HappyChallenge: An usual Thursday evening

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HappyChallenge was born from our desire to help more people improve their lives and take advantage from brain plasticity when pointing each day happy moments.
To see more about why we've started this project and your advantages if joining please read HappyChallenge - What we propose and why you should join.
Long story short:

  1. Write your own post with your happy moments of the day, 80 words minimum and use #happychallenge as first hashtag.
  2. Comment to this post with a link to your post.
  3. Resteem this post.
  4. There will be 2 winners daily, sharing the payment this post will receive.
  • the user with the biggest number of upvotes on his post
  • a user chosen by me and @djvidov based on content and representative image attached.

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Yesterday's Winners

We had a match in the upvotes number and we appreciated all content received so we split the reward between @emag and @teutorigos.

They will both get 50% from HappyChallenge: Neurons that fire together wire together when the payment will be received.

What made me happy today?

Almost all of my days are busy, very busy. After work I have other activities (tango, guitar class, steemit meeting, etc)and the usual time to get home is after 9:30 - 10 PM.
Today was different (I arrived home at 10:30 but this was not the main thing ). The important part was that I had a window of 2 hours from 6:30 to 8:30. I thought first about how to use it wisely and what can I do to be profitable.
Then I relaxed and concluded that what I want is no plan, just walking around through the park and enjoy the opportunities.
And I did, watched the lake and the clouds for more than 1 hour, ate a very good ice-cream and took the slowest possible walk.

I have proofs:

Herastrau lake

and beautiful clouds

I can't wait to read about all your happy moments. It is proved that when we surround ourselves with happy people our life improves so thank you in advance for making mine better.
Please share the link in a comment, starting now for 24 hours:)

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This is a nice challenge. Thank you @alinamarin :)


my pleasure:)


Thank you too! :)

I took my dog to a park and she made some new friends, its very sweet to watch her play with other dogs:)


I can only imagine her joy in interacting with other dogs. Waiting for a post from you with more details and pictures:)