Straight Hole :: Haiku of Japan #93

in haiku •  10 months ago

massuguna shōben ana ya kado no yuki

such a straight
piss hole!
in the snow by the door

(Tr. David LaSpina)

"Saishoin Pagoda-Temple in Snow, Hirosaki" by Kawase Hasui.jpg
("Temple in Snow" by Kawase Hasui)

Good old Issa. He wrote a number of haiku about peeing. Talking about such things wasn't as rude in his time as it is in ours; also, as a poor person and as a Buddhist monk, he had no hang-ups about natural body acts. Indeed, he took joy in them (and in everything!) We can feel his child-like glee in coming across this pee-hole outside. Such an amazing accomplishment!

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I love it. I realize it's been a while since I last pissed in the snow, and this saddens me.

Such a zen master with all that child-like joy! It warms the cockles of my heart. I hope it also warmed certain parts of him while he stood there....


Yeah, it is really a kind of child-like joy.

He created some lovely irony with this one. Having the outhouse so near the door is very convenient and one will not get so cold. But the house of course smells of a urinal ... so we get two 'piss holes' for the price of one in this haiku. LOL:)

So this haiku is dedicated to pissing .. haha .. it's hilarously good .. and right you can feel the happiness that the pee hole brings 😂
I do have some haikus on my profile to .. but it's not as good as this haiku .. I've just started tho .. if you have some time can you visit my profile too ^^ thanks

I'd imagine there are others complimenting "such elegant calligraphy upon this mound", and I'm now excited to search them out!

wow thats nice, i want to tell you some thing japan is building worlds tallest wooden building in tokyo.... ;-)

@adityajainxds #thealliance