Haturday #thealliance cap! And mix.... 😉

in haturday •  2 months ago

Happy Tuesday my amazing friends 🤗

Every day is a #haturday and for ME #thealliance is everyday to so.... How cool is it to have a cap for haturday that has thealliance on it? 😉👍
I can take my family with me everywhere, Woooot ❤️🤗❤️


I love this badass cap and I know for sure that NOONE has one like it... Just ME 😃
How cool is that?


I tried to take a picture of the back with the words everyday is a #haturday but this just didn't work right? 😜🙈🙈 LOL


Just all Hair...😁 Lol
And weard angle to 😜 but I'm no selfie lover and not very good at it so then it looks like that!

Some of my favorite choices of flowers and creatures from the garden!


Love the colors and shape in this one!


And as I took shots of those flowers I got company by a bee...So I said... SMILE 😊
Of course the bee didn't pay attention... Lol
But I captured it tho!


Beautiful creatures!


And another creature that I just Looove is butterflies, and I have tried to capture on ALL summer but..... No luck!

But..then a few weeks ago I managed to capture one and I was all excited about it!


Beautiful butterfly and bad photagrapher 😜lol



And a beautiful dragonfly taken at summer and it was much larger than any I've ever seen before!


Another beautiful flower that blooms now!




OK that was it peeps 😉👍 now I'm off to Dollar store and probably buy lots of crap that I don't need 😂😂😂😂hahaha
Se you all AMAZING people later! 🤗


I hope you all are doing well and having a fantastic day my sweet friends.
Take care and be kind to each other 🤗



Much Love to ya'll ❤️🤗❤️


Dream hope happiness love! 🌟
Dream Big and remember NOTHING is impossible if You just belive in yourself!

🌻Be your beautiful self and grow on your own turms, that will be your way to bloom success!🌼

💕Find a little something everyday to be thankful for, makes a happy Heart💕

Just happy about life and Thankful for all the blessings in it!

@saffisara : Passionate about reading YOUR posts and commenting. Loves to laugh and take pictures. AND I'm a Hug Lover!
Remember Every day is a #haturday

Proud Member of the best family ❤️

Epic creation of @thekittygirl

Proud to be a part of the Welcome Wagon


and my amazing teammates @dreemsteem and @bluefinstudios
Love you guys

Amazing creation of @liberty-minded

Vote for the amazing @enginewitty
EW 3.gif

Vote for the sweet @c0ff33a

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Amazing gifs created by the lovely @snook


Beautiful steemPets creation by @derosnec


Much Love to @enginewitty for this badass banner

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What an awesome cap, can we order our own limited edition @saffisara hat’s?

Another lovely selection of flowers, you have developed such a talent for capturing the best of them and that bee is fantastic - perfect timing.

And that dragon fly is so big - it’s been some time since I saw a dragon fly - I think I noticed one when I was away at Blackpool but it flew so fast I couldn’t be sure!

Another massive post full of joy, you really do spoil us!

#thealliance #witness

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

Dream Big and remember NOTHING is impossible if You just belive in yourself!
It should be believe instead of belive.


It's the same word AGAIN and AGAIN and you STILL Believe in your own word.
I only have one thing to say about that word....
I DON'T CARE!!! 🙈🙈🙈 Belive is MY correct word!
I Belive and now YOU can Belive to 😜 lol
You crap me up nazibutt!!


ahahhahah love your response!! ahahhahah


hahahah i love you, babe. arguing with a bot is the way to go hahaha

love the bee shot! you are getting too good, photographers out there will have to close their business soon :P


Your posts are good You write well I pray You can succeed in the coming life I'd love to meet you I will be with each of your posts That you will be a successful person one day You should work harder Thank you very much You can become a successful man God always keeps your family happy Always be happy

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wow that hat is friggen coooollll!! just love it!! howd you pick the design, did you order it? id like to get something made for steemit. so hard to figure out a nice one. your cane out gorgeous just like you!!

amazing amazing photos, just love them all.

ps whats up with the grammeenazi lovin ur posts?! smh

Yay! Cool #thealliance cap! 😎

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What a cool looking #thealliance cap! I want one... where can I get one? Or perhaps you had it custom made for yourself? And WOW, beautiful photos! Well done, my sweet friend, @saffisara! Have a beautiful day!

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WOOOOOOOW......amazing photography love all the insects especially the butterfly :)

NooOOooOO not efferyday is a haturday :P i sure aint waisting 1h with a curling iron to shove on a cap ;) LOL hi sweetsness, super post xoxooxox