Threatened about Britannia 2017 I need your Support, and competition.

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The Royal Mint have seen my articles on the 2017 Britannia and they want me to apologise to the designer and the Royal Mint, to take down all my videos and articles criticising the 2017 Britannia and not to attack any of there designs in the future and I must sign a declaration doing this.

And in the future if I slam of do a video and articles ridiculing there products I would face time in prison for my crime, plus they would not let me buy any coins from the Royal Mint, this is something I had to think long and hard about and in discussions with the Royal Mint I told them I would

No I said go FUCK yourself,

So I need you help and I am doing a poll if you like the 2017 Britannia reply Like, and if you hate the 2017 Britannia reply Hate, and please up vote as well as I have a special prize for one of you


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lol, i am enjoying your posts. Considering i bought one i had better vote like. Actually i do like it, to be honest if Britannia put on a few stone and was captured sat on a park bench eating a hotdog id still like it, its silver and its shiny, whats not to like.

In your previous life were you a magpie

I believe i can fly, i believe i can stack to the sky, in a previous life i was a magpie, im a stacker till i die, spread my wings....blah blah blah, i need to get some work done ive customers stood infront of me lol

haaha lol :)

Magpies are my favourite bird! I have been trying to befriend one recently, but their trust of us is nowhere near the level starlings seem to have. So far it just knows I'm the strange biped who throws out corned beef for it.

True, it is still a chunk of silver. I see what they did, it was them using the image of the country isle as the body for the Britannia but it has a flaw in that it makes the design look like she is sitting on the trident ... but the rest is history, britcoin has won the award for this description. If you ask me it seems that this putting a country and sticking arms and head on it like this Usually is a cartoon image. This is a little bit hasty in them just going for this design.

that's the thoughts in higher authority who are we to question why LOL


yeah shes riding her trident like a witch on a broomstick :)

What a bunch of pretentious retards , do they think they are above critisizm, its a horrible design anyway, it makes brittania look like a snail imo. That will be a NOOOO from me

hahaa yes i can see it now, snail britannia

First, upvoted

WTF seriously?!? we have such a thing called freedom of speech in this country

as for like or hate..........very tough one because im in the middle but im going to say hate - looks better in the hand that in pics but still not a good design

Freedom of speech that's a laugh, you can't say bo too a ghost without offending someone

I know, yet we have certain people chanting "death to the west" ect - that's tolerated because of "freedom of speech" freedom when it suits their agenda only

I know it sickens me to see how Britain is not for it's people but for the lodgers we have abusing our systems

I could talk all day on that one, im sick of it.

People said I am racist, I am married to a lady from Thailand 10 years, I have 2 year old daughter, how can I be racist?

Omg is this for real? Haha are they trolling YouTube and Steemit? Self conscious much haha

Did u say anythibg threatening about the designer in a post? That's the only thing I can think of for them to actually reply to u..maybe take that one down and we'll keep bashing that awful design still 😁

Over the last few days, I've seen a few references to a certain shed the designer should be taken out behind, so that's probably the kind of rhetoric they really object to. Anything else is just bad for sales, but they probably have to start talking libel when it's a perceived threat to an actual person? I'm no lawyer, so this is just speculative waffling from me.

Yes I made the shed comment, u get spanked behind the shed when you're a bad boy. Well that's how it works in Canada lol Do u think that's to harsh a critique? Idc anyways f anyone that can't take a joke. This is Steemit not YouTube, we say what we feel here aslong as it's not terribly hurtful u smell me? 😊

My association with the phrase comes from V for Vendetta "Take her out behind the chemical shed and shoot her" lol. I love that film. So that's where my mind went!

If it makes them think about what they are doing I am fine with it, they can't touch me I made no threats, they like to think we will bow down, I will not

Don't think the designers seen the post but he will soon.

I'm sorry for laughing, it's kinda hilarious they reached out to u. U hurt their feelings Regal 😂 I'll write u if u goto jail lol

can you send me cake with file in may help LOL

Here, do you think it'll pass inspection?

Bahahaha! Thx for the laugh. It would pass if the ppl they employ at the RM for quality control worked at the prison..oooh burn!


that should get by them, it will give them to beat me a put me in solitary I have seen the films years ago

hahaa lol!

Yes, I'll be sure to include some drugs too. I can buy yourself some security until u file your way out


Wow. That's quite the ultimatum. You could just buy through a proxy, a friend or family member, so it's a bit of a silly threat when you think of it. They have to protect their designer and any potential customers scared off by the criticism, naturally. But legal action against critical reviews is stepping over a mark, if that's how they phrased it. The Silver Forum has a lot of people vocally unhappy about it.. will there be deleted posts there soon too?

This is just one of the threads where it gets a critical mention:

The design has been getting panned every I go. Maybe they should just make better designs? 😊 Are ppl not supposed to share thier opinions anymore? Royal Mint is doing the damage to themselves..this won't help. While their at it they should step up their quality controls too..I seen many ppl showing damaged and spotted kings beast coins direct from the mint

I saw some terrible packaging in some unboxings as well. QC isn't their strong point at the moment.

People you say how they feel if you like it great it does not make me think any different of anybody, I hate brown sauce but does not mean I hate people who like it, each to there own

Something we can all agree on; it's a divisive coin.
I wonder if it will get a quick mention in the news or papers.

i HATE it! its just a really awkward design and it looks like shes shitting out Ireland

Are you sure this was the mint and not someone having a laugh?
I considered buying this coin, even though I hate the design. Because of all the marmite type chat about it, you know you either love it or hate it!! I thought it would be a super popular coin. Maybe the wanted video was upsetting to the designer, just take it down. They can't give you jail time for disliking a coin design, if so all the film and fashion critics better watch out!

Its going that way

It's been done before. Here's a few examples of the map coming alive:

Oh dear, can it actually be done right?

Well, here's an example of a compromise, where the map meets Britannia:

I think that last one shows it can be tastefully done.

I still think they should have made the map into a gown pattern or armor motif, this year.

I think I found next year's Sovereign Design! :P

shalinoth got it you design the next Britannia we will all buy it

What a crock! I would frame that letter haha. I really don't like the design and I'm really curious what other designs were proposed for them to pick THAT one? Stay safe, you opinion-having guy. Free thoughts are dangerous to have!

I agree with you and isn't there still free speech? I up voted and am going to resteem.

I am Groot! :D

I am not

Just Reading This. WTF happened to freedom of speech.

So There saying you cant be honest and speak the truth. The coin is being ridiculed because people are speaking truthful and saying its fucking awful 99% are genuinely saying it looks like shes taking a dump.

The only positive comments are from people trying to pump it.
Someone at royal mint should have grown a pair and said are you fucking serious that looks awful. But unfortunately we are living in a world were people wont speak up for fear of offending someone.

What about if someone is offended that they cant speak openly and truthful does that count.

I too would have told them to fuck off.

Not only do I Hate It I'm thinking what a great job the Chinese did with the bimetallic anniversary panda.
Then Royal mint Founded since 886 AD come up with this. Its nothing to be proud about is it.

I would say having an opinion on the coin is fine, but making statements about the designer himself is making it personal. I mean, as a designer, he does have the freedom to design as he pleases. The design being "bad" is subjective. I feel like the poor kid should be left out of any criticism. No need to be hateful to a person <3 Just my opinion.

i agree its not his fault its the mints decision to pick the best design

Its not really hateful it is expressing ones opinion, its a bit of banter whit, humour a laugh, I hate pizza does that mean because a lot of people like it I should

but he still designed it,

True, maybe he will think abit harder next time he designs, or hopefully they will just find a better designer :)

Biggest HATE I ever give out!


Hate. It is by far the worst design the mint has released. Yes it's still gold/silver and yes I'd still take 1 if it were offered to me and yes I may even end up buying 1. The mint knows that as a collector they can pretty much do as they please and charge what ever they want cause what collection would be Complete if a 2017 was missing. It's not for me sorry I DO NOT LIKE this design.

I choose Hate, but not a deep hate, just a small hate. SOV.

Unbelievable.. It's about time the RM started listening to their customers instead of threatening them.

absolutely, everyones entitled to there opinion

I am also re-steeming this post so ALL can see the actions that they take should detour anyone from supporting a corporation that acts in this manor.

There is always a chance that damage control like this can lead to more damage of reputation for a company. They need to read their audience carefully too.

;) YES!

Power to the People, TV for the Sheeple

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

This is not good news. But I am on the side of Britcoin!! ;) Those were videos of he own opinion and not an attack. Those people are so sensitive to criticism they are willing to do things.
I remember last year they locked up "Pastor D" from Britain for making a You Tube video against the Pope and a high ranking Church in England. So they are beginning to crack down slowly. We must be careful, but stand for our rights to just talk about what we want to. We shouldn't have to whisper about not liking a product that is made, for fear of being jailed for saying anything critical about a product made by a vendor. We are truly living in times all across the world that have never been.

exactly Gunni55 he paid for it so he should be able to say what he wants about it. like if you bought a car and it was crap you would tell people, worlds goin craazy!

Im on your side brit and I hope this is a joke! Looks like during a drunken fist fight they whipped up this lovely design and said this is what your getting and your gonna have to like it

yep i dunno how this design got through it sucks

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I'll be forward and strait out say I HATE the design. I mean where was quality control on this one? Out back having a drink, playing grab ass, while the kids drew up this hideous design? Just look at the bum, it's crapping out a country for goodness sake! Royal Mint dropped the ball on this one, no if's and's or "butts" about it. If I had this coin I would be most tempted to melt it down into a bar, and then post it on Steemit for all to see. And good on you Regal Stacker for telling them to go FUCK OFF!

That could be an interesting Video Request, on Youtube.
"Anyone willing to melt a new Britannia? Show us your pours!"

So I buy that piece of crap and melt it down, I might have burnt a tenner but not wasting that much. I will do a new post give me 10 mins

i think you should just melt one of the coins as a statement piece not the whole set, like you said no need to waste money, just a bit to make a point.

Haha, three days later and he wins one in a contest! Problem solved :D

I don't particularly hate it, and i would buy one , just for my collection, but it certainly wouldn't put it in my top 30 coins.

Well i always slating there bullion and not for the designs but on the lunar rooster they having a laugh with the design and why change the finish part way threw a seires.. coz it looks shit does this just looks flat no real detail and you know the quality will be crap as well. Thats why i buying mainly perth mint bullion and proofs over rm...but does seem that these days if you leave negative reviews say for a meal you here from there legal dept threatning you if you don't remove or stop posting for loss of has happened to this world when only fake news is allowed or fake views.. naw rm can do can they do black list you your family any one who may know you or any dealer that may sell to you.. ha ha ha sad fucks

Two of the three comments under their own site's article about the designer are critical. One of them is me, and I have had no threats.

Congratulations @britcoin!
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Thats well cool. Well done britcoin, its the 2017 Britannia after all, there is alot to talk about lol.

With a little "Hobo" could make it a better coin.

Heh, It would be great to see what some sculptor hobbyists could carve into this coin like those hobo nickels.

( In case anyone somehow hasn't heard of them: )

Is there any update on their threat to you?
Are you still able to buy from them?

I like the coin the more I see it the more I like it, strange how a coin is so different to other Britannias but sticks out to be one for the collection, I think in years to come this coin will be very collectible, I have bought the six coin set silver proof and 1/4 ounce gold proof..... sorry britcom

I'm going to get one of the 1oz silver. Just so there is no gap in my years.
Nobody will shun you for it, lol. All opinions are free in Steemit.

I don't like that coin that much but I don't think it's so bad either. I like how the trident ended behind the 9.

Great write up. Wondering if you suffer from blockfolio addiction too? -

Did you even read it? You're spamming this comment to how many hundreds of posts?

whatever it is I must have being a cockney