#GrowTheFreewriteHouse: WINNER announcement for delegation of 500SP for a month

WINNER announcement


Who has won the delegation of 500SP for a month!

We had three wonderful entries (with links posted in this post) from @WonderWop @FitinFun and @Whatisnew




It was a very hard decision as all three posts were excellent and all three are long term supporters, and active members, of the @freewritehouse!

In the end, I decided to award the delegation of 500SP for a month to…


Screenshot 2019-05-20 at 19.12.03.png


You have the delegation now until 20th June 2019

I have also awarded everyone who entered 2 @steembasicincome shares.

Screenshot 2019-05-20 at 19.16.23.png

I will also be visiting the #freewrite posts of @whatisnew, @wonderwop and @fitinfun for the next week or so and upvoting, resteeming and tweeting them!

Thank you so much for entering the contest! There will be a new contest next month, so everyone will have another chance (towards the end of June) to win 500SP for a month!

Don’t forget to continue to sprinkle the @freewritehouse with your love to help it grow!


Join us at the Freewrite House for fun and games!!! Weekly drawing for SBI memberships and so much more!!

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Congratulations to the winner, @whatisnew!
I think they do a great job, and I am especially touched by the way they are spreading motivation among Spanish speakers and, above all, among Venezuelan writers.
I wrote this post to help spread some contests and activities that might be of interest to my friends at Steemit.
I want to see this team grow. Best wishes, @freewritehouse.

Ayudar a crecer a @freewritehouse. Una oportunidad para escritores hispanohablantes en Steemit. Mi experiencia

Thank you so much for your support - always!!

I would like sponsor 7 times 500 SP (3500SP) delegation for month to grow #GrowTheFreewriteHouse

Just message me on Twitter with the winners details and I'll do the delegation immediately

Thank you so much!!! I will post about this today!!

omg that its so great

OMG! NO WAY!!! Thank you so much! I will do everything in my power to help the @freewritehouse grow! And thanks @felt.buzz for the SBI shares and for your support! Much love and Hugs! : )

Yes, way!

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HaHa! I am still in shock! : )

Congrats @whatisnew! Go, go @freewritehouse!

Congratulations to @whatisnew for winning the contest, and to the other 2 contestants as well, but helping to promote @freewritehouse. And you are a great person @felt.buzz for your generous contest and continuing to support @freewritehouse!

Thanks so much! @felt.buzz sure is generous and is sprinkling the @freewritehouse with Miracle Grow. : )


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Ditto that!
I'm happy for everyone and heartened by all the generosity and good cheer. :)
What else can we do to help @freewritehouse grow? one way to find out is to follow @mariannewest's Freewrite prompt of the day - each post is packed full of the latest happenings. #GottaLoveFreewritehouse!

Congratulations @whatisnew, enjoy this well deserved delegation and thank you @felt.buzz for the SBI units to @fitinfun and myself. 💕

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Thank you for being so great!

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Thanks so much Bruni! HUGS!

Hugs to you kitty cat. 💕

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Thank you so much, @felt.buzz and @freewritehouse. This event gave me renewed energy and I will keep up my efforts :)

It was very close, and hard to choose. I wish I had more SP to delegate!

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So late to my replies! Please do not feel bad! I love my sbi and I am so grateful to you for getting me to review my efforts :)

Congratulations @whatisnew :)

Thanks so much @kaerpediem! Hugs!


Thanks so much @vangie! : )