Guitars and Me #2: Gibson Chet Atkins SST

in guitar •  2 years ago  (edited)

This one is my first choice for steel string applications - a 1999 Gibson Chet Atkins SST:


I was looking for one of these for awhile before I found this one on ebay in need of some attention. I replaced (bypassed) the poorly designed battery box with a standard 9v clip, replaced the jack and cleaned the controls. I have since sold or given away everything I had with a soundhole and electronics. Acoustic guitars were not meant for stages! Backbusters and onboard EQ's help you defeat the instruments that they are and turn them into something you can use, but why would you do that when they make stuff like this? Bridge mounted transducers do not require a resonating chamber. Feedback is a thing of the past - this thing sounds like a dream and rides like a Cadillac. I've used it on a few #openmic entries through a different amp each time (this week through a Crate Powerblock), and it sounds great through everything I've ever plugged it into (I prefer the Blues Jr with the BillM mods). One of these days I will find a deal on the nylon string version.


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