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I'm giving away 10 STEEM DOLLARS to one lucky Steemian. One lucky Steemian will get SBD 10


To enter the lucky draw, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

1 - FOLLOW me @stevekelly


2 - LIKE this Post and COMMENT. You can comment anything. You can say hi or send me a link to one of your posts. I will check them all and give them LIKE and RESTEEM my favorites.


3 - Read one of my Posts and LIKE.

Posts below:

Crypto and technology



If you followed ALL the STEPS, you will enter the Lucky Draw for 10 Steem Dollars. The winner will be chosen Randomly.

The winner will be chosen from all the Steemians who followed the instructions. I will reply to your comment on this post to let the winners know.


Do not be discouraged if you did not win Today because Tomorrow you can be the LUCKY Winner can be YOU!

Please stay with me as this is just the start. Bigger lotteries are coming and more Great content.

Your friend,

Steve Kelly



Hi @stevekelly I follow you now, I read your post about the BITcoin kid, crazy!

newbie, can’t find an upvote button.
moreover support your generosity and would like to have some startup to support other Steemians, thanks

Nice post and eventhough i disagree with your blogpost about bots i really liked the one about your experience with bitcoins and how someone should start if they think about investing in them. Keep up the work.

I could sure use some of that steemalicious steem dollars! Thanks for giving some away good luck everyone.

great idea upvote me and Follow

Hey Steve! Thanks for connecting. Hope you are doing awesome!

Nice idea content giveaway 10 steem dollars posting


Do not be discouraged if you did not win Today because Tomorrow you can be the LUCKY Winner can be YOU!

Please stay with me as this is just the start. Bigger lotteries are coming and more Great content.

Your friend,

Steve Kelly

If you didn't win this Lucky Draw you still have a chance of making thousands of dollars in Ethereum for real. Check my post to find out more:

Thanks Steve! You must be keeping busy with reading all these replies. The cheeky side of me is tempted to write you a short story... However, I've decided to write you a poem attempting to include parts of your post instead:

Inside Genero City
The comfortable home of the
Not so, maybe, noobie
While idiots take more time
Synchronizing by rule abiding
Now coming outta hiding
An introduction by guiding
Turning to softly gliding
That razors edge which divides
The master from the unskilled
Generating stay-at-home mining operations,
Sending the miner far away on expeditions
To which futility knows no boundaries
Formulating the inner limits
In an attempt to understand
The simplicity of bitcoin technologies

Hi, I want to join and give it a try..I am a new member here.

Greetings. I hope you are my lucky day :)

thank you for the opportunity

oh I hope to be lucky

im hoping i win 10 sbd, beacause i dont have enough steem power :D

Awesome Steve!

It's nice to hear that. I'm excited to win. Yehey!!😁😁😁

I'll give it a try:)

Thanks for giving away I hope your doing well.

Done! If you are interested in movie news, feel free to check out my blog :P Good luck to everyone

Great Giveaway.. Hoping for the best!

It's a nice idea and would like that prize :) ... although I hope you like my post.

This is very interesting @stevekelly. The blockchain is even decentralizing the lotto, thank the Lord..
You've also given me an idea of how I can fulfill a campaign that I want to run monthly..

Hi good morning
I wish you a happy joyous day ....
full of energy.....
good sunday....................

Hi Victoria. How are you. I'm giving away 10 Steem Dollars, if you want to have a chance to win please follow the instructions in this post

Well, gamble it away :)
I think thia post can be usefull if you like old fashion postcards:

not bad :) ! ill check your posts. meanhwhile u can check the latest crypto memes :P hehe @camelx

waiting for payout? just wondering since you have 5 SBD in your wallet. and giving 10 away?

Hi, thanks for participating in this lucky draw. Yes, you are right at the moment I only have 5 SBD left but I will transfer some more for the giveaway. By the way nice article about supplements and herbs. Cheers!

good, haha checking in like a bot. haha :P sorry ;) and thx :)

Thankx this idea is awesome

Followed, upvoted, commented and resteemed ! Hope to be the lucky winner :)

Thanks I have done it. Hope I will be among the winners

great work thank you

Excellent post, thank you for this lottery I hope to participate and here I leave my post because it is to your liking to support me:


I am Sujan Thapa below here is my description about me.
I live in Kathmandu, Nepal am 21 years old, 5'9" and 70 kg. I am strong but wish to be as strong as I was when I played football. I like to read, cook and eat good food, draw sometimes, play video games occasionally, work on side projects which I won't talk about until they are complete, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.

Anyways that's all for my introduction hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little bit and if you have any question or anything just ask I'm an open book :)

Done and done...

Esta es la actitud, ser creativos...

Nice one.
Here is one of article talking about the mind and the need to have your mind in a good state

This is wonderful @stevekelly, I hope to claim your award

Excellent, I would love to win ;-)

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Nice giveaway.
This is a link to one of my recent posts which happens to be a 1000 dogecoin giveaway.

All The best.

nice give away legend

Hi and thank you! I read the Thailand post in your page! Wow... you had a great time!

Here is a link from a post of my page:

Here you go have my like and follow haha :)
I don't have blog posts (yet) but I link one of my steepshot pics anyway:

Nice idea. :)
I hope I win :D

Ola Steve, just hollaring atcha

I liked your nsfw posts.

Nice job. Follow my blogs @stevekelly

Hi friend,great contest,,nice to meet you

Great post! I love giveaways!!

Nice posttt!!! like that idea

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Resteem and upvote

Hi please check my blog. Thanks

hi steve !
thanks for this give aways
hope i am lucky this post

Nice, I just resteemed and upvoted. When will this end ?

Hi, thanks for participating. All entries will be closed on 8/02/2018 and a Winner will be selected the same day

ok thank you good luck too all...

voted, resteemed and followed. :-)

Nice idea @stevekelly. nice to see you

Hi! Followed your rules. Great Idea best of luck on Steem.

nice idea

This is really a great opportunity for everyone.. thanks.. :)

Thank you for this @stevekelly, I also checked some of your previous post. I like it specially your thoughts and information about cryptocurrency. God bless, sending love from PH.

Thank you for your comment on my post and invite me to join your gift away! Interested!

Great giveaway! Here's a link to one of my most recent post you can check out :)

Done, I love your post about Chinese electric car but it is also expensive

made sure to do all the steps... follow my profile if you'd like to see travel photo, music, art and more :)

Great Idea hot boy! haha

Hoping you'll follow me as well 😅 yayyy

Hi there, great idea!!!
Here is one of my post, a poetry, hope You like

Excelente idea

Hi stevekelly i followed all the steps :)

Cool! )) We are newbie, we are russian, our first post is here

Hope I am lucky