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Where does money come from? Banks print it. They print it at the very moment they give out a loan to a company with a promising business plan. Key to this post is answering the question:

What makes a business plan promising?

This seems to be an easy task: promising equals probably economically successful.

Now imagine: a charity approaches the same bank. Will it receive a loan? Probably not! It’s burning money and doesn’t produce revenues. That's what it looks like, focussing solely on the financial part.

Not so in a purpose driven economy! You approach a bank with a promising idea. In this case promising stands for probably serving a purpose well. Purpose in the case to be discussed here is creating social impact in favour of United Nations’ Global Goals: zero hunger, fighting climate change, reducing inequality.

Now replace bank by reward pool! As soon as your idea is promising, rewards will be minted and distributed to you - alas, in a purpose-driven way. Finally, replace the employee of a bank by curators looking at the social impact side of your idea. Now we have a starting point for a purpose-driven economy!!!

How may something like this be set up? The economic system of Steem already has the basic features buildt in. There is a rewards pool with freshly minted token. Curation through the means of upvoting is used for reward distribution. Effective curation is supported by delegating voting power (SP) and setting up curation trails, letting others do the curation for you. The basics are there! The system just has to be focussed on social impact by doing several adjustments. The journey may start! ImpactN cordially invites you to join. Today!

What’s the first step on the pathway? A proof-of-concept with real projects posting on social impact, with real people curating, real rewards and donations being distributed according to social impact. We offer a set of services to support focus on social impact. Doing that, we rely on twenty years of experience in impact management. We are keen to enable participation for Non-Steemians as well, using some of the tools developed by the Steem community. Many thanks for that!

This is how the core process supporting the proof-of-concept looks like:

ImpactN prototype process and services.png

Support for this process will be delivered from now on. A lot of it will be done manually, since our MVP will be built using the experience we collect with the proof-of-concept.

Before doing so, one key question has to be answered:

Why should a charity, a project or a social enterprise participate?

Four benefits await them:

They get privileged access to knowledge on impact assessment.

As first-movers they’ll gain high visibility, e.g. through our cooperation with the Blockchain Competence Centre of the European Commission

New, direct forms of interaction with stakeholders through curation and funding may be established.

Access to the rewards pool and to impact-focussed donors introduces new sources of funding.

Everybody can help make this an outstanding journey on Steem. Join and be a travel mate!

Address projects or social enterprises and tell them to get involved. Or give us a hint whom to address!

Upvote posts with the tag #globalgoalsfeed and a clear social impact statement or simply join @impactn Steem Auto Curation Trail (How to do so? Check the posts of @steemauto . Thanks to @mahdiyari)

Delegate Steem Power to @impactn. ImpactN will utilise Steem Power to vote on impact-rich posts and posts describing this journey. (How to do so? Thanks to @justinchase)

Donate Steems / SBDs to @impactn-donation to support impact-rich projects. Or donate directly to projects yourself. Tags and up-votes will lead the way. More to come on this topic.

Be a sponsor for the development of ImpactN by transferring Steems / SBDs to @impactn.

Get involved in the development of ImpactN. Volunteers in the fields of marketing and software development are more than welcome. Contact us at Discord traveller7761#9847

Thank you very much for your engagement. Please leave us your ideas, critical comments and whatever comes to your mind. Or just keep on reading: / url

The journey starts now!


I have always thought of the blockchain as a technology with purpose, if we create the technological tools only for our own benefit we are not doing anything, if we use it for the common good, then we would be establishing and leaving a legacy in the world for the following generations. I am here for that, wanting integration, union in works and true projects that change stories, impact lives, I love the Jesus life approach based on Christianity, and I also love technology, planning and strategies, for Venezuela, a country that is going through the worst crisis in its history we need to work for our country, ocreciendo tools, training, and bringing true freedom to life.
I invite you to read the last two blogs of @sc-v, this account is based on social projects of great impact, such as children's dining rooms, and the theme of health, which are the most critical.

I fully agree with you, Steem is a great tool for nonprofit.
I am going further, I created a specific token for nonprofit on Bitshares. Each nonprofit or socially responsible enterprise who is joining the Ventureo network will receive a 100,000 Ventureo initial funding.
I also have created the @askanything account to upvote the questions of the newbies.
So we can work together to convince nonprofits to join our great community.

To promote the Ventureo network, I work to collect fund for @Kedjom-keku. The objective of "2 million trees by 2020" is to collect 1 € from 2 million people. This is a tool to teach people how to use crypto. I am looking for tree ambassadors in different European cities

As a former physicist you may also be interested by @solarcoach who's aim is to recycle upvotes in solar energy.

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Excellent initiative. My feeling is that the key to its success is creating "familiarity" - you need participants to trust the mechanism you have devised, and familiarity is best at breeding trust. Currently someone reading the explanation will be repelled by its novelty and apparent complexity.

Our first step will be setting up a discord where Steemians and Non-Steemians may exchange.

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