Haturday, evil @grumpycat, and other random stuff

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Hi Steemians! I edited this post from the original to bring something to your attention. I want to let you all know about something awful that @grumpycat has done. I'm sure you've heard of @grumpycat but maybe you don't know the specifics. He claims to be on the forefront of combatting bidbot abuse. Fighting bidbot abuse? How would one define abuse? Well I would define it as someone who spits out crappy posts 10 times a day, for no other reason than to use bidbots and make a profit. Posts that have no substance. Posts that add no value to the blockchain. Sounds noble right?

Well here's the thing. @grumpycat is an evil contradiction. He wants all bidbots to adhere to a 3.5 day rule, yet he downvotes posts that are younger than 3.5 days. Not only that, @grumpycat only downvotes quality posts!!
So that poor chap who poured his soul into an article for 3 hours, an article that deserved attention, an article that was worth much more, he scraped together some sbd and paid a bidbot, and the hardworking author is the one that gets downvoted!!


@grumpycat is taking money from charity!! Let me explain: @sneaky-ninja is a decent and responsible bidbot. Not only does @sneaky-ninja combat bidbot abuse by working with steemcleaners to actively root out spam posts, this bot and its owner @michaeldavid recently announced that a percentage of @sneaky-ninja's earnings will be donated to @youarehope. @youarehope is an amazing organization that helps people in need all around the world, using the blockchain as a means to raise funds. Here is the post that announces this great new initiative. This post was doing well, getting a decent amount, a post in which some of the payout might give food to hungry children, or maybe it will buy mosquito nets in areas where malaria is running rampant...
Well what I wanted everyone to know is that @grumpycat chose to downvote that post by $45!!!

@sircork, the founder of @youarehope, and other kind folks helped to restore some of the value, but even so... this was a heinous act, and something needs to be done. We need to increase awareness about what @grumpycat is doing. Please help spread the word that @grumpycat is essentially stealing from charity here!!

In other news, the love it/shove it challenge is really taking off and I'm so excited!! I love reading everyone's posts! My voting power is only at 37%, 75 hours until full , so I'm not going to vote on any of them right now. If Steemit would let us bottom feeders have a slider, that would be awesome! I don't like using Busy or esteem. Someone once told me you can download a slider, but only with a computer, and I use my phone. Does anyone know this: If I were to go to busy or esteem and adjust the slider, would it stay that way even if I wasn't using the site or app? That way I could vote on all these fantastic posts, restore my voting power, and stay on Steemit...it is my goal is to comment on each love it/shove it post though. ❤ If you've never heard of the love it/shove it challenge, I'll give it to you in a nutshell: write a post explaining 5 things you love, 5 things you dislike, tag other people you'd like to get to know better, and use the tag #loveitshoveit That's it! It's kind of a community building endeavor. If you're interested, anyone can join! Read the original post here if you want more details! https://steemit.com/loveitshoveit/@snowpea/the-love-it-shove-it-challenge

Also, it's #haturday, a tag started by the beautiful @saffisara, so wear your favorite hats and post a pic!!
Here I'm sitting with my favorite little 3 year old! She's such a sweetie! Yesterday her dad asked her, "How much do you love me?" She looked really thoughtful for a couple seconds and said, "Hmm...14" Maybe 14 is a really high number for her.

Today I'll be kinda busy, because I have to take my daughter to the dentist about a half hour away. Other than that I'll have some dumb household chores to do, but I will catch up with everyone soon! 🙂

A few other random thoughts:

I wish smartphones were designed to die at 5%. This way if you weren't near a charger, and the phone was dead, and there was some kind of emergency, you would be able to at least make a phone call.

How high does a bullet go when shot straight up into the sky?

I miss my old cats, Cosmo and Willow. They were best buddies. I want to adopt a couple of cats again. Two when they're kittens, so they'll be friends.

Why doesn't Steemit search remember our searches? It would be useful, instead of having to type the whole thing out again? Why do the suggestions for user names only include some Steemians?

Well, have a great #haturday everyone! Thanks for reading! 😃

Love, snowpea ❤thealliance_enginewitty_youarehope.png


Ya cell phone with a reserve tank I like that idea lol

Great another fucking whale-war... Bla bla bla so and so is taking money out of my pocket. Please cry me a river. The whole eco-system is a bid-bot scam. There are no holier than thous. Your guys are ill in the gutter together.

Hiding behind a FAKE charity that exsists only on Steemit, probably created by you, with no accountability and no way to know where/how the money is distributed is just another gutter-tactic.

Man this is "community" is really sick and disgusting. Its basically one level above trolling in etiquette and one level below Machieavelli in sociopathic deviousness and screwing-your fellow man.. Great job!

You're extremely cynical and you obviously haven't done your research. @youarehope is one of the most transparent charities I've ever seen, and it was created by @sircork.

Get to know me a bit better before passing such hasty and harsh judgement, I'm not evil.

Sometimes it seems that Steemit is scripted by someone behind the curtain.

  • @GC is a prime example someone might make up in a novel, but here he is in real life wreaking havoc and being a hypocrite...
  • The whole haijin battle was fun to watch, but seems to have disappeared off my radar...
  • The only way you can't seem to sign up for Steemit is through Steemit.com. It evidently works fine on busy and blocktrades, but I have 2 friends who signed up over a month ago and never received their activation email. What to do...???...
  • The head technology officer of Steemit admits he hates democracy and supports the deep state...
    • And goes around censoring certain beliefs...
      • Quite bizarre stuff going on around here, indeed...

I spent the last few hours reading posts about @grumpycat I want to believe he feels he’s not wrong and want to learn facts that help me to come to an understanding of his behavior here on steem. I’m on fire over internet censorship and money, life censorship and starving innocent beings of information that want to know. I feel people involved even @grumpycat are misunderstood. Even if some practices are being called out, kudos to @drakos for being vigilante, spending his time on this topic. Bringing these behaviors to light. I’m still learning my approach and fighting the free will hippy inside me. I love everyone. :)

I’d love to discuss a larger mission that could help, it’s nothing new but it’s been working so far in governed bodies like the US gonverment. (Cringe) I’d like to suggest a system of justice. Maybe a Steem Marshal. Like state parks. :). With voting and teams based on “districts” topics. If the peers judge guilty of breaking decided “laws”. You get you idea?

Thank you @snowpea. Yeah it does not make a lick of sense. How somebody can be so self righteous and trying to supposedly help a purported problem here at Steemit ( with penalizing who he says are the culprits) and then turn around in the same breath and "rape" the reward pool with $50, $70+ Self Upvotes on two line 'useless' Comments . Unbelievable :( (thanks for the heads up, Full Upovote from me!! )

Another contradiction I forgot to mention...self-voting little meaningless comments is so much worse than using bidbots! Thank you for stopping by and for your comment and upvote! :D

@snowpea, below is the message @the-resistance gave to @grumpycat.

Come, resist with us.
Maybe we will be too weak to stop him but we will put our sign on all his comments "WE ARE RESISTING!"



you can use the steemplus extension if you use chrome, firefox or opera for the vote slider

Indeed he's a contradiction with everything he does. None of his actions make sense and that's why I joined @the-resistance where we actively downvote all his self-upvoted comments. We need more people to join and be active against him.

Thank you for your comment and support!! 😃 @grumpycat 100% upvoted this post last night and I'm really confused @drakos. A few different possibilities are bouncing around in my head:

  • He wants me on his side
  • His conscience was pricked
  • Some kind of glitch in the matrix
  • He likes the bad publicity
  • He's upvoting it just to downvote it later
  • He was drunk and thought he was flagging me
    What do you think?

I joined the resistance too. You probably already saw that and that's why you found me lol. Truth be told I can be really good at getting the word out about grumpy cat, but I've never flagged or downvoted anyone before. Ever. No matter how offensive someone was...

$21.75 for 5 words and 1 crappy picture.

This right here is one of the many things wrong with this platform.

@grumpycat if you really want to help the platform. How about going to some of the growing communities on here and giving them support.

I see many MANY lengthy, well illustrated and credited articles that don't even get to $10 let alone $21.75

The downvotes are coming. Muahahahahaha

Because he is a sociopath with stolen identity and no balls. Nothing more than insignificant COWARD dying to be noticed by all the cool kids, because he's never been a cool kid and he's super jealous.



  • You are flagging innocent people and calling them "collateral damage"!
  • You are trying to impose your rules by using your SP on ones weaker than you!
  • You have rejected all the diplomatic proposals we have brought so far!

Your self upvote is flagged by The-Resistance team using the WE-RESIST bot.
We will be resisting with a team, stronger each day, unless you stop downvoting innocent people.

To your tyranny WE-RESIST

The Resistance
Discord: https://discord.gg/qMWCbWR

Thanks for the YAH promotion! It really is aggravating to seegrumpycat doing this crap.
The slider bar... You can go to busy.org and get one, or you can get on steemauto.com and make a "fanbase" for yourself where you vote for accounts at whatever percentage you choose automatically, or you can join curation trails at whatever percentage you choose. I figured this all out after I earned my bar and then "bought" my husband one... lol!

You're welcome! YAH is worthy to be mentioned as much as possible! I broke down and used busy.org for their slider lol. Went through #loveitshoveit and upvoted everyone.😂 I just don't feel comfortable commenting without upvoting, even if my voting power is nearly dead haha! Speaking of the love it shove it challenge, I haven't seen yours yet! Anyone can join, and I think yours would be interesting! :)

Great post and lots of great stuff in here. I agree that grumpy dumpy cat is a pain and not fair what happened 👊 again and again 😝

You new challenge #loveitshoveit was really fun to do anf great so many jumped on the idea 😉
Thank you for coming up with it.... Lol
And thank you for doing my #haturday 🎩😉
That is a beautiful hat you have and your daughter is adorable 🤗 as her mother.
Happy Friday my sweet friend. Cheers! 💕💖💙

Thank you @saffisara! I'm always glad to hear from you, and I love that you came up with #haturday!! 😊❤ It's so much fun! I think I'll have to buy more hats just so I don't run out! 😂 Happy Friday to you as well, and I hope you have a great day! 🤗

So, is #haturday every Thursday? Or just certain days? I will try to participate in the next one.

I love reading through your random thoughts. Your mind works like mine...constantly thinking about crazy stuff haha. I think the phone dying early would be very helpful in the event of an emergency. And yes, Steemit should be remembering our searches so we don't have to type them over and over again!

I think haturday is supposed to be on Thursday, but I have seen people's haturday posts on other days too. Great minds think alike! 😃 Have a great evening! :)

I'm not sure what they're called but my boy git me an exterior battery into which I can fit AA batteries, and charge phone. He then borrowed it to go out in his truck, and I've not seen it since, but the one time I used it got my phone working until at home again. There are some smart gadgets to go with smart devices, one just has to find the right store. 😇

Great post. Resteeming :)

Thank you! Hope it helps. :)

wow that's great ...Ya cell phone with a reserve tank I like that idea ......

Great to have a visual of you, now, when seeing "snowpea" on my screen, @snowpea. My hat submission is of the one that is most worn by me, no matter the season. 😎

I really wish there was a way to deal w/ ban these bullies...
I just lost over $15 in bid bot votes( most at neg roi )..I made sure to use sneaky ninja bot because of there suport for YAH!..now because of bernnie and conies. they think there $ = IQ... "to bad you are poor can't do anything about it.." attitude...
I think it was a warning shot ,because I was poor and commented on a post they flagged to invisible,and seen thru a resteem from @freezespeach .
The account is neg 17(-17) But he was a early user. ninjaminer? so has so much steem in ? how many accounts. owns and runs how many bots... so he can afford to do whatever he wants and there is shit all we can do.
it is sad!
Yet the doodlebear post that was invisible and me were not censored? I did not loose anything?...
lol :-)
How high does a bullet go when shot straight up into the sky? depends upon cal.,ect. :-)kinda like bow size and arrow length ... ;-)
thank you!

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It was great to read the post. People are so good like this.
Thanks for shear.

Happy Steeming.

I love #haturday posts. Your random thoughts are great too. I don't know how high a bullet goes when shot straight up, but where will it come down again would be my ? line of thinking.

Off to write my love it/shove it post. Have a wonderful day with your family. :)

I'm looking forward to seeing it! You have a wonderful day as well. :)

@SnowPea, yes, the @GrumpyCat is maybe too grumpy as a cat, haha, and I was talking to Grumpy some weeks ago and I told him, or her, how dangerous and counterproductive it can be to seek maybe too much fairness and stability and redistribution of wealth and more.

In life, we can choose to focus more on justice and/or grace. We can see that real love is a combination of both, grace and justice. And justice can involve correction, discipline, realignment. Parents, teachers, police, may help in justice. On Steemit, we may all be part of that maybe either completely or to some extent or not at all.

We could focus more on correction or prevention, education, preparation. In other words, for example, if Grumpy Cat is maybe too bad in stealing, in blocking rewards, in doing stuff we don't like, we could try to stop him, downvote him, flag him, make more posts about him, or her, and give him more attention maybe, and try our best, and maybe we should or maybe we should try that maybe sometimes.

For me, I try to focus on education, encouragement, entertainment, equipment, and I try my best to upvote as opposed to only downvoting Grumpy Cat or others maybe too much and maybe Grumpy has free speech too and if Grumpy doesn't, then do we? Who decides who gets free speech and some freedom in deciding who and when to upvote and downvote?

He's not seeking fairness and stability. He's a sociopath who has no scruples over downvoting a @youarehope charity post! I'm all for free speech, and in fact I've never downvoted or even flagged someone before, regardless of how offensive they are, so you don't need to tell me about free speech. I'm not trying to shut @grumpycat up, I'm spreading awareness about what he's doing. If enough people are pissed about his actions, then maybe, just maybe, he will change his behavior. There is no reasoning with him as people like you have tried and it gets nowhere. His supporters I doubt are really invested in the "cause," they just see an opportunity to get upvotes from a whale by agreeing with his tactics. It's sickening. Thanks for your comment. Have a great day! :)

@grumpcat probably is a sociopath, or at least the avatar cat. I love charity and worked with The Salvation Army in Hawaii, Oregon, California, and love to help others.

Agreed, we can continue to challenge @grumpycat more and more and more.

dude months ago you lambasted me for giving out about the same thing to a lady posting shitty photo's 10 times a day with provocative text, use of bots and now you're complaining about bidbot abuse? C'mon dude, either think with your brain or your dick but don't flip flop

1.) I'm not a dude
2.) I'm not complaining, I did little more than announce I wasn't using them anymore. Are you sure you're commenting to the right person?

well this is indeed an unexpected turn of events, i would like to apologize and reconsider my actions as you are the completely wrong person.