Happy Birthday Steem! (SURPRISE INSIDE)

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Hello Steemians, today marks the 1 year anniversary of the launch of Steem. Since then we’ve done a lot, including launch steemit.com. There have been ups (like SteemFest) and downs (like last week). But I wouldn’t trade this year for anything. We’ve definitely made mistakes, but we also created a small town on the internet (and soon to be big city) that attracted all of you, and for that we will never apologize.

To New Beginnings

We know we need to do better and we have concrete plans for doing so. There are big changes coming, and I’m happy to announce the first right now. Please welcome a new addition to our team, Mitchell Loureiro, who will be heading up our new marketing effort! Mitchell has an ambitious strategy planned that we hope you’ll want to be a part of. But I don’t want to reveal too much! So without further ado, meet Mitchell Loureiro.


Hi everyone, I'm Mitchell from the video!

In case you'd like to talk to me directly, I'm often in the Steemit slack. You're welcome to ask me questions here too.. Though I reserve the right to save stuff for future announcements! :)

EDIT: By popular demand I'm off to Steemit.chat! I hope you'll welcome me with open arms.

I can not tell you how much i LOVE that news - being a re-newed user on Steemit since early 2017 and an avid fan in the meantime I think i mentioned the need of YOU @zurvanic probably a lot of times - not too often as i do not want to annoy people!

Great to have you - I work for a marketing company since 20 years, and I am active in these kind of platforms since 5 years - I love Steemit - and I am ready and happy to support you to grow that platform - let me know what we can do together to make steemit even better!

First thing we need to grow the user baser via your marketing efforts - happy to help, if you need advise let me know - you find me on steemit.chat - This Slack chat is probably not open for me - am not an investor - just re-joind recently - if you wanna hear my thought let me know!

I had thought the slack was open to everyone (it's where I landed first before finding steemit.chat) but perhaps I was mistaken. I've moved to Steemit.chat now. :)

Regardless, we'll definitely be in touch. I'm really pleased to see my fellow Steemians are as excited as I am.

Come and join us on http://steemspeak.com @zurvanic whenever you want. OG STEEM Voice-Community, friendly to new people and old people! Great place to ask and answer questions. Welcome as you are 24/7 all year :)

Looking forward to chatting with you on secret or public slacks, mail or phone. Enjoy it, welcome again and have a great weekend!

You mean the Steemit Slack that isn't public? Maybe you should try steemit.chat where all of the non-privileged chat...

Noted and joined, check me out on Steemit.chat! Let's all talk there.

Wishing you all the very best with Steemit. Great video. Stephen

@zurvanic, welcome to the community! Like many others, super glad to see signs that something will be happening to help the community grow! We have some really dedicated people here (and I've only been here for a couple of months) who'd love to be part of seeing Steemit grow wings and fly.

I'm another ex marketing geek, as well as a 20+ year web content creator. Sadly, I've seen far more "user generated content" venues kill themselves than grow into anything... I am really hopeful we can all work together to make Steemit the exception!

Anyway, welcome!

Welcome Mitchell, I'm a noobie here and an intuitive that can feel interest and excitement rising in Our community (Common Unity) From @ned -" small town on the internet (and soon to be big city)" I envision us moving from 'pop culture' to 'Higher Culture" and including lots of fun. Yeah!

Welcome to Steemit! Looking forward to learning more about next steps and an exciting 2017. Cheers!

Man, you will have to get that rep up! ;o)

Congrats with your position at Steemit Inc; Absolutely great to read Marketing is getting attention!
Welcome to the community!
Anticipations are high based on messages such as "There are big changes coming" made in the post above by @ned Looking forward to all the announcements coming to us. Keep tuned in!

Hi Mitchel, welcome to Steemit.
Nice to see your big skills and understanding of the blockchain, are in the right place since we talked in Lisbon. :)
Your success is Our success.
Best Regards

Welcome aboard. So glad to see there is going to be Inc. marketing initiatives. You've got a bunch of folks waiting to see how we can help with that. Onward!

Bienvenido amigo

Gracias, mi amigo.

Una cosa guay comienza ahora!

Welcome! Your addition is going to cause an incredibly positive buzz around here. Excitement fuels creativity. I can't wait to see what people post after feeding off of this exciting news! If you need anything, this community has a ton of people dying to help.

Hey, @hanshotfirst! I wrote you on steemit.chat, I hope you will see that message! Anyway, thanks a lot for your generosity!

Keep being you and getting awesomeness over everyone here.

You are one of the greatest blessings on this platform. I hope one day, I get to shake your hand.

You have to do it gently with all the damage to my body LOL.

Welcome, Mitchell! As someone who creepily stalks the @steemit2 account's activity, I have been waiting for your introduction for over a month now! It's great to finally have a marketing campaign in the works - can't wait to hear more about it next week. I wish to hear more about how you plan to reach outside of the crypto bubble, in particular. All the best!

PS: The curation community is on standby for a massive influx of users. We shall dig deep, find and reward the best new authors.

That is music to my ears. Yes we are ready for the change!

I am excited to see what next week brings! Welcome aboard! Going from a small town to a big city sounds great to me!

you better do smth. all eyes on you. no pressure. just sayin'

That only makes the task more exciting!

just to be sure.

just kidding. welcome and know that you have the support of everyone :)

A new marketing plan you say? Sounds like I need to buy some more steem! :)

You have me hyped about this "exciting news" next week. I will begin my countdown right now :)

Be hyped, there is great news coming! It's going to be a lot of fun.

Can't wait for those news, but until then I will enjoy today's news! Great to have you on board @zurvanic! Follow you!

Congratulations Mitchell @zurvanic and welcome to steemit!
That was a very powerfull entry and - as you can see from the reactions - we appreciate that.
Bear in mind that whatever strategy you might follow, we are here to support you. All the rumors about this community are true :)
All the best for your start!

Looking forward to working with you, @zurvanic :)

(I have a lot I'd love to chat to you about!)

It's great to have you on board and we look forward to working with you!

Welcome aboard, Mitchell! I'm following you. If you ever have need of writing skills, feel free to hit me up. I've done some freelance writing work for various cryptocurrency projects here and there :)

Welcome to Steemit Mitchell, I am really looking forward to see what you guys have up your sleeve. I missed the early days of Steemit but I think 2017 is going to be the most exciting time to be involved :)

I'll give some suggestions in the slack then :)

well, if I can find an invitation :)

By all means, join me. :)

anyway, I'm building an italian tutorial/faq website for steemit. http://www.steemitaly.it/
let me know if it can be useful for you

Hi Mitchell :) I am one of those people that has the unfortunate tendency of missing several turns on the way to a party and arriving after most of the people have left (or passed out), but on the bright side I end up meeting some of the best of those who attended gathered on the balcony or an outside patio engaged in the kind of deep and intimate conversations that occur when only a handful of people are left. While those who came on time and left early spent their hours with polite introductions and surface Q and A, the late arrivals get to skip the formalities and head straight into meaningful discourse.
I'm hoping that analogy describes what will happen here. (I'm Linnet by the way, but I've grown to love the 'nickname' dreemit) Having just celebrated its first year of life, steemit is still a babe in the cyber world, but it's a special child, you might say it was conceived during a full moon when all of the stars were aligned, and that its birth was attended by supernatural visitors who bestowed magical gifts upon it. (I write fiction, can you tell?) This place has drawn the dreamers, the seekers, the artists, musicians, and writers. The adventurers and the explorers. The most creative beings on the globe seem to have been called here to gather and name this place their home.
So Mitchell, it sounds like you've been called to be a beacon to all of those who have yet to discover the wonder of this platform. It is a bold role in a place such as this, and I would love to hear your vision of the TomorrowLand that is steemit, an outline of your plan to reach the broader global community, and especially what I and the dear friends I've made here can do to aid you in your quest.
Welcome to the community, and I wish you much love inspired luck in your endeavor!

@zurvanic Welcome aboard! Do check Steemit.Chat where a large portion of Steemians Hangout! :)

I do lurk there, but I have to be careful because it's a dangerous rabbit hole of content discovery.

There's just too many things I'd love to read!

If you have any questions about the chat or need any help with it feel free to contact me on chat or on Slack. :)

Mitchell.......welcome, and in that spirit, I made this into a post today! It is YUGE -- this Steemit ecosystem that @ned and so many others helped bring to life.


I am one of your most regular Steemit Twitter people too. If you would like to find me and connect there


Have a nice day, what a day to welcome you onboard.

Sincerely your #MinnowLife friend-- Barry

I was slammed with friggin' government paperwork yesterday and somehow missed this!
Welcome aboard, @zurvanic! Glad to see that there is a marketing plan going into play finally - this is super exciting news for many of us here! We are all looking for results, and we truly hope that you can give us that!
Following you now, so that I don't miss any updates from you.

Super Drupa!

Nice to meet you Mitchell and thanks for the video!

Like so many other steemians, I'm here if you need me and I'm looking forward to the future of this amazing community and platform!

Hey @zurvanic , what's your name on Steemit.chat?

Pm'ed u on steemit.chat


"Account exceeded maximum allowed bandwidth per vesting share."
I have this problem more than 1 week!! pls help!

Welcome! Excited for the announcment next week. :d

Your nickname sounds familiar to me :). Welcome!

Welcome Mitchell Loureiro! I look forward to what is done by your marketing efforts.

Great to have you in our yet small but soon big city! I'm excited and welcome you

Personally I dream of a Steem nation, but one step at a time. :)

Hello Friend Mitchell .... We are happy to be with you here ... We hope to spend all the best times ... And this community is the best place to meet

Great to see you here Mitchell! I look forward to speaking with you at some point. Preferably on neutral and professional grounds, such as steemit.chat or right here on the blockchain.

Welcome... I have suggested many things since I have been here and some of them are...

An affiliate program where people get paid to bring people on board.

Steemit also needs a multiple and variable pay out Rev-Split option so that Creatives a collaborate and all be paid.

And above all Steemit need to get the puritian thought police under control or it will kill this platform. I just got flag attacked for an image that is compliant and has been posting on FB and Instagram with no problem. People want to come here and have fun not to be attacked or suppressed. Steem it also needs a block button because there is too much flagging and unwarranted insulting comments being made. I have a person that follows me just to leave rude comments and I have told them to leave and they won't. They only thing you can do now is flag them back.

This is not going to work when on all other social platforms you can block people. People want to have fun, make money, not deal with haters and asshole. It needs to be dealt with. And the mute does nothing but let people keep attacking you and do a hatchet job on you without you seeing it.

And how does Steemit plan to deal with it when it gets a lawsuit for neglegence for not having controls in place to prevent harassment and cyber stalking. Don't think it won't happen FB gets sued all day long every does as does Apple and Microsoft it's part of being a big company dealing with the millions of people. So I suggest you add in the nessary controls.

I look forward to some new changes and prosperity for Steemit and it's users.

How do we join the Steemit Slack?

Thanks @ned you made my day, HAPPY BIRTHDAY for you and all steemian
@zurvanic you make me excited just by seeing how enthusiastic you are, my total support for you and steemit.
My native language is Arabic, tell me if i can help, by translating or doing Arabic instruction to help newbies, we want to see steemit scaling like anything . To the big city :)


The steemit slack is a great way for us all to get good insight and updates on the future development of Steemit.

Welcome to the platform @zurvanic. I am from Philippines, me and wife is also planning to promote steemit here in my place in simple ways. Im glad that you are here now to help steemit reach it goals.

Awesome! How do I get an invite to Steemit Slack?

welcome! stoked to have you, and cant wait for the rest of the announcements

You guys hired another dude? you know crypto creeps like to see a woman :D

But seriously good luck Mitchell Glad to have you aboard :) can't wait for next week, no pressure.

Hopefully we'll get someone more beautiful than me soon! :)

Don't worry too much about that, Ned filled that gap long time ago.

Happy birthday, Steemit!!! Thanks for the good times 💛

Best wishes for ultimate success @zurvanic, and big ups to @ned, @dan & @dantheman, @sneak, @roadscape, & the entire Steemit dream team for sharing your time and energy and inspiration and revolutionary projects with us all~*~

That's fantastic! Marketing is what we need to light this rocket ship!

Happy birthday Steemit and thank you Ned and Dan and the entire team for creating such a revolutionary new social media platform.

This post has me hyped so much, that I can't contain my excitement :D

Congratulations @ned! Oh gosh, oh how we know how you feel today and after this special one year. The vision in your dream is almost ageless. Thank you for making our lives special and for the first "dreams equals reality" by means of the steem blockchain. We are still speechless; unmute us when you can but celebrate all the way! Love is what will make steemit thrive utmostly and gosh, we love you! Happy tears as we say this!
Today unMEAN sTWEETs celebrates your awesome comment!
This comment and the really felt feelings glaring in it is a gem!

We spread some love to you as you have "Stayed with/for the community!"

You have left a piece of yourself upon steemit, to keep steemit beautiful! It is a beauty, what we share with each other here; so we must celebrate it!
Your comment has been seen as awesome as it shows you; in your true state!

Be calm, relaxed and enjoy this amazing ride! #steemitisbeautiful

"We love you on our team!" Consider joining us on:
Discord - TheAmazingTeam (https://discord.gg/2rmtwGy)
Steemit Chat (https://steemit.chat/channel/steemitisbeautiful)

Let's bond and enhance our already beautiful steemit journey and help one another grow together!
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egad! .. 'this' really should have been 'that'

this one wins by a long shot LOL

Certainly one of a kind!

Hope it tastes better than it looks :)

Steemian community filled with the talented, the gifted and the making of celebrities on Steemit.
Animated gif is by steemit's @carlos-cabeza

Alles Gute zum ersten Geburtstag!! Und auf ein langes, glückliches Leben..... Steem on**** DSC_3762.gif

Happy Birthday, Steemit! Onward and upward! A big welcome to Mitchell Loureiro!

Steemit: A Great Place To Bathe The Soul From The Vicissitudes Of Life! Your an absolute star @ned with your Steemit creation. Thank you for everything you have done for us all on Steemit's first birthday through both the good and the bad times! p.s. I think I'll use that first sentence as a post tomorrow :) "CHEERS!" @mindhunter ...[Exits stage right to buy beer at the store!....]

Finally, this gives me so much hope and it shows that you guys are taking it seriously and have learned from past mistakes. Mistakes are not what make or break a venture, the inability to learn from them is. I knew that you would start your marketing efforts at some point, and you chose the perfect moment to do so. Alts are taking off and this is the right moment to catch the wind.

The people who were worried about steemit and constantly complaining can now relax and focus on creating great content again.

Please give us more updates on devlopments, especially concerning user experience and features which will actually make steemit a social network.

Thank you Steemit and thank you Mitchell for joining the team.

PS: The steem.io website needs an update, a news section and a blog.

You're 100% right, now's the time to ride the alt wave. Rest assured, I share your perspective.

I'm sure you're still settling in, so definitely no rush...
We'd love to have you on the @steemittalk podcast sometime. We tend to focus more on the social (non-crypto, non-tech) topics and audience.

Are there any women that work for Steemit?

Not yet, but hopefully soon! Women and PoC candidates go to the top of the interview list whenever we have an opening.

A woman made it to the offer stage last week but the deal fell through, hopefully I will be able to announce something like this before long. :)

I'm really sorry to hear the deal fell through. I'm sure you'll find someone amazing soon!

Amazing. I'm super excited to be here! Mitchell is cute and he will bring the world to us! Make them buy STEEM Mitchell!

Mitchell didn't say "Steem on!" [We'll need to teach him that!] :)

Happy Birthday STEEM from JAPAN!

Being in Steem always makes me feel good. I feel positive vibe all the time. This is space where I can relax, drink coffe, and enjoy reading. Thank you Steem! Happy Birthday, Steem!!!

This is very exciting news! Having the entire planet as your market is as good as it gets!

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)

what exciting news!!!

Happy birthday.I wish you the best on your blockchain awards speech.

Sounds like it's time for me to buy more steem!

Interesting development though would think you would be able to refer him by user account name so people may FOLLOW. :-)
Well, maybe next time now that he commented

This is exciting! I'm looking forward to hearing more about the strategies and to helping implement them! It's going to be a great Year 2 for Steemit!

Welcome Mitchell/zurvanic! It's an absolute pleasure to meet you. I am very excited to hear what is taking off next week and am excited to do my part to help us lift off!

what an awesome comment - usually i do not like cats - that one is awesome - you have a new follower now @lovejoy

Haha.. thanks! She's never reacted to anything on my screen, ever... so... clearly it's a sign! :) Followed you back!

Must be a sign! Thanks for enlightening and follow :-)

Haha this is awesome :3

This is awesome, great too see you here Mitchell! Now lets see what we can do together in 2017.

Soo excited! 😄

This news is perfect timing. Ups and downs? Don't matter. We're still here pounding the rock. Great content and great leadership. HBD Steemit!

Happy Birthday...Auguri....Parabéns Steemit and Steem!!
Welcome Mitchell Loureiro! (;

Thanks for the project and for the constant growth and development!

Welcome Mitchell!! looking forward to "diggin'" the future :-)

I send my sincere good wishes today to the whole Steemit community, which is an important day, STEEMIT birthday. I hope Steemit can achieve all the goals and receive all the support from the community. I hope this special day and everyday from today to be phenomenal and Successful for Steem.

Hi! Mitchell great news, welcome and if I could help you let me know. Greeting from Spain.

Bon anniversaire, Steem.

That's the news I've been waiting to hear for months! Welcome @zurvanic! Looking forward to all the marketing you have planned. This announcement has renewed my excitement in the future of Steemit, and as a result I’ve purchased more Steem.

Happy Birthday Steem, and welcome to Mitchell Loureiro. I am excited to hear the changes coming next week and to see a marketing professional onboard!

We also created a small town on the internet (and soon to be big city) that attracted all of you, and for that we will never apologize.

That´s a nice one, @ned. I think we´re all seeing that big city growing, and that´s actually why we are here: to be part of something great.
Thanks for your oustanding leadership, professionality and drive!
One for all and all for one :)

Love this message. Bought SP off the back of this. STEEM ON

This is great, Happy Birthday Steemit!

Wow, what a great announcement to go along with Steemit's first birthday!

I am extremely excited to see what the new marketing team is able to put out. I'm sure it's going to blow our minds! (and hopefully those of prospective users too! Lol)

We'd love to have you or any of the Steemit Inc team on the @steemittalk podcast some week! :D

Congratulations on a fab job @ned and Happy birthday Steemit :D

Really looking forward what some good marketing can do for Steemit! Glad you are on board with the rest of the team and the best of luck to you in this new endeavor. Oh, and happy birthday of course to Steemit! I love this place.

Happy Birthday Steemit, I am happy to be on board.
Guess we will have a lot of fun,
Thanks @ned , @dan and the whole steemit team.

Happy 1st Birthday Steemit !!!

Thanks for the update @ned and nice to meet you Mitchell!

Like the rest of the steemians, I'm here for you guys and I'm here for steemit and STEEM. Looking forward to our future!

Hopefully there will be rebranding of Steemit to make it easier for newcomers to understand the difference between the Steem and Steemit.

Steem is a pretty smart baby for 1 year!!!! Rock on guys. I trust the STEEM TEAM!

Thank you for everything, Ned.


Surprised the thought police have not flagged this. But glad to they have not.

Lol... I have a solution for the though police soon.

My 92 years Mom put on those shades to send best wishes to all my steemit friends via Vienna!
Many more years to come! Power up!