1st set of artists revealed...

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In my last post I discussed the initial functionality for @Steemsongs. This post describes the initial set of artists that will be available.

Whilst we plan to allow uploads for anyone, this will be part 2 of the roll out. Initially we will be providing a curated list of artists that will be hand picked for @Steemsongs.

Steem-Songs-1 Close Up.png


Some of the artists who have signalled their interest (including @steemsongs team of @thisisbenbrick and @avecsans) are:

@elyar (singer with 1.5m Facebook fans), Peter Gregson (World Soundtrack Music Award nominee who scored Kate Winslet movie A Little Chaos), Gary Go (artist, composer and writer of hit 2-million-seller Cinema).

We are at the forefront of new technology with an incredibly fast blockchain that can confirm transactions in 3 seconds, and with a growing userbase it's been quite easy to get a number of artists/friends to give me the permission to include their music for @steemsongs.

I hope you're all as excited as I am to welcome these incredible talents to @steemsongs which will be launching soon.



I'd like to be a part of this. Listen to my latest creation -

Steemit is opening up many possibilities for creators

This is Amazing.

I don't think people even realize how empowering this technological platform will be! Super excited to see where this actually goes! Cheers @ecoknowme

How do we get artists to be heard by you @thisisbenbrick? I have some amazing new talent to introduce to you @edenmichelle @owenkay @danshaw @shaewebbmusic. Can I submit their songs?

You can also tag their music for @steemradio! Find out more!

Send me a message on, and make sure your registered on the link at the bottom of the post. When we start accepting submissions we'll e-mail you.

Thanks @thisisbenbrick - I'm not part of - Is there an email address that I can send music to or if I tag their music for @steemradio will that be enough?

i love steemit

Yep good news so far! Just get that train rollin!


This is Amazing. Would this be for Producers as well? DJ's that come up cool easy beats and such. I wish I had a Microphone ;) is going to Change a Lot of how we currently do things.
Those that have struggled without Big sponsor support and those that have gained it will be able to Rise up with the STEEM!!

We are not nearly as successful as the above-mentioned artist but we would love to be part of Steemsongs, we have subscribed to the website, is there anything else we need to do?

Very cool concept! I will have to start making music again :)

It's going to be interesting as to how people react to non mainstream media, while being paid to react to it for the first time! I'm psyched! Cheers.


This looks very interesting, I'm gonna have to keep an eye on it.

What a great opportunity to the musicians and music lovers on here. Waiting for it anxiously. :)

I def want in on all this. Fantastic. will be jumpin on discord soon to collect more info

We aren't on Discord. You can contact on or sign up to receive updates. Thanks!

yeah i signed up... i just ment will mingle the topic on discord

Will the music be bought or paid for with steem?

Yes, steem or SBD, and eventually up votes.

I said it before and I will say it now again! This is one cool project and I want to help if possible! Maybe we can create some #steemradio-steemsongs tag and grow it with the help of the community. If you have ideas please tell me how can I help!

What can you read on @steemradio today:
Hey DJ! Let me hear your DJ Mix!

Im an inspired artist and would like full details on this project, please in due diligence make another post explaining a little more.

Thanks @arcaneinfo please check my older posts for more information :)

Oh I didn't know this website ! Thanks a lot for the share ! 😃

I'll definitely be on the look out for this, thanks.

Im curious if I can participate too! I'm a producer and really would like to show my knowledge and skills in music production. I uploaded a video of a production in my last posts I hope you will check it out @steemsongs @thisisbenbrick @evescans @eylar. Hope to hear from you.. Thnx for this post i follow for sure

Hi @thisisbenbrick - I posted four days ago and it doesn't look like you have seen this - Help!!! What have I done wrong?

WOW! I registered, thanks for sharing! Looking forward, cool post!

awesome stuff i am a singer composer myself looking for interesting platforms to release my songs. check out my songs on

My cousin is a Bay Area Singer and I am working to get her on to steemit just to have a profile and start sharing, but with steemsongs she will be more interested. I would definitely like to see more about it and can't wait to show her! go check her out, her name is SabrinaSounds @thisisbenbrick! thank you for sharing!

OMG! OMG! OMG! I loooove Gary if ya'll ain't my tribe. I'm definitely going to register my interest. This is niiiiice.

I´m ready for upload and share my music. I have an coposers project since 9 years ago and We want to move the steemsong community!! ...When?

Great one !

God! This is such a brilliant idea! Can’t wait for it to be launched! How can i join?

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