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We’ve received great feedback to our idea of bringing a music store to Steemit with 300+ comments and 2.3k+ votes. We'd love to team up with the community and Steemit to bring this project to the Steem blockchain. This post forms our growth proposal for @steemsongs.



The global recorded music market is worth over $7.8 billion and has grown over 5% in the last year. Music remains as culturally important as ever - whilst niche blockchain music sites exist none have crossed over to mainstream adoption. In the last year the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies has grown from $12 billion to $84 billion - an increase of 600%. is a music download store being built on the Steem blockchain. Designed to bring new and exciting music/artists to your attention through exclusives and premieres. Browse through singles & albums and spend your hard earned Steem/SBD on great music.

Steemit has a great community as shown by the regular Steemfest meet ups, and the addition of over 100,000 new posts and interactions per day. The tags system works well to filter posts by topic, but building real communities like Reddit has done is essential for long term growth.
@steemsongs will be another step towards building apps on top of the blockchain and creating a separate and dynamic music community that will feedback and integrate with Steemit as a whole. Artists will be able to bring their fans over to join too.

Musicians and artists must maintain a presence across all social media - despite being by far the most groundbreaking and unique option Steemit isn't seen as essential. Steemit is not the ideal place for snappy 120 character updates, 15 second looping videos, or indeed selling music, and not everyone wants to share their thoughts via long form posts.
Artists that sign up to @steemsongs will not need to write at all, theoretically they only need interact with their Steemit wallet. Still, they can make their fans aware the music is for sale on @steemsongs - this helps the network effect that is essential for mainstream adoption. With careful guidance and nurturing we can introduce the concept of writing on Steemit with an on boarding process. This will further increase the chance of the network effect.


There is a downward trend in online music stores and their ability to earn money and survive. Despite a resurgence recently for vinyl, there is a common feeling that music should be free - this is shown in the overall 40% decline in global music revenue over the last 15 years.
Users on Steemit benefit from a rewards based system that is unique. By allowing an artist to integrate their writing within their @steemsongs profile they can sell their music for an up vote. The vests used in a particular vote will determine how much extra needs to be paid for the music, if anything at all. This application of the future attention economy means the music is therefore both free and paid for.

One of the problems that Steemit currently has is a lack of things for any user to actually do with their Steem or SBD. Ultimately you are either holding or selling.
By creating a front-end music store on the Steem blockchain we will remove this need to cash out to other cryptocurrencies. @Steemsongs provides another outlet and another reason to hold your Steem besides speculation on the currency.


There are 10k new accounts are created on Steemit every week. As a proof of concept blogging is the first app built on the Steem blockchain but the potential for the blockchain is far greater and we are already seeing development of standalone apps that benefit the overall network.
A music store is a first step towards creating shops on the Steem blockchain - where any user can spend their SBD/Steem. If the concept works then we could see anything for sale - from artwork to the creation of decentralised versions of existing companies like Air Bnb.

We must not forget that the artists are the artists, not the person creating the latest hyped Spotify playlist. Giving premieres to Spotify (a tech company with a side interest in music) or Tidal (said to be owned by the artists but is actually owned by a set of multi millionaire artists). The premiere is great for the company but does it further the career of the artist?
Steemit is the forward thinking option that gives you access to the world of blockchains. The tie in with blogging means that artists can describe their process for extra cash to boost their sales. It's clear that writing and premiering music on Steem can be incredibly effective - this post is the equivalent of an extra 2000 digital sales.

I'm already in touch with some great musicians and composers that are ready to try out @steemsongs on top of the list of first artists that are already ready to go.


The following list is in no particular order and serves to highlights some of the things that may be possible.

  1. Music store where anyone can send Steem/SBD to an account and receive music
  2. Bring on new artists and influencers
  3. Allow any artist with a Steemit username ability to upload their music that can be heard and downloaded by anyone/anywhere in the world with 100% of track sales distributed back to the artist.
  4. Integration with Steem blockchain - Memo system for automatic distribution of music
  5. Create onboarding documentation for artists
  6. Grants for new artists who can use their network to pull in more fans
  7. Integration with iTunes/Spotify - upload to Steemsongs and we will distribute to iTunes too,
  8. Automatic Uploads (limited by length / file size) rather than each submission checked by us before upload.
  9. Profiles for creators on the store
  10. Dedicated hosting e.g.
  11. A fair solution - 1 SBD sign up fee and no % taken on the back end.


We are applying for 40k SBD which we believe would be best split between the following. Please feel free to add your comments below.

IMAGE 2017-08-04 15:55:13.jpg

Funding new artists: 12k SBD to be distributed between a minimum of 6 influencers each receiving 2,000 SBD.

Team: 12k SBD to be vested over 12 months with 1k SBD released per month.

@Steemsongs development: 16k SBD to be vested over 12 months with 4k SBD released to @steemsongs account each quarter.


Follow @steemsongs and sign up for updates at

CC @Ned @andrarchy @zurvanic @steemitblog


Another brilliant idea how to develop steemit platform. I am impressed more and more, day by day. There are so many initiatives starting to develop that can make a huge breakthrough for steemit. Last week I found out about #SteemBnB, yesterday about @sndbox and today @steemsongs! If those and many other projects that are in its infancy make their mark then it will not be long that Steemit will take off like a rocket. Very exciting times to be around. I wish you the best of luck, upvoting you, re-steeming you and following you from now on to see further developments. You guys rock!

This is a huge suggestion, i will also suggest this proposal should create a room for song writers and composers, this will make it easy to locate ourself when this community is form. Or what do you think

I agree, thanks so much for this! Have a wonderful day!

YES! Absolutely! Mark my words..."Wall-Street of Entertainers!"

Any new discovery will be appreciated, please kindly share with me whenever you do.

Hi, I just made a post to give you a little boost:

I hope the project takes of soon! I have not seen much activity so I am sure it si being worked on extensively. The best of luck. Tomas

I am musician and I would love to see this. How can I apply for this as music creator?

Best way is to sign up to updates at

Yeah just done that. If you need any help with this project I am in. I want to see this!!

Nothing try nothing done.... do it

I AGREE! Have a wonderful day!

My girlfriend and I have a music project that is relatively new -- we call ourselves Bathing Belles -- but we would looooove to be a part of this. I just signed up for updates on

This is us playing our first single we plan to release on 9/1 on our trip to Puerto Rico last weekend :)

Any artist being able to upload/release is a later part of the plan - but definitely still part of the plan. Thanks for sharing your music!

Blockchain is excellent for digital rights management, I just wrote a technical post for non technical people which calls for long term upvotes of special content like music, because you don't want @Cheetah do remind you that you're spamming!

Steemit allows just for 7 days for new content to be curated and thus monetized. Other people could resteem or upload your music to earn curation but that means you'd want also tracking of your music and it's remixes to get a piece of the pie!

And last but not least, what about the #muse project? I was hoping it would solve this problem, and I'd love to make riffs, drum-loops and other cool parts people can use in their music.

Nice idea, thanks so much for this

That is really great singing for sure!!

This is awesome! I'm an artist with a few hundred thousand plays on youtube and I'd be so up for this

It is projects like this that make me want to power up more and more. The potential of Steem and Steemit is limitless because of people like you :)

That is true! Have a wonderful day! Following you...

this is a great and well thought out project, well done and good luck

I concur! Looking forward to this being implemented.

I agree! Following you...

Looks like a really promising project for musicians. As a musician from Kathmandu, I'm really looking forward to this project to come to life for the benefit of indie musicians like myself.

Following you... What instrument(s) do you play?

I play the bass. I have a band here in Kathmandu. You can check out my videos on my profile.

Nice, I also play electric bass (I assume you play electric bass not acoustic). Thanks! Following you! Where is Kathmandu again?

The electric bass for sure. Kathmandu is in Nepal. You might not know both so I suggest Google. We're a very small country in South East Asia.

Thanks for this! Have a wonderful day!

Sure. My pleasure 😊

Can I ask you a huge personal favour?

Hope to get many new creators to steemit with steemsongs. Musicians have fans, might be important for growth.

This is a great idea. We need to have more services built in steem blockchain to make it more successful. Being able to buy music with steem will make it more like a currency rather than just token. The adoption will increase and steemit prices will shoot. I am planning to work on SteemQA a QA website based on steem blockchain.

Good idea! Following you...

This is wonderful. The most exciting thing about steem is the micro payments that are possible. 10 cents per track direct to an artist is probably more than they'd see with a label and record deal. This is disruptive technology at its best. Wishing you luck.

The artist/writer will receive the whole 100% of the payment

That is true.

I think this is a good idea, especially for me who likes music. Through the download store that you kembkan later I can explore the sigle and new album.
I will be waiting for new music and artist and certainly very interesting on the premiere.
Thank for share this [email protected]

Great post

This is a solid idea. It would be nice if you could provide a ribbon-style Steemit app web plug-in that plays random songs or links to a Steemit Radio Station.

If we could provide ways to self-monetize through some such ribbon for Steemvertisers then it could also pay that way. Not sure if advertising is the way to go on it, though.

Thanks for the message. It will definitely be downloads first of all... perhaps streaming (radio style) in the future.

Great job guys , i very much love your project and i will follow it.

Wow! This sounds indeed like an idea with a great potential to connect not only features but many people in the future. :)

I think it's a great idea.

Great post!
I like that you added!

I'll consider buying if the price is fair . How to producers signed up to sell content ?might know some dudes that are great producers and singers

Music will be 1 SBD / Steem.

Well , that is cheap . Sounds great , how do you plan gathering artists to sign up selling their work?

We already have a number of big artists already - see here

I work in music and have various connections. We actually have a few very exciting composers that are interested in signing up... more on that shortly.

when we say steemit is taking over, is not just by blabbing. now this is a good thought out plan that is gonna make steemit one of the best and most popular sociall media platform. kudos

amazing idea !!
would love to sell my music for Steem !!

That is true! Have a wonderful day! Following you...

Great idea!

wow you do have it all down - I hope it will work and I do not see a reason why some of artists from youtube or Paterons would not want to come to steemsongs _ so I 'm following you guys and hope to see this project grow

Every creativity is worth thousands! Best!

wow wow wow great post, thanks

Oh yay!! What a GREAT project!! Everyone relates to music... it's what soothes the soul! Keep up the great work! ❤ upvoted!

Man!, i am so excited about this!, been waiting long time!, happy to hear news regarding steemsongs... I am curious about the fuding artist-influncers thing, how does that works?

BTW, just an idea, steemsongs could feature selling not only audio, but videos too, music videos of the artist of course, and also related download stuff, like backingtracks, tablature, music transcriptions, isolated tracks etc... Would be great that artists could sell all their merchandise with steem on this platform, also people would have more stuff to buy with the steem...

It would be no problem to integrate any of these things. Really I hope this opens the door to many more shops built on Steem. Our strength is our community.

Great idea I think it's a great job.

WOW... this is big :)

This is huuge! Can't wait to unlock songs via upvotes! We need more reasons to hold SP and this is a important step towards it. Imagine the day you can use your upvotes like credit card to pay for anything! One click and you're done.

Me too also upvoted this, what instrument(s) do you play if any... following you...

I have couple instruments but can't play any of them really, lol. I'm looking to being able to download songs however so I could do some studio magic with them.

Cool what kinds of songs are you looking to download? I play electric bass!

I really can't play any instruments myself sadly.

Thanks for this post @igster
Have a wonderful day! Can I ask you a huge personal favour?

Thanks. Who do you know that is really good at coming up with new ideas for starting businesses?


loved your project so much and following it starting from now

Nice idea!
Good luck :)

Well done and good luck

This is really nice! I would also like to see some integration with condenser project, allowing post owners to pay for music they wish to be played at their posts and a fair share of that revenue between the post owner and the music author.

Great idea for a social media

This is going to be a huge creative breakthrough. I'm already excited for this!

Nice post

I noted it :
Problem :
We must not forget that the artists are the artists, not the person creating the latest hyped Spotify playlist. Giving premieres to Spotify (a tech company with a side interest in music) or Tidal (said to be owned by the artists but is actually owned by a set of multi millionaire artists). The premiere is great for the company but does it further the career of the artist?

Solution :
Steemit is the forward thinking option that gives you access to the world of blockchains. The tie in with blogging means that artists can describe their process for extra cash to boost their sales. It's clear that writing and premiering music on Steem can be incredibly effective - this post is the equivalent of an extra 2000 digital sales.

Perfect.... liket it ... you writing Cases and solutions
You have Root cause problem solving.
Thanks brother and remember, i have invite you than i hope you invite me too. Thanks.

Best regards

Me too I upvoted this, what instrument(s) do you play if any... following you...

na man no way

Thanks For Share.

This sounds like an incredible idea. Hope you can make it happen!

Great idea! This has so much potential and will really help Steem.

Looks like a great project. All the best to you on this.

This is amazing. Some emotions cannot be expressed in words much like music. Wish you guys good luck for this venture.

i'd definitely like to participate in this if it actually happens. It would be a great way for musicians to make money because one by one musicians are losing their ways of making money. Music is such an important part of my life and if musicians aren't getting paid as much we won't have as much quality music coming out. Things like this can turn the music industry back around.

We have more motivation to create original music now.

This sounds AWESOME.

Great idea; looking forward to see how it goes!

Probably the best Idea I have heard in awhile. I cannot wait for this to become a reality.

an excellent proposal! excited to see further developments

I think this is a great thing. As an independent singersongwriter, Im always looking for more ways to put my music out there, be heard and attract new listeners/fans. I'm already seeing a more positive response here on Steemit in the short amount of time I've been here. I would gladly take part in this. ✌🏼


Steemit platform is opportunity for innovative ideas.yes @steemsongs is another initiative could be breakthrough for steemit platform .I really support this idea retweet and upvote you .

This is a fantastic conversation! Re-steemed.

I am also a musician(at least i try to be). Would love to be a port of this.

Brilliant idea.

this is a brilliant idea :)

this is a freaking cool idea.

Very interesting indeed. Another way to monetize content creation in the form of Steem. Signed up.

I will follow up this trend

These are important steps as the platform is growing. While I like to write essay like stories about my life and music, there should be "plug-ins" or integrated blockchains for other kind of medias and the opportunity to use my steem to consume them. I think this will happen in future. Once steem has services for music and video, there is no limit where steemit can go.

Keep up the good work!

In my opinion, if one wants to look for business partners, Youtube, spotify etc. are not the ones steem should go for in a long term. There are lots of blockchain based projects which are trying to offer video and music services. What If steem blockchain could exchange your steem to another coin in a fly with a smart contract when you want to play a video or music on your steem site? The only thing steem and the partner would need is a small piece of code in the platform and a wallet which supports those other coins.

Is it possible? I don't know, but thee are other blockchains which are developing these kind of features.

That's a really nice application, interesting

great post and good luck

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Thank you for this explanation The guide to dealing with steemit
with the statement of problems and solutions


@thisisbenbrick this gonna get huge , a platform for muscians as well as fans , we should have a discord server too , if u have already let me know also let me know if i can contribute in web design or dev of it.
Great Work!

Do you guys except audio recording? Or will video's be required because I have a recording of a song I made.

This is a great idea.

You guys are bringing in new ideas day in day out on how to make steemit community to keep on growing the more. Am in support of all all positive ideas that will add value to steem token, i pray all good new ideas should be accomplished ASAP

It's a great project for sure! Steemit needs more project like this to spread offline!

Great initiative! I hope too see it very soon

Good post

glad that you're including the upvotes option. I'll be sharing my music for free just for upvotes.

Very nice initiative @thisisbenbrick i just love the fact that so many individuals are doing their utmost best to grow the steemit platform in rapid succession. Sometimes it feels like a bit of overkill but this is a really great idea!

This sounds amazing ! Im a songwriter, who is new to steemit and this just made this already attractive platform all the more attractive !!

Thats a great idea! I was just talking about Steemit with a friend thats an upcoming artist. This would be a great platform to monetize his music!

Nice idea, thanks so much for this! Have a wonderful day!

People who know of me on here, know of the work myself and others put toward developing our own music application for the Steem blockchain, and I'd like to take a moment to say how incredibly impressed I am at the way this is developing. You've done a great job leading this project @thisisbenbrick and I believe you're the perfect Steemit user for this endeavour. I'm of course a little envious that we weren't able to gather the immense support that you have. If I had to guess I'd say that's because this project is much more integrated with Steemit, which is a great thing. With that being said, as an artist, I'm very excited to use Steemsongs.
Best of luck to the team behind this!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Keep it up. Wish you a blessed weekend.

i am a little singer from hong kong and wish can be a part of the project . wish all the best on steemsongs and i also wirte a post about this update and hope can let people from my country also know about this thank you so much

Thanks for your post! I look forward to seeing your music on @steemsongs

thanks all your effort on this project ! Music is a global language, really looking forward steemsongs will help us to spread more LOVE on steemit ! =)

Me too also upvoted this, what instrument(s) do you play if any... following you...

What an amazing project!!! I love to see that.

@drewsmusic: that is designed for you.

very good idea!

Wow! I really appreciate your project. I will be huge soon. I'm sure about it. It's next reason to growth Steemit community. Thanks! I'm following you! Upvoted :)

Me too also upvoted this, what instrument(s) do you play if any... following you...

Such an awesome idea! I'd like to support this all the way! Check out my inspirational song and tell me what you think. Thnx :)

This is beautiful.

this is an another amazing creation, this shows how the community and how everyone here wants to see steemi grow, this is just great, can't wait to know more about it.


This is very very exciting and I'm completely stoked at the idea. As a musician, it's great to have a a different avenue to sell and grow what we make and to focus solely on gaining more steem. I think it strengthens the entire platform! Amazing.

is it available in india

Nice idea and one that will surely make the community grow bigger. I would suggest a mini app in which we can easily access the music section of the community for On-the-go enjoyment and easy uploading for writers likewise. People would be bored in trying to navigate there and also rating each writers compose.

An exciting idea! and it connect fans with musicians too. Making listening/buying music less of passive.

Very great Idea, I really love it, steem will boost like rocket and will never be stoppable.

This sounds like an incredible idea. Hope you can make it happen!

Steemit is getting better and better by the day. This is a very good initiative.. I got to resteem this

Great idea 💡

Very good idea and very bright thinking , really very thing is decentralize now. good job!!

As a musician/producer and former music teacher I think this is a brilliant idea. It is a great way for young artists to find an audience and a potential market for their artistry away from the noise of established platforms and online stores. Also a great alternative to SoundClound given their uncertain future (even with the possible investment in the works for them).

What is the best way to get onto the platform or to introduce it to other artists looking for new distribution channels or exposure?

For sure just start writing and posting music. Join Follow others.

I really like this post, please permit me to resteem

steemit is the real game changer. Great news and we are waiting patiently for it.
Good luck guys!

Sounds good. How are you doing with iTunes and Spotify? Someone else is recieving the payments i dollars or some fiat and paying the creator in SBD? Or the creator/artist is going to recieve the money direct from the digital platforms? I hope I'll be able to upload some of my works!

Songs sold on Steem (that you own master/publishing for) you'll retain 100%. If we are able to implement iTunes and Spotify functionality then @Steemsongs will be the aggregator so seperate deals will need to be made.