The Grow-the-Freewrite-House Campaign Day 9

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First Thank You!

Thank you so much for being part of the Freewrite House by sponsoring us with SBI.

All sponsors will be acknowledged tomorrow - should be back home by then.

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The Grow-the-Freewrite-House Campaign

Here is all you need to know to be part of growing the Freewrite House!

@improv wants the Freewrite House to be able to support you all even more and came up with this idea:

You buy SBI for the Freewrite House - @improv will delegate the same amount in SP to the Freewrite House for 1 year. (Up to 2000)

But that is not all!

.@balticbadger is going to sponsor everyone who supports the Freewrite House with one SBI! Follow the instructions in his post to receive your SBI

And more!!

@mariannewest is getting one SBI for you for every 20 SBI you get for the Freewrite House!!

Still, it is not all!

The Freewritehouse will also buy one SBI for you for every 20 SBI you get for us.

That is a great deal!! The second week's sponsors of the Freewrite House who buy 20 SBI will actually end up with 23 SBI!

Use this super easy Steemconnect Link to buy SBI.

That is pretty fantastic, right? But you know how we roll at the Freewrite House. There might be all kinds of other surprises coming your way.

Look what @ecoinstar is up to!!

have done 20, and a prize I shall visit
upon everyone that matches the requisite
same number, 20 or more
the SBI total of FWH should SOAR!
I will visit each donor, on one of their posts
and write a nice poem, not slimy or gross
but rhyme-y and fun, and responsorial
I'll read what they write and give them some zeal!
Poetic justice - to givers, I'll visit the whole list.
Slowly but surely, well, you all get the gist.
Encourage more donations, I hope I can do
and not scare away anyone with my rhyming zoo!

Did you think that is it? No way!!!

Check out what is cooking up! Read and Watch his Pledge here

Did you think we are done?


@thundercurator will give a 50% upvote for everyone buying 20 + SBI for the Freewrite House and a 100% upvote for everyone getting 40+ SBI

  • And another perk!!

This is a daily perk: If you have the highest amount of SBI bought for the Freewrite House on that day, @improv will write a freewrite just for you and send you a postcard with the freewrite on it!!! Let's hear it for snail mail!!!

Thank You @improv!!

Did you know that we have Freewrite House Swag? Read @ntwol's post to find all about it. She set it all up and part of the profits will support the Freewrite House!!

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How to Sponsor the Freewrite House

If you don't know what SBI is: SBI stands for Steem Basic Income

Here is the explanation from the founder:

Steem Basic Income is a social experiment to bring a basic income to as many Steemians as possible. Members join by sponsoring others into the program. Steem Basic Income is delivered through providing regular upvotes to member content.

To sponsor the Freewrite House (and yourself at the same time) you need to do the following:

  • Open your wallet
  • Choose Steem - then Transfer
  • To: @steembasicincome
  • Enter amount - 1 Steem is the minimum (whole numbers only). If you do 20 Steem you will qualify for perks.
  • In the memo section, write @freewritehouse

Finish your transaction.


Use this easy steemconnect link

All you need to do is sign.

Take a screenshot of your transfer and drop it in the comment section of this post.

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You Can Help - Here is How

We realize that not everyone has Steem to spare to participate in the SBI drive. But you are just as important to us as the people with the bigger pockets and we love your help in making us grow.

Here are some things you can do

  • Resteem this post and/or other Freewrite House posts
  • Write a post about this campaign and/or what you like about the Freewrite House.
  • Share this post on Twitter and other social media platform you might be active on.
  • Participate in the many Freewrite House contests and activities.

Who knows - there might be a surprise coming your way...

If you write a post to promote the Grow-the-Freewrite-House Campaign drop a link in the comments that we can resteem and tweet it.

There will be a radio show with @Theycallmedan and @improv this coming Thursday. We will post invites as soon as we know all the details.

Let's grow together!!

grow FWH.png

##Thank you to the Freewrite House Growers


Thank you so much, @josephsavage, for your support of the Freewrite House. Everyone who sponsored the Freewrite House from May 1-8 with 20 + SBI will receive 1 SBI from Joseph. They will be in your bonus units.

@rycharde aka @accelerator gave one SBI to the first 10 people who sponsored the Freewritehouse with at least 20 SBI. Thank you so much! We very much appreciate that you helped us to get this campaign off to a good start. The following received one sbi from @accelerator: @balticbadger, @dreemsteem, @kaelci, @wandrnrose7, @fitinfunfood, @jk6276, @preparedwombat, @ecoinstar, @snook,

@rycharde is the founder of the MAP project. Check out the @accelerator posts to find out more

grow FWH.png

Posts in Support of the Freewrite House

Please visit these writers and five them some upvotes!

@Jaynie Curating the TRUE Creatives! - My Support to the @freewritehouse Campaign
@improv Support the Freewrite House (not a cult)
@josephsavage Current sbi Promotions
@balticbadger Let's Grow the Freewrite House - and Your account Too My Pledge to the Freewrite House
@jk6276 Supporting the Freewrite House
@improv Why we are Here
@accelerator - May 3
@accelerator - May 1

grow FWH.png

Make sure to participate in all the fun events at the Freewrite House

Regular Features

  • Freewrite House Adoptee of the Week - Monday
  • Steemzuela Ventest - Stories of Venezuela
  • Recommend your Favorite Freewrite and Win SBI - Tuesday
  • We-Write and win SBI - coming in mid-June
  • Freewrite Favorites - Friday
  • The Freewritehouse Literary Talent Award - English, Spanish & German - monthly with weekly reminders.
  • Beta Reader Group - ongoing

grow FWH.png

Join us at the Isle of Write in the freewriter - retreat

art and flair courtesy of @PegasusPhysics

Join the Freewrite daily prompt


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