How to Delegate Steem Power in Under 1 Minute (And How Much You Should Delegate to MinnowSupportProject)

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It’s been a hassle for most people to delegate Steem Power (SP) to @minnowsupport. Incorrect information, confusing equations, a question of how much to delegate, etc. So here’s the deal: I’m going to tell you how to do it, and how much you should delegate. And I promise I’ll make it easy.

MinnowSupportProject - Learn to Whale.

How Much to Delegate

The question of questions. Somewhere between 10-25% of your available SP seems reasonable. That’s AT MOST ¼ of the weight of your vote. A few cents for most members. That leaves you with plenty of additional SP for curating great content and for that initial boost on your own articles.

What matters is that you’re supporting the MinnowSupportProject. Because it’ll support back. Don't forget to re-evaluate your contribution every few weeks, and up your delegated SP as you grow!

How to Delegate SP in Under A Minute

Prepare. Copy link. Follow 6 easy steps. Pat yourself on the back. It's easy!


Here’s what you need to have prepared:

  1. Desired SP Delegation (verify you have enough available in your Wallet)
  2. Active posting key (go to Wallet, Permissions)
  3. The links I provided below


You’re going to use the SteemConnect tool. No downloads, no apps, just pasting a link. Find your desired SP level below (or calculate your desired vests yourself).
Find your link below, then follow these steps:

  1. Copy the link and manually replace "username" in the link with your own (no @ symbol)
  2. Put the link in your browser, hit enter.
  3. Verify your information.
  4. Hit Continue.
  5. Enter your username (no @) and Active Private Key.
  6. Visit and verify the transaction went through. You can send a screenshot to aggroed on the Discord server for your promotion! (Currently the steemd site is down, so just message aggroed).

Common SP Values, Their Vest Amounts, Your Link:

REPLACE username with your username (no @ symbol)

50 SP = 103470.397100

100 SP = 206940.794200

250 SP = 517351.985500

500 SP = 1034703.971000

1000 SP = 2069407.942000


Screenshot (11).png

Screenshot (12).png

Screenshot (15).png

Screenshot (16).png

And that time includes taking screenshots. BOOM! So what are you waiting for?

Want to Delegate a Different Amount?

Delegation is sent in vests, which are calculated using the following equation, rounded to SIX decimal places:

(1,000,000 / steem_per_mvest) x (Desired SP Delegation)
Where steem_per_mvest is found by going to and looking at the top right. Currently it’s 483.23

Example for 250 SP:

(1,000,000 / 483.23) x (250)
(2,069.407942) x (250)

Here’s the generic link:

Where username is your username, target is your targets username, and 0.000000 gets replaced with your desired vest amount (to six decimal places, even if they’re 0’s).

Have Questions?

Ask in the comments section or... be smart:
• Join the project! Start at the Discord channel: Join now and follow the instructions to register.
• Follow minnowsupport.

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I can't find out how to undelegate? I want to verify this lol. Is it the same as delegating to a user except this time you put 0.000000? If that is correct..does that happen a week later? So if I want to delegate 1000 SP for 1 week then I delegate the equivalent vests and then immediately delegate 0.000000 to make it only active for 1 week?

You're correct on the undelegation part using 0.000000. I'm not sure if it remains available to the account once you've undelegated, So if you delegated them immediately set it to 0 it may not be available to either of you for a week.

Ah ok. I have promoted minnow support a few times including links to the discord channel, and registered, as well but didn't see much happen afterwards. Thanks for sharing the info. Now I have a better understanding of how it works.

Glad it helped out - feel free to look me up in the discord channels whenever you have questions.

I need some sp on lease plz tell me know anyone interested to lease me Sp return of steem sbd btc

To make things easier with SP amount you can use "5%20SP" for instance at end of URL ;)

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So usefull. Thanks a lot. i've done it.

Okay, I'm getting up to Step 5. and then I'm getting a red Error ❌ message...has this been happening to anyone else? And by Active key you mean our Steemit account password correct? @justinchase

Negative, go to your Wallet and go to Permissions. You'll see a Posting, Active, Memo, and Owner key. Click to show the private Active key, and use that.

You don't want to be entering your password anywhere except!

It seemed so obvious but thank you for confirming!! @justinchase

If you click on your wallet you will see your keys, also the Active key.

I'm too little.

So join up, get some help, get big, then delegate :)

Thanks for the post and detailed information on 'how to delegate SteemPower'.
I hope this will help every one who doesn't even know about it yet. Good post

Thanks! I hope so too.

I've been looking for this information everywhere! Thanks a bunch for this.

Of course. Feel free the share it around, and let me know if anyone has questions!

awesome man!

Just hoping mine does as well as yours ;) I liked your video aspect, I'm too lazy to do that and have to blur my posting keys etc.

As soon as I get my first SP, I will delegate some of it!

And we'll be happy to have it. Thanks!

If I ever get enough SP to delegate, I'm definitely going to do this. :o

You're getting there slowly! We appreciate it. :)

I'm using minnow support for upvoting my posts but all I get is around 50 cents worth. Am I doing something wrong @justinchase?

No, you're not. Well, sort of.

If you're relying solely on minnowsupport to send your posts to the moon, it's not going to happen. We'll be implementing highered-powered bots in the future for active members and higher delegators, but really the value lies in the community.

Being active on Discord and contributing to the project in other ways will get you some exposure to a number of dolphins, whales, and big minnows. That's really where the party is at. A resteem from one of them can make all the difference.

Also,keep in mind you're writing in a VERY competitive space (crypto). So it takes more to get noticed. I've seen other people with 500 followers making 10-20x what your posts are pulling in... so either your followers aren't that interested in crypto and followed you for some other reason, their accounts are still small, or you aren't standing out in their feed.

It doesn't mean you're not writing good articles, just that they aren't getting noticed. Feel free to work with the #peer-review to get help with eye-catching titles and first lines, as well as overall feedback on the posts.

Thanks so much for your honest review @justinchase. Yeah I need to move away from the crypto space and try and write about my other interests which include drawings, arts and science. I think for some reason I needed somebody to tell me exactly this, and you've just done that for which I'm grateful.

Those areas have a lot more room for growth. Have at it!

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I'll delegate 100 for starters, to show goodwill. Just explain an easy way to un-delegate. Thanks!

One of our members just built an app that does all this for you:

To undelegate you just complete the process again and delegate 0. Seven days later your SP is available again!

I will sound rude as fuck now, but, how am I supposed to trust someone with my master password if he chose 100% powerup on his post.

You use your Active private key. It goes directly to SteemConnect, not to netuoso. His app just generates the link for you, so you don't have to copy/paste/change like I tell you in my thread.

If you don't trust him just use my method, but realize you should use Active key, which you can immediately change by changing your password.

When I try v2.steemconnect i get

close Error
Oops, something goes wrong!
Error code: 1 missing required active authority
Do you want to try again?

Use Active Private key.

Under which it says:
The active key is used to make transfers and place orders in the internal market.

I am - login to show private then c/p then I get that message

Did it! Sorry, missed a detail! Thanks!

Very well done my new friend and you get a 100% Upvote and Resteem from me. I am also going to link this article in my Contest I am running to Delegate SP.

Thank you! Looks like I contributed to it in my own way. ;)

@justinchase nice article..
@venuspcs u dont want try delegate to me boss ? haha :p

Enter my contest!


@justinchase go try to me haha <3 :p

@justinchase thank for the post, I managed to delegate some of my steem.

The way I understood it, all the rewards made with my delegated steempower go to the delegatee. What I would love to see instead is a 50/50 split. If this was the case I would be more than happy to give all my steem power.

Delegate to someone (or a bot) that can use your delegated SP to make you more money. They do get the curation rewards, but those are minimal. If you can get a $0.50 vote or more for 50SP, it's totally worth it. minnowsupport and its trail usually bring $2.30 or so.... so your delegation is well worth it.

Just to make sure I understood you correctly, I would give them my steepower and in return they upvote my posts?

Yes, the minnowsupport bot allows you to upvote 1 post every 12 hours in the Discord channel. The minnowsupport (and banjo) votes by themselves are only about $0.45, but there is a trail of votes following them, so you'll end up with 40+ votes and usually $2+ in rewards. There's a link to the channel in the post above, check it out if you haven't yet!

@justinchase, thank you for explaining, I will ake sure to do that!
What a sience :)

Great post, question is, how do I cancel a delegation?

found it :) Delegating now all my SP

Thanks for the info, just delegated at minnowsupport

Absolutely, glad it helped you delegate!

very informative stuff, i have a question Is there any time limits for delegating power to some one , i mean Can i delegate SP to some one for few hours , plz give me a complete reply thank you.

Hi @justinchase, I tried using your method but I got this one.

Why is that so? Please help!

I have been getting this error too. On 2 different accounts, 2 different browsers, and using vessel. I tried the active private key as well as posting private. Nothing works.

same here, same error message?!? I'm using the same active key that I successfully use for other SteemConnect transactions - help, any suggestions, I do want to give this delegation thing a try to see how it works.

Hm... Everything went smoothly, right up until the end, when I got this message:

Any feedback would be appreciated.

and how to increase and decrease delegation with this link?
Should I enter the target VESTS quantity, smaller or larger than the current one?
or type +25000%20VESTS or -25000%20VESTS

I would like to delegate 1813 steem power, is this the correct formula? How do I reduce the "3719455.0270059" down to six digits on the right there? VESTS#

Remove 9 at end

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Nice post! Thanks! I'm probably going to delegate soon!

Well lucky for you I made it easy. ;)

Thanks for reading!

Also following you! See you around!

what if I'd want to stop the delegation?

Use the same link, but set the number at the end to 0.000000

It'll take 7 days to become available to you again.

I want SP for help to minnow...please send me SP on @sunnia
i am going to distribute my post award among all my upvoters who upvote my post equally. so i need SP from big whales , so i get big reward and distribute among the can check my acount i am distributing award among my upvoters......

Sweet and simple guide thank you sir

Thanks you. Now this I can follow easily

If you want to delegate a specific amount of SP, put %20SP instead of %20VESTS at the end. EG:

It'll do the exact amount of SP. Easier to deal with, IMO...

What i will get for delegating 15 sp

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