DMV: A Study in Stupidity

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I just spent thirty or forty minutes driving to the nearest DMV office, sitting in a chair, and then getting my picture taken so bureaucrats could issue me a little piece of plastic that is nearly identical to the little piece of plastic I already had. This was the fastest and most efficient experience I ever recall having at the DMV.

I’m guessing that so far, you don’t find this story very thrilling. However, there is a reason I bring it up.

It is almost impossible to fully comprehend the extent to which “government” acts as a giant drain on society. It does so in so many ways by using up people’s time, money and energy, inflicting stress on them, and putting obstacle after obstacle in the way of people who are just trying to live their lives and get stuff done. Today I want to point out how even the most mundane, seemingly innocuous aspect of “government” constitutes a massive waste of time and energy.

The reason I went to the DMV today was not because I really, really wanted to have a very slightly different piece of plastic in my wallet. No, as with most people who go there, it was purely an act of self-defense. I know that if the badge-wearing thugs of the state catch me driving without that piece of plastic—the one that says that the politicians have given me their holy legislative permission to drive a car—then bad things might happen to me, up to and including me getting kidnapped and caged (or shot, if I chose to resist). So, while I feel no moral obligation to possess that piece of plastic, I got one so that the mindless drones of the state don’t do nasty things to me. (That’s the same reason I have a “permit” to carry a concealed firearm.)

I am guessing that that is the same reason almost everyone at the DMV today was there: because the “law” says that they have to have their own little pieces of plastic in order to avoid being fined or imprisoned for being “criminals.” Looking around the room there I counted about a hundred people, mostly mere peasants, along with maybe a dozen or so state bureaucrats. That seems to be about the usual crowd in there.

Think about what that means. All day, every business day, around a hundred people are sitting around in that room. Of course, it’s not the same people all day, or day after day, but it still means that in that one room, around 800 man-hours of productivity are wasted every day. That is the equivalent of hiring a hundred people, full time, indefinitely, to produce absolutely nothing of value. And that is one DMV office. There are over fifty others in Pennsylvania.

So, roughly speaking, that means that the equivalent of around five thousand people in Pennsylvania spend day after day, year after year, producing nothing of real value for society, just for the sake of having those pieces of plastic.

Now add to that the fact that most of the people there were forced to pay for the “privilege” of sitting around for a while getting nothing done. (They don’t give those stupid pieces of plastic away for free, ya know!) So not only does the process waste the equivalent of an entire work day for five thousand people every day, but it also costs the victims (they are not customers) thousands of dollars every day to fund the idiotic spectacle. And remember, these numbers are based on the process being as fast and efficient as I have ever seen it. So on average it may be even worse.

For perspective, here are five thousand very small smiley faces:

How much would five thousand people, working full time for an entire year, have contributed to society? Instead, all that time and effort is wasted, day after day, year after year, just so Pennsylvanians can get a new stupid piece of plastic every four years. And, of course, that is downright trivial compared to many of the other ways in which “government” wastes the time, energy and resources of productive people.

"But if not for government, who would waste everyone's time and money?"


I took this picture last year. Think of the time and effort it took to inform people of...wait for it...NOTHING!

I like to imagine "END ROAD WORK" signs as protest signs whenever I see them. I smile.

hahaha. YES. let's start making signs that tell you what isn't happening...

Yep, That sign is 100% the real deal. First time I drove by I thought I had read it wrong. Turned around and went back and...nope I had read it correctly.

"Everything is fine, keep driving" Ok, thanks I already fuckin know that


It could mean that all the construction work and equipment that is apparent is in fact the normal state of affairs, so this is a notice of such. OTOH, probably not.

That's as good as the sign that was put up to tell people that the sign had sharp edges and they shouldn't touch it...

Or, consider that this sign and its opposite "road work in progress" indicate almost the same condition. In the states of CA & NV I see work in progress about 10% of the time, but even then I have to slow down and look around. I see: Four-five men in suits standing around talking while ONE (1) person in work cloths does the work.
Where no people are around, the fines are still doubled. Why? How is that fair? Why should I pay a double fine just because someone put up a sign warning of "road work" which is not happening? Because the majority gave their power away, creating a predatory gang that preys on them, and now they don't have the will to take it back.

Driver's licenses. One of the most absolutely absurd pieces of the statist puzzle. What really chaps my ass is the group of people who insist, with absolute certainty, that roads would be death races without government licensing.

Right. Because obviously STAYING ALIVE is only a priority for people because politicians tell them it should be. /sarcasm

Oh, glad I saw the sarcasm note. I live in CA, and having a license has NOTHING to do with anybodies ability to drive safely out here.

Which is the exact reason that licensing (of all forms) is nothing more than revenue generation scams.

Don't even get me started on "vehicle registration."

"Yep, that's a car. Now give us a pile of money. And come back and do it again in a few years... so we can confirm its existence again."

But without government licensing, there would be chaos. It would be sheer anarchy.

Their is something seriously wrong with Ca drivers over all. I call them 'qualude people', They are like zombies. I no longer have the patience to drive a car, not enough horsepoewer. Im a year round biker now for this very reason.

Yeah, like Florida has a no state vehicle inspections. Yet, most other states do. Doesn't mean people are going to drive with less safe cars. How about the Government start teaching personally responsibility and promote individual freedom of choice.

Dont forget... their would be no roads without

Ha Ha! So funny yet so true @larkenrose
Great post, cheers!

That's hilarious! If you have the time, I think you would appreciate this standup video by TJ Miller where he goes to the DMV and wanted to make a funny face, but they would not let him so he came up with a genius plan. I don't think you will be disappointed.



TJ Miller DMV Part 1
TJ Miller DMV Part 2

One of the few comedy bits I watch multiple times a year.

well that's disappointing... this site is not available in the UK . once again I am being censored .how much worse this will be once the US hands over the keys to of the internet to the globalists this month. all of us will only see what our governments want us to see. how to bypass this problem ! Anyone?

Use a vpn or proxy to bypass (It may cost up to $7 or so for a good one) Take a look here It will make it look like your computer is connecting from a different country and allow you to have uncensored internet. I know this is done in China since a lot is censored. (I believe facebook may be blocked actually or twitter)

Aside from your point, made beautifully I might add, you touch upon a critical conundrum. When and how do we get off this friggin joyride and stop giving in to a system we know to be corrupt and illusionary? I'd venture to say that the vast majority of people who follow your work also have DLs, pay taxes, get permits, permissions, etc., the very things we all rail against. We all keep saying that singularly, the individual is helpless, but in numbers we have strength and that there are more of "us" than "them", etc., but how can that be executed in real-life?

I know you felt like a hypocritical shit going there. I know I always do.

It's all a numbers game. When enough people understand how stupid the game is, and just stop playing it--all at once--the state can't do a damn thing about it. When it's only a few, here come the jackboots! That's why I focus almost entirely on changing more minds. The specific solutions will then take care of themselves.

I agree wholeheartedly. I suppose my "when" in my comment was fairly hypothetical but it just gets harder to tolerate it until that time arrives. Until then we can only do what we can.

I suggest you look up what a SECURITY or SURETY is (legal definition). It has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with paying debts... And as a man, you have the right to the person's security... That's the right that actually protects men and women from slavery...

To truly stop participating, you need to learn how the law works and be willing to sit in a cell from time to time.

I used to do exactly that and it worked nicely. The problem, of course, is that the moment you have a family you not only put yourself at risk, but all of them as well.

Hopefully one day enough of us will see the truth to turn things around. Of course, someday we have to come up with a way to get organized. In the mean time I'll just continue to practice jury nullification and try to get people interested in law.

Educating people is to set them free... keeping them ignorant keeps them imprisoned.

If you take the time to ask a cop why they need to see your license they might say something like, 'Because I don't know who you are' - as if identity is a product of the state and having that piece of plastic somehow gives the cop any extra insight. But try putting that the other way - insist that you need to see their license for the same reason. 'Well, officer, how do I know who you are? We've never met so, to me, you're just a stranger making threats.'

Most people don't know this, but if a cop stops you in North America... you are de facto "under arrest". The cop can use any force necessary to go about his business since you are "under arrest". HIs/her first job is to determine if you are a threat, so being uncooperative will rapidly escalate the situation. I almost got shot a few years ago in a similar, completely benign situation. Kinda like this dude.

If you ever get a cop on the witness stand, be sure to ask what they would have done had you not complied. That tends to wipe out any notion of consent.

What % of the population would defend the cop in this situation? Way too many. To recognize the tyranny this represents is to accept responsibility for it, partially, if you support the idea of govt. That is an inconvenient truth that is "felt" not openly acknowledged. To openly face the tyranny would be too painful and frightening for most. Next they would have to think of all their responsibility. That is avoided by "willful ignorance", i.e., compartmentalizing. It represents a disrespect for the truth that will corrupt their entire life experience, and leave them wondering sometimes "why me?"

Larken, I find it very disingenuous / hypocritical of you to preach one thing and then do the complete opposite. I mean, you preach against government control and a slave mentality and then do exactly what the government demands its slaves to do. In other words, you preach an anti-government, anti-slave message and then go out and do exactly what a good little slave is ordered to do and get a “DRIVERS LICENSE”, which is nothing more than a PERMISSION slip (from your political masters) to travel in your own private vehicle.

You have a lot of followers Larken, and they hold on to every word you preach, but you are NOT living up to the message that you preach, or leading by example by practicing what you preach. What kind of example are you setting by doing the opposite of what you preach? If you’re going to do the very things you preach against... your words become meaningless. I’m surprised that NO one has called you on this already.

What’s the purpose of all the preaching if you’re going to do that which you condemn and preach against? It’s meaningless... Don’t you agree? If I told my child that smoking was bad for not only himself but society as a whole, and then lit up a cigarette after each and every meal, what kind of example would that be setting and what credibility would it give to my words? None Larken... absolutely none!

You have thousands of followers, Larken. Whose going to lead the way by living up to the message that you preach? Who going to set the example? Who going to starting ignoring government out-of-business as you propose in your messages? That’s your responsibility Larken! As the person preaching the message you have a MORAL responsibility to lead the way by practicing exactly what you preach. Heck, if the person preaching the message is NOT living up to the message, then the message is meaningless.

To preach that government should be ignored out-of-existence and then to acknowledge government’s authority and existence by obeying what government tells you to do sends the message that government is an authority that should be obeyed and NOT ignored. It sends the wrong message Larken... so when are you going to start living your message and ignoring government out-of-business?

Your hypocritical actions will also cause your followers to continue acknowledging government by obeying government’s mandates, so government will NEVER go away, as you claim in your messages. The only way to make it go away is to start ignoring it out-of-existence, as you propose. Otherwise, nothing will change.

And since you’re the one preaching the message of ignoring government out-of-existence you have the moral RESPONSIBILITY to lead the way. Anything short of that is hypocritical and useless... When do you intend to start leading the way? It’s your message so you should be leading the way. Just preaching a message and not living the message is meaningless...

I mean, I preach against the filth of homosexuality and therefore do NOTHING to advance, condone, enhance or support the filth of homosexuality in anyway. Therefore, I practice what I preach... I live up to the message that I put forth. How about you Larken? Why aren’t you living the message that you preach?

Why don’t you start practicing what you preach by NOT obeying the mandates of government so government will go away? Why don’t you practice what you preach by leading the way in ignoring government out-of-existence? Otherwise, you’re wasting everyone’s time by blowing hot air... remember, hypocrites NEVER change anything because their followers NEVER get anything done and that’s because they follow the lead of the lying hypocrite who never does anything himself but talk. You see, hypocrites talk the talk but producers walk the walk... When are you actually going to stop talking the talk Larken, and begin walking the walk by walking the talk?

People are watching Larken... they want to see more than mere talk... they want to see action... they want to see the preacher (Larken Rose) practice what he preach. If you don’t live up to your message and practice what you preach then you’re just another useless HYPOCRITE spewing a lot of hot air and promoting a useless, meaningless message of nothing... it’s just that simple.

Practice what you preach and begin ignoring government out-of-existence. Stop paying for their ability to control you... I have a post wherein you admit to paying taxes and obeying other governmental mandates, thereby supporting government and its policies... you support those policies because you pay for government’s existence.... Walk the walk Larken and lose the useless talk.

I expect a harsh reply because, as usual, I’ve touched a very tender spot in your heart. Nevertheless, be careful in your response, as any emotional out-burst will NOT look well for you. Thanks.

I agree. Publishing this has done more damage than good. People are following you Larken. Change is about action and nothing else.

Will leave this here for anybody who is interested in not using the corporate issued, driver permission cards. According to Common Law (which applies to sovereign people, AKA non-corporate entities), there is no such thing as a drivers license..

"There is no such license known to Texas Law as a “driver's license”" [Frank John Callas v. State, 167 Tex. Crim. 375; 320 S.W. 2D 360.

"We have held that there is no such license as a driver's license known to our law" [Claude D. Campbell v. State, 160 Tex. Crim. 627; 274 S.W 2d 401].

"An information charging the driving of a motor vehicle upon a public highway without a driver's license charges no offence, as there is no such driver's license know to the law" [Keith Brooks v. State 158 Tex. Crim. 546; 258 S.W. 2D 317].

"There being no such license as a “driver's” license known to the law, it follows that the information, in charging the driving of a motor vehicle upon a highway without a license, charges no offence" [W. Lee Hassell v. The State, 149 Tex Crim. 333; 194 S.W. 2D 400].

The reason it is not law is because it is “United States” fictitious color of law. It applies to their US citizen slave corporation. NOT to sovereign individuals. Watch this video to learn more:

And of course, that doesn't even count the opportunity cost. Maybe that 40 minutes would have been otherwise spent walking down the sidewalk or something, where someone might have noticed some cool unique way to produce something or earn more money or whatever. But because they instead went to the DMV, they didn't see that opportunity at that moment. These kinds of costs are literally incalculable. You can't quantify that kind of thing, because it's so purely random.

Yeah you don't know who would find a cure to AIDS or cancer, or abolish poverty or start the next Spacex or whatever.

If you combine this with all the states everywhere, and not just DMV but everything every government does... Mind blowing.

Legally, you do not need a license at all if you are not conducting business on the roads. Our tax dollars paid for the public roads and it's a RIGHT not a privilege to drive.. Most people just don't realize that or aren't willing to go through the motions every time they get stopped or hire a full-time lawyer to defend them for it. It goes along with our right to motion and our right to travel as well as the pursuit of happiness and a right to locomotion. Most won't take the chance, as they are in fear of what these hired thugs will do to them if they don't comply with their illegal and immoral practice of extortion.. If more people would realize that their RIGHTS are being taken from them and deemed "privileges," then maybe we could enact some real form of change.. (As much as one can honestly expect out of the marxist, bourgeoisie, oligarchy we call "democracy.")

Remember, you do not need a "license" to legally drive, as driving is not a privilege, but a RIGHT. Only if you are conducting business or transporting goods, do you need to be licensed, as you are using public roads in the means of making profits. These rights are INALIENABLE which means that they CAN NOT and SHOULD NOT be taken from us.. However, most of us submit.. As we are taught at an early age that it is the law and required, although it cannot be legally required.

There have been many court cases setting this precedent.

This concept is further amplified by the definition of personal liberty:

"Personal liberty largely consists of the Right of locomotion -- to go where and when one pleases -- only so far restrained as the Rights of others may make it necessary for the welfare of all other citizens. The Right of the Citizen to travel upon the public highways and to transport his property thereon, by horse drawn carriage, wagon, or automobile, is not a mere privilege which may be permitted or prohibited at will, but the common Right which he has under his Right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Under this Constitutional guarantee one may, therefore, under normal conditions, travel at his inclination along the public highways or in public places, and while conducting himself in an orderly and decent manner, neither interfering with nor disturbing another's Rights, he will be protected, not only in his person, but in his safe conduct."
II Am.Jur. (1st) Constitutional Law, Sect.329, p.1135

Incase you would like to read up a bit more on it.. Click this.

"Oh I'm sorry sir, you also need a proof from the imaginary mafia that you live on this land mass too"

What the government doesn't want you to know about driver's license... Watch this NOW... and then watch all of Eddie Craig's (former cop) videos, which can be found here:

When the screen asked me if I wanted to register to vote, it took great restraint to not put my finger through the computer monitor by hitting "NO" too hard.

What's up, larkenrose. I hear where you are coming from as an anarchist. I would like to respectfully provide my point of view on the subject. I may not be very well received for saying so, but I actually do think our quality of life is improved by DMVs nationwide. I'm not saying that there isn't room for improvement, such as providing more online options so these thousands of people can use their time more productively. ('cause the majority of these people are extremely productive, right?)

DMVs promote safety on our roads by ensuring that those they license meet minum requirements of knowledge and skill to operate their vehicles on the roads. DMVs also help keep the roads safe by imposing penalties and requirements on those who drive under the influence of intoxicants.

In addition to that, in many states the fees are used to build and maintain the roads and bridges we drive on every day without even thinking about how it came to be.

Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to contradict you, I respect you as a leader in the Steemit and anarchist community. I am learning a lot from you and others here. Just wanted to pose my point of view.

As you experienced, DMVs have worked hard to improve their services and reputation.

My question for you is, how do you see a transportation system working in a government free community?

  1. The DMV doesn't offer "services." It extorts people and forces them to do stupid crap. There's a difference.

  2. Given the people who have licenses, those "minimum requirements" seem to be mostly mythical. It's a way for the state to get money, and nothing else.

  3. Unlike most people, I DO think about how roads "came to be," which is why I know what a horrendously bad deal it is, given all the ways (mainly gasoline taxes) that people get robbed to fund such a crappy job.

  4. Describing possible transportation alternatives may require a separate post, since it's a bit much for a comment.


Of course, right... The minute you stop paying you suddenly lose those "knowledge and skills" needed to safely use a car...

It's nothing more than YOU paying for the PERMISSION to use something that you worked to earn, but surrendered the TITLE TO THEM, by REGISTERING it with THEM.

When they slap your face on that piece of plastic and you sign and pay for it, you accept a TENDER, you accept THEIR conditions (acts, codes and statutes), and you do so as THEIR PROPERTY/SLAVE, by IDing as THEIR PERSON (the LEGAL NAME), the one you use in COMMERCE (car / carriage / transportation) every day, earning and using THEIR dollars...

I know it's hard to live without using a car on public roads these days, and that's why I focus my time, knowledge and energy on fighting bigger scams, like income tax and the right to the person's SECURITY.

I would, however, serve them notice that the only reason I accept to pay is because I KNOW I could be shot and/or killed, and so I only pay to avoid being uselessly aggressed by violent irresponsible strangers with low IQ...

Strike the Root! Do not be sidetracked by the symptoms, go after the decease. The root of the problem is the superstitious faith in force as a primary means of social interaction. Attack that belief. Discredit the morality of inflicting violence on innocents, "for their own good" or "the common good". This myth is the root of the problem.

The real toot of the problem is the voluntary consent to being ruled, that we gladly give them, because we believe we know stuff, while we actually ignore what we dont know... We just dont know we dont know...

"DMV's promote safety on our roads by ensuring that those they license meet a minimum requirement of knowledge and skill to operate their vehicles on the roads."

Are you absolutely kidding me? I moved to Philadelphia from Denmark in 2014. I had never had a drivers license in Denmark, mostly because it costs like 2000 dollars to get one. Let me tell you, the DMV's might as well not exist. I answered 13 questions on a test on a computer and passed even though I hadn't studied at all. Now I had a Learners Permit which meant I could drive if someone with a drivers license was sitting next to me. For the next month I was driving all over the place with absolutely no other skill and knowledge than that, and I couldn't even remember the test because it was retarded. After one month I went to take the test for my drivers license. First a check of the car (which I brought my self), then a parallel parking test and then we drove out of the parking lot, took a right, then another right and lastly a third right back in to the parking lot, and congratulations, I had a drivers license. I took around 5 minutes. Total cost: 38 dollars.

If that's minimum requirements, you might as well not have them. And consider this: While Pennsylvania authorities will punish you for not following their rules on this matter and drive around with an expired license because "muh public safety", they let people from other states drive around Pennsylvania even though they might come from a state where people can go for a much longer time to get their licenses renewed. Safety my ass.

here in the uk it is very expensive business to obtain a driving licence. with multiple courses in the name of safety creating a whole industry of instructors examiners and no end of meaningless paper pushing. it is not uncommon for new drivers to fail our driving test multiple times.with the only option being to pay the fees again , book another appointment and keep churning through the system until you get a pass. when I moved to a small town called bear river nova scotia canada I realized the test was just a simple form to fill a few dollars and a quick drive around the block . my wife and son also paid the fee and passed the test 1st time with no traffic on the road it was too easy! as uk citizens we are required by law to get the Canadian licence if staying there any length of time and is valid for five years. the great thing is to my sons delight it is also valid back in the uk Europe and the states so now travels back there every five years to renew it having a holiday at the same time. when in Canada I hand over a uk licence if stopped by the cops when in uk show the Canadian one what ever happens I enjoy being different and gaming there own system .it,s not totally non compliance but my was of resisting the controls over me wherever I am at the time . its always handy to have one or two back ups. I have even thought you could start a whole new business flying people to easy pass places who are having trouble passing a driving test in there own over crowded city/ country who desperately need them to function. there is always a positive spin other than just obey and comply i like tossing spanners in the works legally .

In the '70s I wanted to list my name in the phone book as Donald Duck because that was my nick name. MABELL refused citing copyright infringement. I changed by request to Don L. Duck and they agreed. Also, I found a way to stop filing the income tax form that worked by gaming the system.

Thank you for your unique "outsider" perspective. My theory on why it is so hard there and EU is that this is a control mechanism. Driving is freer than public transport. For govt. freedom is to be eliminated, except the "freedom" to produce wealth for the state.

I totally agree. I'm 33 and I'm going to learn how to drive near now near Seattle. Yeah, I'll get more plastic things like you too. Thanks for the post. I'm adding a link to your post in my new article about driving and stuff. I'm against driverless cars.

Good God, I'd lose my mind. I have a REALLY hard time sitting around in waiting rooms. If I don't have someone to talk to, or an internet connection on my phone to distract me, I get anxiety episodes that sometimes force me to leave. Even with the internet, I might have to leave if I have to wait too long. I admire people who can do it.

Fortunately, my state allows online driver's license renewals. I can just pay the fee online, and they send me a new one. I've had the same photo on my license for a decade, because I don't have to go in to an office to get it renewed. Thank the lord!

At least as far as the plastic to get the privilege to drive by our great rulers protecting us from chaos, here it's 10 years before you have to get a new one, apparently in the US you have gotten a new piece of plastic 2.5 times by then.
But i don't know what they charge you for that privilege, here they charge ~40 euros, that's ~40 euros too much (plus time wasted, though it usually takes no more then 10 minutes plus 2 when picking it up one week later. plus the cost of making a picture somewhere that is required.

It differs by state here in the U.S.S.A. In Pennsylvania it's every four years. In some states--or at least in Arizona--the same license is good for decades.

Ten years in California before you need to get a new picture and description. I recently updated mine and went from brown to gray in the process.

Correct. I have an Arizona license which I first received in 2008 after moving there. It doesn't expire until 2049 - and I have no intention of wasting my time or money renewing before that time.

I remember going to see the movie Zootopia here in China. My wife, like many Chinese women, love to see cute animal animated features, so we went.

In one scene, they go into DMV, and everyone working there is a sloth. I laughed hysterically out loud. Could they have chosen a better critter for the DMV?

For some reason, the locals didn't get it. I was the only one laughing. Maybe that's why Communism has been so successful here.

Government consists of death by 1,000 cuts.

When I was 16 years old I passed my drivers license test. The state sent me "their" approved card in the mail. One problem. They spelt my first name wrong. So I had to go back to the DMV to get a new one. In a week or two I received the new license in the mail. This time they spelt my last name wrong. Back to the DMV. A week or two later I got the new card. The license numbers from the first 2 cards didn't match the new card. Back to the DMV. The forth time was the charm. They got it all right. At the time (mid 90's) Minnesota identification cards had raised lettering on them, exactly the same as those 3-sided rulers you would use in architecture class. Thanks to the states incompatance I was able to use a utility knife to exchange a few numbers making it seem as if I were 18, and old enough to buy tobacco. I even had a couple of practice cards to try it out on first. I wish I had keep those cards.

Last time I went to the DMV it was very productive!! I took a picture on my phone of a sign that said "no cell phones allowed", which started a beautiful conversation with a bunch of people in line regarding a competitive market. Good people are out there :-)

I once knew a guy that intentionally, out of principal, and rights, answered the question wrong every termon his drivers licsense test that asked something along the lines of 'is driving a privilege, or a right?" I can think of noplace id rather NOT go more than this shit hole.

I just renewed my license last week. I was putting it off for months specifically because the DMV is such a dreadful experience. An incredible waste of time for literally everybody involved lol...

There are so many jobs that could easily be eradicated (or replaced by robotics), thus freeing up what little time we have here, and in turn, letting us spend that time solving problems that actually need to be addressed.

This definitely seems to be the biggest downfall of modern society. People are using their incredible brain power to day after day do mundane and meaningless tasks in the pursuit of some paper which has no real value. If the culture were to shift from the pursuit of money, to the pursuit of knowledge and advancement... I think we would see an incredibly awe-inspiring amount of innovation in all sectors of society.

These same thoughts were running through my head while I was at the DMV so thank you for solidifying my own disgust with the whole system lol

Okay, just breathe, @larkenrose, it will all work out just fine in the end. Remember to take your medication, and stand in line patiently with your spoon to ask: "More, please."

I've been coming around to your way of thinking. My great struggle now is with how to live a life consistent with the values of freedom and liberty. I'm a little disappointed to find out that you live in submission to the State too. Those little pieces of plastic cost fees, that are really just taxes. So you do pay taxes.

I understand of course. We all have to find a practical way to thrive under this tyrannical police state.

Could you write a Steem about living consistently with the values of liberty once you see through the illusion of government?

Not to mention the wasted labor of the people who are employed by the DMV.

But without government, who would issue you traveling permission papers? We can't have the unwashed masses traveling around freely without their papers in order, can we?

I love the question, "but if not for government, who would waste everyone's time and money?"

Because if thugs didn't force people to, people themselves cannot possibly take care of their own cars, and do so in a much more effective manner. :P