#Googlyeyes : I Reach A Star

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I have a big dream today. Someday I have to prove it becomes a true dreamer for reaching the star. If I had a faithful angel. The faithful angel who came down already would come and take me up the sky for grabbing a handful of clouds.


But when I look it back, I just an ordinary boy who spent all daily activities as normal person. Being a professional journalist is easy going in my dream, but become a real dreamer is nonsense because we’d never get to reach the star.


Boh putek jeut keu inspirasi. Luar biasa bang taufik.

hahahaha... inspirasi malam jum'at bang @munawar87

Haahaha abeh teuh.


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Yes... sometimes life gets disappointing. Sometimes we are let down by the things we experience.

I guess dreaming is not enough, we have to be committed and abide by righteousness if we want to fly with angels!

Yes of course @googlyeyes, thanks anyway for your biggest support and comment

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