Let the dreams in your heart be stronger than the fears in your mind. There are rocks that will try to block your way but your dedication and determination are more powerful than them. You are unstoppable!

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Aside from the early months, the unstable movements of SBD and Steem are giving us a hard time to the point that we almost quit. Don't let it lose your faith and hope; have the courage to stay in the race no matter what!

@botefarm's Reaching 1000 Followers On Steemit. Hurray

I remembered my first day here, Jan 24th, 2018 to be precise, my account was finally opened to the general public 😎😎. I made my first introductory post and earned some few dollars, can't remember the actual amount but I know it was less than $1. The journey has been tasking, so tasking on my part, I came in when 1 Steem = $2-3. With the little then you can still be happy logging in everyday to take in your bite of the blockchain cake. But gradually, things turns out the other way, months after months the steem value starts depreciating, going down so bad it makes many accounts inactive for weeks, weeks turned to months, and friends I could see no more.

When you are sick, you often see yourself as a weak person but did you know that we can use it for our self-realization? We should start noticing those simple things that we took for granted, always show appreciation!

@inspiredgideon1's Experiences And Lessons From The Last Sickness I Just Recovered From --Part 1

In my last article I talked about life being a mystery and how it fades away within seconds. That statement was as a result of a serious health issue I had recently and I was even struggling to breath in oxygen and currently on drugs and recovering gradually. I learnt some lessons and got some experiences which I will share in this article and in the subsequent ones. There are certain things we look at like from life and think it's just normal and one's right to have it, not knowing it's a blessing and recently I found out that it was indeed a blessing.

We tend to forget how to enjoy life when we are busy but bear in mind that you must also take a break. Why not bring your family to some historical places? Savor the moment and learn from the past at the same time!

@yanzel4lyf 's A Visit to One of the Historical Places in Leyte (MACARTHUR PARK)❤

Indeed history can go well together with leisure. With a job such as mine, traveling can seldom be done. Visiting great places with family and friends sometimes would be hard when we have more important things to do. However, when Holidays come or when we have spare time, we wanted to make the most of it. My two kids, my husband and I were able to visit MacArthur Landing Memorial Park at Palo, Leyte, Philippines last Tuesday since it was a regular holiday here in our country. So, we decided to just have some fun.

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