The Love it/Shove it Challenge

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If you're reading this after the seven day payout, please show me some love on this updated love it shove it post as well! Thanks! ❤

Hello fellow Steemians!! I created a fun challenge that will help us get to know each other better! At first I was going to call it the the love/hate challenge, and I almost called it the like/dislike challenge, but after much deliberation, I've settled on love it/shove it. Thank you for everyone's input and @inthenow's idea for the title! Whew! That was the hard part!!


So what do you really love? What would you rather not have in your life? These are the little things that make us unique! Get creative, and feel free to explain your reasons! The rules are simple!

  • List five things that you love

  • List five things that you really dislike

  • Use the tag loveitshoveit

  • Edit: rule change, I've seen comments of people saying they wish they could tag more than 5, so now you can tag whoever you want to get to know better! As many people as you want! And remember anyone can join! If you're reading this, and you want to create a love it/shove it post, I would love to see it! It's been so much fun reading them all!!

I'll go first!

Love it!

1.) The scent of the charged air right before a thunderstorm while I'm anticipating it's arrival.

2.) The band Radiohead, especially the songs from their album OK Computer, but my favorite song is "weird fishes."

3.) The sound of a notification from my phone. It usually means I got a follow/upvote/comment or mention, and thanks to GINAbot, I can be notified when my favorite authors make a post!

4.) Shirts with bell sleeves. I just think they're pretty. They remind me of mid evil times.

5.) Doing learn to draw lessons with my kids. This usually takes place outside with sidewalk chalk.

Shove it!

1.) Cleaning: I'd rather do anything else, but I have to do it everyday, and over time it hasn't gotten any more pleasurable!

2.) Mouth breathers: If you are a fan of Stranger Things, you'll know what I mean lol.

3.) Large social gatherings or crowds. I just feel uncomfortable. I think I'll have a t-shirt made that says, "I'd rather be on Steemit" for such occasions.

4.) Chemtrails - wait, let me go get my tinfoil hat! 😂

5.) Getting my kids ready for school... it's just taxing.

To get this challenge started, I will tag @saffisara, @felobtc, @inthenow, @thedarkhorse, and @freedomtowrite

Edit: in the spirit of the new rule, I will tag some more people. I really believe that this challenge is a great community building exercise, and I hope we can all make some meaningful connections! @cheneats, @acidyo, @beautifulbullies, @stackin, @wolfenlord, @allforthegood, @bluerthangreen, @paradise-found, @papa-pepper, @truconspiracy, @cesicastor, @jamesc, @canadian-coconut, @thethreehugs, @bowentroyer, @ancapbarbie, @appiepearl, @enginewitty, @sircork, @arbitrarykitten, @curlfamilyvlog, @crimsonclad, @cpol, @chasedreams, @cooknbake, @edwinmckinney, @ecoinstant, @emprata88, @enjoywithtroy, @entrepreneur916, @foragingquietude, @gmuxx, @hopehugs, @ironshield, @kafkanarchy84, @ladyreijya, @leggy23, @markwhittam, @mattphileo, @ogochukwu, @moeknows, @jerrybanfield, @looksfarwoman, @mountainjewel, @misslasvegas, @platosgroove, @carmalain9, @pharesim, @sharaine, @sending-arrows, @shinyforest, @sultnpapper, @surpassinggoogle, @squishysquid, @thoughtsatdawn, @topkpop, @watertoncafe, @tojukaka, @transisto, @trucklife-family, @valorforfreedom, @wrladyhawk. If this doesn't light this challenge on fire, nothing will!

Hope to see your posts soon!!

Love, snowpea ❤



Thanks @snowpea for great contest)
I upvoted and resteemed)
Do you remember our participation in @papa-pepper contest?)
My entry for this your contest:

I do remember you from the selfie challenge!! That was a lot of fun!

Radiohead all the way 💃💃💃💃

Awesome! Good lists, I see we have some of the same shove its! LOL :-D Have a great night.
Edit: Did mine, good idea for a challenge. :-)

This is really a wonderful idea and challenge 😉
And your love and shoves are good ones and now I know exactly what you meant by the shove it 😂 lol
I will do mine tomorrow, thank you for the tagging sweetie 🤗 well done. Hugs 🤗🤗💕💕

@saffisara I am so excited to see yours!! Thank you for being a part of this challenge! 🤗❤

I just made mine and I really hope I made it justice 😜 lol thank you for tagging me.
Happy Sunday sweetie 🤗

Chemtrails - large crowds - Uhuh! It resonates...
Lovely challenge. Got invited by @pundito and think it's a great idea...

I'd rather be on Steemit, too....

Thanks for participating @globocop! I'm looking forward to reading your post and learning more about you! :D

Thanks @snowpea. Out now. Had a blast writing it. :D

Hey there @snowpea! @thedarkhorse tagged me in this challenge, so I'd thought I'm come and see who exactly started this :)

What a great idea to find out more about each other. I'm always going on about the importance of developing genuine relationships here, so what a great opportunity to do just that with your contest!

I too love the smell in the air before a big thunderstorm, and I love the dusty, earthy smell just as it begins to rain; I LOVE Radiohead :); and although my boys are now 20 and 23, I have such fond memories of sidewalk chalk marathons with me and all the neighbourhood kids on our street...I think I liked it more than them haha.

For the record, I too hate cleaning and mouth breathers, long before Stranger Things haha

So glad your post started this chain of events that lead me to you ;)


It's a pleasure to meet you!! I see we have a lot in common! Building relationships is so important. Steemit is such a beautiful and unique venue for doing just that, and looking at your blog, your passion for it shines through. ❤ I'm looking forward to getting to know you more @lynncoyle1! Thank you for your comment!! :)

And so it begins!! :) I absolutely LOVE steemit for this reason alone !!

I'm hoping to get my post out tomorrow...stay tuned ;)

Nice! I love the smell of the air before a thunderstorm as well!

What a good idea for a challenge, I really like it. It's going to be interesting to see how far and wide this spreads...especially as someone has already tagged me into it.

I can't wait to see yours @c0ff33a!! Yes it will be interesting lol, it just popped into my head yesterday and it's already spreading! I love reading them and getting a glimpse into people's minds haha! 😉 Thanks for your comment and for taking part in the challenge!! 😃

Excellent challenge @snowpea and I'm sure I'm having fun creating my post about it.

Loved your # 5 love 'cause you made me picture when my kids, wife and me are doing the same.

And Radiohead.....ufffff...they're the law in rock music!!

Thanks @felobtc!! I am pleasantly surprised at how many Radiohead fans there are here! Can't wait to see your love it/shove it list! :D

This looks like a really fun challenge, @snowpea. Thanks for starting it! I am going to make my own post for it. And I have to agree with you on cleaning. DISLIKE so much!! :D #thealliance

Awesome!! It's great to have you on board for both the challenge, and #thealliance! Yes, cleaning is the pits. Thanks for participating! Can't wait to see your post!! 😃❤

Yay! Nice challenge @snowpea... would love to participate. 😉

What a great challenge to encourage people to write more about themselves and get to know each other better....really a good idea @snowpea . I'm working on my entry right now. Hopefully this challenge will turn a big round through steemit.

I hope it makes a big round through Steemit too!! It's been so much fun getting to know everyone! :)

Maybe next, I just did this one first instead, but you may be interested in doing it too, so it is linked here

Ok, I'll check it out! Thanks!

Such a great challenge, nice to meet yoy and thank you @snowpea ! I.m participating too:)

Nice to meet you @sunnyali! I'm so glad you're going to participate in the challenge! Although it's so easy and fun, it's hardly a challenge! I'm looking forward to seeing your love it/shove it list soon!! :)

It.s broadcasted:), it is a bit of challenge to help you open towards others:). Thank you again and i gotta say again that your idea is so awesome!

Thank you so much! At first I was going to make it be 10 things you love, but that's too boring in my opinion. It's good to have balance. :)

Ooh already 5 is hard enough if the ones who participate are somewhat meaningful in their post:). Your decision was very inspired.

Thank you! :)

Ok, awesome!! I'm going to look right now!! Thank you @papa-pepper!

so sorry that we didn't met before to be tagged in your post, I would be thrilled to be part of your challenge...but, maybe in the future...great idea btw, never seen one like this before! Hope we can engage in a small chat 🙊. Greetings from Romania!

Hello @laviniatherapist from Romania! How is the weather this time of year?

If you take a closer look at the rules, you will see that anyone can join! So I invite you to do the challenge! :) I'm looking forward to learning more about you! :D

Oh..I have misread it..thank you so much @snowpea !

The scent of the charged air right before a thunderstorm while I'm anticipating it's arrival.

...and here I thought I was weird for liking that scent. Glad I am normal like @snowpea. ^_^

Great idea for a challenge by the way. That “love it shove it” title definitely gave the “kick” this post deserves. Kudos to @inthenow.

Not weird at all @yadah04! In fact the ability to smell ozone in the air is a fairly rare trait, so that means were special. ;)

Thank you! @inthenow is a genius for coming up with the name! I know for sure this challenge wouldn't get very far if I named it something boring like the like/unlike challenge haha!

Alright, special it is! I am about to post my love it shove it challenge as well.

Ah, missed the tagging of @papa-pepper. I'll see what I can do!

Thanks for the challenge @snowpea

Hahah mouth breathers. Yes, my kid made me watch Stranger Things and I'm glad he did :D

Anj :)

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Thank you so much @snowpea, One of the few contest that I have been able to enter.

Wow, this post has really gotten some attention!!
I set aside some time to do it finally! Thanks for the inspiration! Here is my post if you wanna check it out. Love the idea and reading through some of the responses from other steemians! ♥

Oooh, those are beautiful chemtrails! Much nicer than the ones around here. If they looked like that I wouldn't care so much! 😂

Hi @snowpea :) Papa Bear @paradise-found tagged me to join the challenge. Here's my entry. Thank you for this wonderful fun challenge. Xoxo.

Ok, I'll go look right now! :)

Thanks for this beautiful contest @snowpea
Heres my entry. I hope you get to see it...

I hate cleaning too but I must do it...great one I will join

Great!! Thanks for joining the challenge! I'm looking forward to getting to know you more! :D

😂 😂 😂 😂
Almost no one likes cleaning
😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

See mine here

Haha, I hate cleaning too! Oh I am joining this challenge!

Greetings from Kenya Snowpea😍

Thank you for this amazing challenge, I was tagged by @paradise-found upon request & here is mypost

Wow @snowpea! This is one of the most fun filled challenges I have come across on Steemit! JUmping into the fray to post my loveitshoveit too.

Thank you for this!

Well, after writing and finding pictures for hours in a row, I am done. Finally published!
Hope you enjoy :)

I hate chemtrails too.

They suck.

but I love this game and entered into it

This is fun! Ill be posting mine soon :)

Great, I'm looking forward to it!! :D

This is pretty awesome contest @snowpea, so thank you for creating it. It will definitely let us learn about each other more.

It definitely will! I'm so glad people are enjoying it!

@SnowPea, here is my entry for the Love It Shove It Challenge at the following link: click here: five things I love, five things I hate: and twelve people mentioned: and the #loveitshoveit tag was used in my entry post:

Link to my entry post here: click here:

2017-12-28 Thursday.JPG

Ok, I finally did it! I`m participating! Happy for that ! Kisses @snowpea !

This looks like a really fun challenge, @snowpea.
Excellent challenge @snowpea and I'm sure I'm having fun creating my post about it.
Thanks for starting it! I am going to make my own post for it.

Thank you @snowpea. I got tagged by @fitinfun and enjoyed the challenge. You can find mine here.

Thanks! It's never too late! This could just keep going forever! 😂

haha... I agree... when this post ends, just make a part 2 ;)

Good idea! I was kinda sad that this post will pay out soon, people keep viewing and upvotes are still coming in. I don't know if a part 2 would have the same effect lol. This is the one that started it all!

love it or shove it II (the sequel) lol :P

Wow, I've seen a lot of challenges around but this one actually touched my heart. I think this is a great way for people to connect and get to meet and understand each other. This is really really great. If there isn't any possibility of a second part then I'm looking forward to more challenges like this. Here is my submission.

Even though there are more things that I love than hate on Steemit, I think it is fair to limit it to 5 each to balance things out :)

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I was nominated (twice) to do this challenge so I'll definitely take part in it.
I love to get to know my fellow Steemians a little bit better and this is a great opportunity to find out something new about them.
Thanks for creating #loveitshoveit!

this challenge is a lot of fun, but still nobody nominates me lol i think i don't have any friends.... is it a rule to be nominated? There's a time limit.

There's no time limit, and anyone can do the challenge! Hope to see yours soon! :)