medicine! To call it all scam, quak and bullshit without knowing it really feels gross and arrogant. It hurts people and their true experience. You cannot just wipe out original and authentic experience. Anyhow time will prove.

My mother questionned the vaccines after her first 3 kids. So, becoming a mom, I read both sides and could not decide. So, I chose to postpone vaccine.

Well, my 11th year old son had no vaccines at all and has autism. The signs appeared exactly at the the same age other kids would have their shot around 18 months old-2 years old. We have a very healthy way of life. I breast-fed my 3. Neither my other two kids had vaccines.
My son has hypersensitivity to noise, makes flapping, has very specific interests, speaks in an unusual French way (we live in Québec, not in France).

Yes, I read countless medical articles on autism, both sides. I met so many different TSA kids at school and in life. Autism has many faces and now, I'm sure it is more complex than getting it because of vaccines. I have explored the path of antibiotic given to treat otitis for kids under 2 years old (presence of a very though bacteria in the intestine) , the incidence of drugs that affects oxytocyn during labor specially in ceasarian delivery (since the incidence of that medical procedure is on the rise this past 20 years) and that I experienced 3 times (could giving birth without). There is also the genetic path, since I have met families with more than one child with autism and no vaccines involved.
I'm a biomed & a 'neuro-diversity mom who might never have an answer. I prepare my son to be the more independant possible, help him to manage and understand his emotions, and guide him through the complex world of living in a society.
So I believe in others causes, even genetic, since my son son had no vaccine.
I'm kind of very suspicious when people think they trigger the cause.

I was glad to read your last line...Please note that I'm not claiming that all cases of autism is caused by vaccines, nor that vaccination might not confer some benefits.


Hello cathou
Thank you for taking the time to write to me. Yup I know of kids that are on the spectrum & have not been vaccinated at all. All I'm saying is that vaccines can VERY OFTEN be part of the picture. My position is: ASD is a combination of susceptibility & toxins. So... genetics I think are a factor, but not that there's an 'ASD gene', more like there are people in our population with certain genetic mutations which mean they are not very good at detoxing or excreting certain things. So we get this impaired detox + increased toxins in our environment ...& that results in this explosion of autism we are seeing all over the western world.
The timeline can be very useful for pin-pointing what possible causes their might be, lots of IVF drugs, labour drugs, mum having lots of dental work in the past, or a major emotional trauma in the pregnancy... there are lots of possible factors that could be contributing.


Regarding the genetic case, I invite you to read the short presentation of Sébastien Jacquemont ( Ste-Justine Children Hospital in Montréal). There are serious studies about autism genes more specifically about the chromosome 16. I know because my son went through the gene test. I also suspected for a while my eldest son to be borderline. But after few tests, he was not.
Here is a piece of the presentation.

Today, the genetic component of autism, long denied by some of the psychiatric world, is no longer in doubt. "The risk for an autistic child to have a brother or sister with the disorder is 10 times higher than the general population," says Dr. Jacquemont. Autism has a genetic component in a proportion of approximately 60 to 90%. This link has been shown in studies of monozygotic (identical) and dizygotic (non-identical).
But we have not yet found an explanation to the fact that boys are four times more affected than girls by autism.



Hi Cath
We'll have to agree to disagree on that one. To explain the autistic siblings phenomenon (which I agree with & observe myself ) you could say that they will likely have the same gene mutations (which make them more susceptible to environmental toxicity) & that they are grown in the same 'soil' (the mother's womb), so any toxicity that the mum has will be taken in by the developing fetuses. The 'autism gene' hypothesis is a massive red-herring. It cannot explain the explosive growth in kids with ASD symptoms over the past 20 years (in fact, proponents of the theory have to outright deny the overwhelming evidence of increase in kids on the spectrum)... 'oh it's just better diagnosis now' is baloney. It's a convenient hypothesis for certain groups though...billions have been given out in research grants to look for this elusive imaginary gene...and if it's 'genetic' then it can't be the big pharmaceutical companies poisoning our kids, it's just 'one of those things'.


Do you mean that you systematically link autism and toxicity? For me, these two could be linked...or not be linked. What if I decided 11 years ago to go through the vaccine calendar with my 3 kids ? Then I might have fully agreed that vaccines had caused by little boy’s autism. And no one would have been able to make me think other way. Because I already wasn’t pro-vaccine anyway. And because the first signs appeared around 18 months.

Everything is possible. From the fact that yes, vaccines might induce autism or aggravate symptoms of autism (that were just beginning to surface around 18 months old), from toxicity that you mention ( I have seen it with a friend of mine whose young healthy boy got his hepatitis B shot at 10 and was rapidly diagnosed Guillain-Barré syndrome, with all the blood analysis, high level of mercury....).

But keep in mind that among so many cases you say you observed were in fact, cases like mine. That the child just had ADS anyway but coincide with the vaccine shots. In many cases, toxins have nothing to do with the condition.

I am no naive and I have read enough about pharmaceutical ways of business (have friends working for those companies).

I’m not here either to judge your background and your experience on the terrain with your patients. Each human is a complex chemical and physiological machinery. Recently, I stumbled on an article that pointed out that autism and epilepsy had common aspects ( and yes, my daughter is epileptic). Genetic is a very active field today and is making huge steps these past years, especially in neurology.
If you are interested, I invite you to read on the link between autism, epilepsy and SN1 gene mutation* :

In respond to the point that we better diagnosed kids with autism...well, here in Quebec, there is an explosion of parents who discover they, too, have ADS traits (Asperger or not). They were the one that got through the net and the education system without being noticed. They manage to work, have a love life and kids. It doesn’t mean it didn’t cause damages along the way. And in the past, how many ASD individuals were not diagnosed before because they had numerous others health or intellectual problems that hid the autism itself?