First day of spring: special Spring Photo Contest for 30 SBD!

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Hi everyone,

Even though the unusually cold weather still persists in most Europe, yesterday was actually the first day of spring and I think this is a great opportunity to organize another special photo contest for you.

The theme is obvious this time - show us your best spring photo! :)

Source: Wikimedia Commons (Creative Commons)

You can start submitting your spring photos in the comments below but please make sure to follow these rules:

1 - Submit only your own photos. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

2 - Only one photo per person.

3 - Add some background information about the photo with at least 50 words.

4 - Upvote and resteem this post so that more people can participate in it.

The contest will be open for 7 days (until next Wednesday). Then, I will go through all of your submissions and choose 3 winners who will receive 15 SBD (first place), 10 SBD (second place) and 5 SBD (third place) from me as the prize.

I am looking forward to your entries. Good luck to all participants! :)

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Bravo Tomas! I love this special themed contest. And can't wait to see everyone's spring photos. For this contest, I decided to go back to last year. This photo was taken on May 19th, 2017 during my visit to New York City. If I could recommend any time to visit NYC, I'd say mid May because everything is in bloom and the weather is warm but not hot. This view is from the famed High Line Park that runs along the westside of Manhattan. The park used to be part of the elevated train system. But decades after its use ended as a railway, it was transformed into this incredible park I tell everyone to visit, especially in the springtime!


Spring for Japan means Cherry Blossom. Known as Sakura in Japanese, Cherry Trees blossoms during spring every year in Japan, and during this time many Japanese girls will go Hanami, or literally flower viewing, where they would dress themselves in traditional kimonos and go out to local parks to view the cherry blossom, picnic under the cherry trees, and generally having a good time. One popular place for Hanami is the Lake and Garden inside the Heian Shrine, Kyoto, where this picture was taken.



Here’s my entry. Found so many unusual flowers in Claude Monet’s garden in Giverny, France. The garden is huge, filled with the flowers I had never seen before. I selected two of those I really love. The garden is wonderful, there’re different types of flowers the whole year round.

This spring, where you want to find spring, Sakura had started waving to you.Japanese respect Sakura, but also because her life is short, but with short time for yourself, to witness the beautiful.

In China, Wuhan University campus there as early as Sakura, Sakura night, cherry red down more than 10 varieties of cherry trees.

But today I'm going to take you to another place to see the cherry blossoms. Yeah, it's my hometown, Huangshi.

In spring time from March to May, in Hallerbos of Belgium, you can see a stunning purple-blue forest covered with a carpet of wild hyacinth flowers. I witnessed this lovely moment of a girl taking photos for her parents among the blooming bluebells. Later at sunset, I also captured the golden rays shining through birch trees onto the enchanting flower carpet.


Hi! 1 image only please... Personally, I like the second image better:)... but that´s just me... Have a great day. Tomas

Understood! Just removed one image. Thanks Tomas, have a great one too! :)

Sunny Morning Greetings from French Riviera !
You can feel spring in the air when wind coming from North Africa across the Mediterranean sea. Birds are singing like crazy, especially in early morning., while you still sleeping. I hope you can feel this special ambiance and warm touch of African wind. This is a best time to visit Cote d'Azur if you living in Europe. Catch a spring twice a year :)


Some people say that Oregon has some of the most beautiful coastline scenery in the world. This is true in part because in many places the terrain is very steep and rugged where it merges with the Pacific Ocean and that's why there are very few access points to view and photograph the beautiful shoreline. It was exciting to happen upon this viewpoint which offered a fine cluster of spring wildflowers to highlight the magnificent landscape.

right click-view image-to enlarge

Spring normally doesn't come very fast in Lithuania. All March can be still minus temperature (like presently) and finally only end of April - beginning of May the nature starts to wake up from the winter sleep. And then starts real blooming

This shot is taken at colourful sunset in the field of blooming poppies not far from Vilnius, Lithuania.

Enjoy it!


Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!

Congratulations on your win. This is a beautiful photo and it deserves to take first place in the spring flower contest. All I can say is WOW!

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Walking through the romantic and beautiful city of Bruges I found this small bridge, I was a little shocked by the beauty of how beautiful plants grew in it, and how the sun reflected and gave even more beauty to the colors of the incipient and awaited spring ... welcome we give you all sorta and longed for spring.


This Spring Snowstorm brought Washington DC area a good 4-8 inches. The flowers got covered, schools were closed and the government shutdown for the day. As the snow storm leaves the area and the night temperature drop, we will have a nightmare of a commute, but it is well worth it to step outside, play with the kids and take few awesome pics. The best news is that this short lived snow storm will not damage our Cherry Blossoms. Enjoy the pic - spring is here :)


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So delicate, yet a survivor :)

This spring is probably the most awaited for me. Mostly because of very dull winter this year with almost no snow where I live now. I just can't wait for nature to awake. I want to see the fresh green and blooming flowers. And thank you, Tomas, for this competition! It makes me feel the spring in the air :)

Photo by Dmytro Korol
Click image to view large


Photo was taken near Sveti Stefan island in Montenegro. The coast line of the country is stunning, which makes driving through the coast a wonderful experience. Spring is coming, I noticed a lot of flowers along the road.

The plum trees begin to blossom. In Chinese tradition, plum flower is a spiritual symbol of strong and noble characters, which encourages our generations go through difficulty, and create a better life and civilization. Our ancestors are bearing up well against all misfortunes like the plum flowers blossom in the early spring.


Spring in Australia is celebrated in September-October as we are in the southern hemisphere! So I've picked a picture of Australian spring. Every year in Canberra, the capital of the country, is held a festival called "Floriade" or "Australia's Celebration of Spring" - The festival attract crowds for all states and is a massive tourism event for the Australia Capital Territory.
Millions of bulbs are grown to flowers following specific features and sculpture. I've picked the Love heart one, as spring is also associated with love and breeding ;-)

Beautiful. The colors look stunning.

As spring is starting and flowers are starting to bud, that means that butterflies will be coming. Ever since my best friends death, my family has associated seeing butterflies with his presence. He died on March 17th of last year and his funeral was cold and rainy in Utah, but a group of butterflies still flew up to my daughter, who was having a really hard time with his passing because he was like an uncle to her. My best friend was very excited for me to travel to Africa, but he passed before I left, but every time I thought about him while I was there, I saw butterflies. This image is one of those times during the spring there.


I'm sorry for your loss! This image is perfectly beautiful!

Hello I too associate butterflies with the loss of my dad. So beautiful so free. This is a beautiful photo. I am sure your friend knows you're thinking of him when the butterflies are near.

Every year during the spring time a lot of tourists come to Tatra Mountains in Poland just to see the violet field of crocuses. The most famous is Chocholowska Valley. I took this photo in small village where I used to go almost every year. This time I spent there Easter with my family, so after traditional breakfast we could enjoy this view.

This picture i took at Kuala Lumpur not far from Petronas Towers. I forgot name of this flower but for me its one of the most beautiful smell i ever feel. This specific smell remind for me fresh smell of spring in my home country Czech Republic.



Hello how are you steemians, may the day be happy day for you.

First I thank @czechglobalhosts for the invitation to contest this spring, and I am @najmifajar to wish you a good spring with your beloved family.

I am from Indonesia, precisely the Gayo highlands, Aceh Province, my posting and content is about flowers that only have red fruit, my interest in the red color of this flower, makes me want to share to the steemians, because I do not know for sure the name of the flower, the red color of this fruit is very beautiful and tempt me to immortalize it with the SPC S1 mobile phone camera, with a rear camera size 8.0 MP.

So my post this time, hopefully be one of the beauty in your spring.

thanks you.
Warm regards

Oh what's that? It looks delicious! :D

this fruit from a small tree that resembles a flower, its red color is very tempting, but this fruit is not to be eaten, and I do not know what fruit is safe for consumption.

Thank you @artgirl, and i am I am glad to know you.

Succes for you @artgirl
Warm regards from Gayo Highland.

Oh I thought it was good to eat. Too bad...

Blooming Prickly Pear
Prickly Pear Flowers

Spring in the desert of Arizona with a blooming of the Prickly Pear Cactus. Its scientific name is Opuntia. While prickly pear cactus are abundant in Arizona I took this picture in the beautiful Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. The flowers turn into a "fruit" that can be eaten raw and is often turned into candy, jellies and juice. Spring in the desert is really spectacular.

Stunning colours!! Have you tried the fruit?

I have had french toast with a prickly pear sauce. It was good.

I love that there are flowers on a Cactus!! I know it is a normal thing but it just seems so different!

Yes the spring has started and the flowers are blooming, even it is a bit cold here. This is my favorite photo of the last spring. Last April I visited the Tulip Festival in Istanbul where I spent nice time and took nice photos of different flowers :)

flowers (2).jpg

Springtime in Ottawa, Canada's capital, is marked by the annual Tulip festival, where more than a million tulips of all different shapes, sizes and colours are on display in different parts of the city. It's a great time to get out with the camera and play.

In this photo I liked how the shallow depth of field gave the illusion of a watercolour painting with nice spring-y pastels.


If the weather in Denmark is good all year round, the best time to visit is the spring, when the duration of the days and nights is quite balanced, especially for those who are not used to days or nights of 17 hours. Spring arrives quite late and lasts little, but it is the most pleasant season. Without a doubt it is the most beautiful time, I love flowers.


  ·  last year (edited)


I photographed this picture in the end of March couple of years ago. It was also a very cold spring, like this year.
We walked in a forest and morning frost decorated everything around with shining crystals. I was mesmerized by this beauty surrounding me. I pulled out the macro lens, laid down on my stomach and the next half hour spent trying to capture this shining beauty.
That cold morning a nature was smiling to us and we knew - spring has arrived!

I love it! Looks like it's from a fairy tale!

Thanks a lot!

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When the spring come , the snails go out and graze over the plants and trees. It is the best seasons I have chosen. This picture is among the many photos taken this week. I hope you like it.
Greetings and good luck to all


Photo taken by me
Nikon D5200

  ·  last year (edited)

I love Spring! This photo was taken at the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers, it's a spring event held every year, this year will be it's 69th year. The whole town gets together and plants out all their gardens, parks and public spaces putting on a huge colour display. This shot was taken in one of the poppy gardens... I love poppy's, their form and shape is so beautiful and they're the perfect spring flowering bulb. For this shot, I decided to get down in the garden, to get a shot of all their beauty from underneath.


Fresh morning in Nepal. I had a chance to volunteer at an organic farm, somewhere deep inside of Nepal. The farmer was a school teacher, so I had a good opportunity to meet local people. We spend there about two weeks. If you are interested in volunteering in Asia, contact me ;)

This is a wonderful photograph. It shows the beauty of perfect nature.

I Love to see webs like this!

This year, we have not started spring yet. So far, the temperature is only approaching 0. Therefore, both the photo and the story will be about the past year.
Previous spring, spoiled us dry and sunny, but not too warm weather. Everywhere leafs, buds and other flowers blossomed. And of course I wanted to see all this, and to take pictures as well.
It's a very short period of time. But to combine a walk with a small child and shooting a difficult task ... But if you do not pay too much attention to any difficulties, you can get funny pictures)

Good luck to all the competitor..
This my contribution in this great challenge...The most important is not to win but to see this wonderful spring shots..thanks for your great idea..

Mock orange attacked by a bee..

Outside my dad's office there's an old cherry tree. When the spring begins, the branches are filled with flowers, beautiful and fragrant. My father and I, after a hard day at work, we usually sit on a bench nearby the tree to relax, watch the sunset and smell the sweet fragrance of spring.




Aw, I wish I could smell it too!

In the spring, a special joy floods our heart upon its coming. An amalgam of feelings, flavors, colors and hopes. Spring is the miracle of all creation, it is proof that good always overcomes, that youth overcomes old age, that love overcomes the coldness of people, that joy overcomes sadness. No matter how long it is in winter. What's more, the longer and the cold the winter, the better the spring seems. And the first sign of spring, snowdrops flowers encountered while walking in the park.

this photo I can in the yard of the house. white orchid flowers are entrusted as a symbol of love or luxury, and beautiful when viewed. In addition, this flower is a flowering plant that can produce fragrant.

Snowy Sagehen Meadows 2(2).jpg

Spring can be a little tricky where I live near Lake Tahoe. I was out shooting this camas wildflower field the day before this shot and when it started snowing, I rushed back out there again. Fortunately my timing was perfect, a few hours later the camas were crushed by the weight of the snow. Even though it was spring, I didn't mind the return of a stubborn winter this time.

Location: Sagehen Meadows, just north of Truckee, California.

So unique!!

Thank you @jayclar30! It was a pretty special scene that made me happy.

Optional Text

I had the great opportunity to go to Tokyo to do engagement pictures. While we were there it was the Cherry Blossom festival or HANAMI there were great opportunity for beautiful flower shots every where you went even in the city there was great opportunities, I can only imagine what it's like in the countryside or in Okinawa where where it happens first because it's the most south island.

I want to go to there.


The Araguaney tree announces the arrival of a beautiful season, its leaves have fallen and have given way to its yellow flowers, impregnates us with good energy and enthusiasm.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this contest

Photo - Edition by: @leticiapereira
Camera: Olympus fe
Location: (AP/SVCS) Caracas "Oscar Machado Zuloaga" Airport, Miranda, Venezuela.
Date: March 21, 2018

I chased a few of these little lovelies around for over an hour while testing out a new external flash unit. They were feeding on flowering vines growing on our fence. I took over 100 shots and only had a couple that I ended up liking, so here is what I believe to be my best overall image. Like photographing insects close-up, I find flash to be essential for decent captures.


Oh at least you got some good photos! haha. :D

Thank you. It was fun.

Excited to join the contest and see everyone's spring photos! Here is a photo I took just outside my house in Anchorage, Alaska. It was 2016 and we had just had a massive rain storm come in. The next day though, we were greeted with sunny skies and bright flowers. I took this with my iPhone and edited it using VSCO. I can't wait for spring to come to Alaska. Only a few more months ;)

  ·  last year (edited)


Winter has been missed in Wuhan China. in the winter part of living in China filling vacations to other countries because the winter activity on campus is closed. I also like that when the peak of winter comes I also take a holiday back to my country to Indonesia. I went back to China to continue my studies. now have entered the spring, cherry blossoms began to bloom with my favorite color is pink. I enjoyed it This beautiful spring. because in Indonesia my country there is no beauty like in China.

Bunga yang indah. Ingin suatu saat saya akan ke tempat anda

Bunga yang indah

Winter had its snow and frost , but now the sun has come out with its beautiful rays. The ground is thawed out and ready for new growth. The rains come and the soil becomes fertile once again. Buds become present everywhere. Then everything erupts with flowers and leaves. I took the picture at a nature park along a hiking trail near my home. I spotted it among the grass and had to take a picture.


This place is in the highlands of one city in Aceh, Indonesia. For some time this place is very cool, even often rain, seen in this photo I still use a jacket when visiting one of the tourist attractions there, this photo was taken using a camera phone and without edits, when the day began to brighten, this looks natural is not it? start to warm and calm for a heart that tired of the hypocrisy of the world.

Terlepas dari kamu menang atau tidak dalam kontes ini,yang terpenting buat saya kamu telah mempromosikan Aceh yang kita ketahui bersama adalah salah satu surga dunia alam yang masih sangat alami, Terimakasih..., Semoga kamu bisa menang di kontes ini

Iya sobat! Mempromosikan Aceh adalah salah satu tujuan, jika ada yang berkenan mengunjungi daerah kita ini maka ini adalah sebuah kebanggaan. Hehe...

A Timid Little Hummingbird Moth;

I shot this photo in my father's garden in a rural part of western France, about a one hour drive in-land from La Rochelle. The garden is abundant with wildlife and all kinds of fascinating insects. My favourite of which being the Hummingbird Hawk-Moth. These little guys beat their wings at a rate so fast they produce a clearly audible humming sound, quite cute! They are attracted to all kinds of flowers that produce a lot of nectar, and suck it all up using their long proboscis!

Studies have shown that they have a pretty remarkable memory, as they will return to the same flowers consistently at the same time every day.

Click to enlarge:

The colors and the spring light always invite us to celebrate it. In this case I chose this photo of this beautiful orchid because I believe he identifies to the the first, fresh, colouring, radiant, it is to extract your better suit of colors to give him the welcome to this hot epoch of the year. @zailecita!

It´s Springtime !
Spring is coming and today, as the sun was shining for the first time all week, we took our dog for a walk and suddenly I catched a sight of this lovely flowers. Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal. I love spring because the daylight hours are noticeably longer now and temperatures is warming up.


So beautiful!

Last Sunday I was on a day trip with my girlfriend at Lake Bled in my Slovenia. We walked all around the lake and when I saw these beautiful violet roses whose buds just started to open a bit and with well known island on the middle of the lake with the church build on it in the background, I simply had to stop and take a photo for Tomas’s Spring special photo contest.

Please click on the image to enlarge

Hi! This beautiful flowers was shot in suburbs of Moscow near Serpukhov.

Found that spot on today's hike through the local German forests while testing my new lens, right beside a small stream with still some ice floating on it.

This should be what's called Bear's garlic or Wood garlic in English and explains why the whole area smelled quite heavily like garlic.

I am sending you a Bougainvillea from my from backyard. They are in full bloom right now. They grow very fast and can get out of control. When it’s time to trim them, it’s quite an adventure. Underneath their brilliant colors they have huge thorns. Even though I am careful, by the time I am done, it looks as though I have been in a fight with a bunch of street cat, all scratched up.
What I find interesting is that the bright pink parts are not the flowers. They are called bracts and feel like thin tissue paper, especially when they fall. That little white thing you see in the middle is the actual flower.
Happy Spring!


Hermosa flor, acá en Venezuela les llamamos Trinitarias. En el jardín de mi casa tengo de muchos colores.

Thank you for your comment. I don't speak your language but I think I understood. They come in different colors here too. I like them very much, and they always remind me of my late grandmother, so they are special to me :)

Last April I had these tulips growing in front of my house. Unfortunately this year the winter has been longer than usual. I am looking forward to see the tulips coming up as soon as the 40 cm of snow will melt. This year I may see them only in May, as April is only a few days away and it's still bloody winter.


I found this beautiful tulip in my garden, and decided to take my favorite to throw a few pictures, I take this photo and it is more spectacular with a touch of drama. For me, spring means a new beginning or growth, because it fascinates me to see all the colors of the plants that bloom, that accompanies them with a bright sun and a charm with all the birds that spend their time singing everywhere they go flying. It is a very wonderful time.

Forget about Holland, you can see all the tulips you want right here in Oregon! And if the tulips aren't colorful enough then how about a pink tractor right in the middle of it all? This picture is from the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival down in Woodburn.


This flower belongs to Hydrangea which is the genus name of flowering plant species originating from East Asia and South Asia. This hydrangea flower also has another name that is bokor flower or flowers bokor, flower three months or flower masamba. This flower plant is a shrub that can grow with a height of 1 to 3 meters, there is also a propagate in other plants and can grow with a height of about 30 meters. The leaves of this bowl-shaped bowl with jagged edges and light green colored. This bokor flower has many colors such as white, blue, red, pink (pink), purple, light blue and so forth

this is spring in small Russian village Valishevo. This place located not far from house of my parents so I come here quite often and every time I try to take pictures of something that is not the same as last time. At this time I try to make shot through the jasmine bush


A walk amongst the graves. As an early spring snowfall hits Munich, the death throes of winter are evident. The plants knowing better than to huddle inside like us, and that this is a desperate attempt from winter to hang around. An old grave is the perfect site for new growth. Taken last week in Munich, Germany.

Today was a sunny day, although it’s already March the winter does not want to give up and there is still some snow left. You can already feel the spring in the air and I cannot wait till everything will be green again. This kitty is also waiting for the warm weather, he’s already spotting from the rooftop where the first flowers are starting to bloom, so he can bring some to his lady.

Hello everyone! This is Püfi, my pet bunny 🐰Last year around this time temperatures in Slovenia where higher and Püfi was enjoying the weather running around the garden. However, when this moring I took him out for some fresh air he was not impressed. As you all can see he was not quite ready to face the spring yet. ☀️



A few days of "The world water day" Our planet always gives, no matter how much we remove and destroy it always gives us beauty and this kind of contest helps to see that the world is full of beautiful places to review, my picture is in a national park of venezuela, park the drizzle, happy spring and enjoy the view

I cannot share anything from Norway yet...but I was visiting Scotland this month and I found the spirit of the spring there - Snowdrops!! Highlands of Scotland, March 2018.


Thank you Tomas, for this cool contest.
In the northeast US, trillium is often the first flower to come up in spring. It grows near lakes and rivers and is endangered (because so many forests next to water have been levelled for houses and other buildings). I took this photo of trillium in northern Vermont (Lake Champlain is just in the background, behind the trees) in early May a few years ago. The petals start out white and turn pink as they fade away.

  ·  last year (edited)

Semana Santa.jpg

Every year at the beginning of spring, this lilies, embellish our gardens with these flowers in the shape of a bugle; in this image you can see the contrast between the sweetness of a delicate flower and the hardness of the thorns that I had to put to prevent the dogs from destroying them, in the same way some people call them just Lilies of pain, because it is to be expected that they bloom during the Holy Week without any delay, here again stands out the contrast between the thorns of the passion of Christ with its beauty without equal.

I took this picture in my own garden, with my cell phone.

This is my entry for Spring Photo Contest!


In spring time, there are a lot of flowers blooming so colorful... This is good time for my backpacking trips, so I took this photo in Mộc Châu, Sơn La, Vietnam - one of the most beautiful places in Vietam traveling map.

Come here in srping, you may see so many flowers blooming such as: cauliflowers, sunflowers, buckwheat, peach blossoms,... All of them made an amazing painting of nature!

Welcome you all to Vietnam ^^

  ·  last year (edited)

Firstly thanks for this amazing contest @czechglobalhosts.This is an great opportunity for the minnows.
Returning to my post it was of a day which was quite warm and i saw a tree which was faded, trust me the view of the small leaves growing in the tree was an awesome view and a treat to look at our eyes.The photo was taken through my brother's DSLR in a place named Dhalaibil,Assam,India.You will not find the photo better than this in the spring season.You can check the picture below.


In Venezuela there are not 4 seasons, but the nature is so imposing and majestic that it makes us see the fields and flowery gardens, so it shows us that the spring, my mother I like the talk of the plants and you will see how they bloom, it is beautiful how much this happens. Merida - Venezuela. flores.png

I am very ready for spring to come. I can’t wait for the sun to shine, the flowers to bloom, and to put away my boots and heavy sweaters.

It’s a time of rebirth, a time of enjoying the great outdoors and breathe in that clean spring air.

Hello i am Rene from Estonia and this picture is taken in my back yard. i found this really beautiful flower. This flower i think is "sinilill" what in english is "Blueflower" and it's Estonias national flower


This was my first day of Spring, me and Toad had some work to do up in East Tennessee, this photo is looking down on the city of Gatlinburg. Had almost a foot of snow, which came in the night before. It’s a real blessing to live here, to me it one of the most beautiful places in Tennessee.
Fun thing is later in the day, we headed down to one of the lakes in the valley and it was almost 60 degrees, so we got in a little fishing.

Amazing scenery!!

If you like sharing, you will honor me. Thank you.


WARNING: The use of images that are not your own on which you claim the ownership will be flagged and/or reported to @steemcleaners - HELPING TO STOP PLAGIARISM ON STEEMIT

This image is not yours. Please remove it from the contest. It can be found on this website:

Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 10.09.23 PM.png

A review of your blog revealed that you have a habit of posting images that are not yours and not sourcing them.

Spring is defiantly one of my favorite seasons.
This photo was taken by me , in the Koo Valleys mountain area, in South Africa.
The Koo Valley is know for its beautiful scenic route and fynbos.


The scent of spring @ Vaasa, Finland / 7.4.2017

These furry friends, Ester & Hemuli are really excited about the scent of spring. This photo was taken last year, when snow started melt and we went into nearby forest. I released dogs and immediately they started to run around like crazy. I had camera with me, so I shot this one while they chased each others and ran around me.

The scent of spring @ Vaasa, Finland : 7.4.2017_8009908_Apr 07 2017_13-42_(c) www.olipart.com_(2500).jpg

I took this picture by my smartphone galaxy s4
2018-3-19 16-3-43.jpg

Good luck always to @czechglobalhosts

  ·  last year (edited)


This picture was taken outside my house. The afternoon was already advanced and I went out to a commitment in a hurry, however I saw that little spider on top of the flower and I felt the need to stop, in spite of hurry, for a moment and appreciate something that might be common or unimportant , but I saw in that little moment the beautiful things that nature gives us. Even if something of nature is very insignificant, we can find its true essence and beauty only if we know how to observe and enjoy it. I went running to my house to find my camera praying so that the little spider did not leave, I was lucky and I was able to capture that short moment that made my day so much better.



Although in Venezuela stations are not noticed as in Europe or like in the U.S, spring is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful times of the year. Its brightness, light and color can be seen everywhere.
I love this time of the year because everything is so colored and beautiful!.
This season is characterized because the nights start to be shorter and the days longer, but also the days are hotter and the nights are cooler.
This photo was taken by me, on a botanical garden here in my city Maracaibo, Venezuela.
Taken with my Nikon D3300.

Beautiful photo!!

Beautiful post.thanks for giving oppurtunity.
Here is my entry-
Name of the flower is taken from hyderabad,India.i found this flower in a garden and catched it in my camera.

Although I live in a tropical country, but I happened to take this photo when the Spring Equinox began. I was in a butterfly park and this yellow flower grabbed my attention. So I actually waited for a butterfly to sit on it. Since nothing happened for 5 minutes, the colour of this flower was beautiful as it is, even without the butterfly. So I've decided to take the shot anyway :-) Beauty can never be ignored :-)



What a beautiful spring in Buenos Aires- Argentina. Photo in the Zoo of this city, with the contrast between animals and flowers, with the beauty of the city and the favorable climate. This zoo has a particularity, it is immersed in the city, surrounded by buildings, but when you enter, you concentrate on the large number of animal species, surrounded by abundant vegetation and beautiful flowers.
This photo was taken with a compact sony camera.

This photo was taken on Alcatraz Island in Spring time. What better way to celebrate the beauty and freedom we enjoy than in a place like that? The gardens there are magnificent.


  ·  last year (edited)

I have the privilege of living in a tropical country, Venezuela, although in these latitudes there are no four seasons, between April and June the plants bloom a lot. My intention was not to photograph the butterfly but casually posed at the time of capturing it. Perfect since she is also synonymous with spring

  ·  last year (edited)

Who does not love spring? Who does not love the smell of flowers being born? Who does not love the colors of mountains and trees? Without a doubt it is a spectacular subject to devote and I am more than excited. This helps us to interact more with this beautiful community.

I participate with this photograph totally of my authorship, that I could capture in Merida Venezuela.
Photograph taken with a Canon EOS Rebel T3 camera.
Happiness and luck for all!
by: @lubelb


Ruellia flowers

The flowers are beautiful, trumpet and purple, but only bloom a day tiger. Blooming morning, noon or before the ill has budged and withered. But this plant has many flower buds, so every day we will continue to be fascinated by its beauty.

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This Is great contest @czechgloblalhost i want to join This contest even No spring in My country But theres a place called the city of flowers and the weather Is Very Nice and Cold.This city known as Paris van Java or Bandung city-Indonesia when Holiday or weekend come the people from city or nearest place must visit this place.I took This picture When I visited there ,I Took this pic by iPhone 6.thank you So much!!

Spring has sprung and rice is still in the making. This photograph of washing drying in a rice paddy in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Soon these fields will be very dry and rich colors of orange and brown. I love that we will still have a few months left of lush greenery and the weather is not as hot.


Hello, Tomas,

Here is my entry:


This photo is taken with my smartphone, I'm not a professionist photographer. Have a nice day!

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Orchids are really beautiful flowers indeed plant and in my country of Sri Lanka have some big market for orchid plants. Lot of ladies and some persons like and then buying. Orchids are an ever popular indoor potted plant. Flowers are usually white, purple or pink, or some combination thereof. While the exotic flower is widely available, many do not know how to care for an orchid to keep it blooming.These plants have round flowers with a pronounced lip that grow on a single tall stalk arising from a whorl of flesh, oval leaves. I've taken this capture from Peradeniya botanical garden. When we first get our orchid, it will likely be in bloom. Obviously, we want to prolong the bloom as long as possible. Orchid flowers bring gorgeous message to community beauty and love. Thank you for watching..

flowers that often bloom in spring that looks like a ball that has thin thin fur..

My entry

This flower is beautiful, well on this occasion we will present some flower images incorporated in my gallery. These flowers are also often called lilies. The type and color of this flower is so diverse and its size also has variations. This flower or lily is often planted in front of the house to beautify the house because at the time of blooming the flowers will be so beautiful.
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SettingsISO 100
CameraNIKON D5100

Looks like this flower wants to say, let the peace prevail

Honestly, I am from a tropical country and can experience two types of climate or season every year. I always dream of experiencing the season of winter, autumn or spring. I guess most of the people here in Philippines wanted to feel and experience various climate. I do love this theme or concept of a contest because at least I show and share to other people the goodness of nature. So for this contest, I am very honored and excited to share one of the photos that I've taken last week in our beach vacation with my friends. It is a lavender tiny flower in front of our cottage. It realy captures and can mesmerize people walking in the area. So take a look of my spring flower photo: (Various flowers bloom in our country everyday.)


In fact, I am totally captivated and it attracts me. So I take a photo with it:


I find this as the perfect representation of crossing from winter to spring. It's spring so we can start seeing some flowers around us. But it is only the beginning of spring and the winter does not get defeated so easily. Now and then it can still be quite chilly and cold and our spring flowers can end up being frozen. At the end, the pring will prevail.

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this is the spring flower in my area that people call it o flowers..


red roses that are in bloom. night shooting without chandelier lights. photos using mobile phone samsung note 8.
Location Banda Aceh Aceh Indonesia

This photo was taken last year in the mountain scenery in Seoul. When I saw korean forsythia and various flowers blooming in the spring, it is nice in my mind. The creek flow the water and stand both side the flowering tree. It is a scene that spring energy is prevalent. If you visit korea in spring, you can see various flowers in spring.


This is the entry of me, where the dicinta red was blossomed, the plant is located in one Elementary where I work location in Nisam Between, North Aceh, Aceh, Indonesia where this plant in blossomed make us more fresh to looked at him. The beautiful was blooms and in the parallel to neat and beautiful.

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I had taken these photographs 11 months 22 days before. The winter had just gone and spring had just started. March is the month in which spring arrives here in Nepal. During spring, every field is covered with grass. Every trees with leaves and every woods put forth their blossoms. The wind was chill.

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My beautiful story while visiting a flower garden in the city of Bandung, photography in the spring I quoted a lot of parks visited by lovers of tourism in the Asian continent.

Hi! Thanks to @czechglobalhosts for giving me such oppurtunity to join this great idea of this contest. Which I could share some of the photos I took when we are visiting into the One of the beautiful Island in Cebu. This flower I captured using my OPPo A-83 , this flower catches my attention because I was amaze because this flower grow at the sand near the beach, its quite interesting that aside from mangrove there are also some plants like this grows beautiful and healthy that bare flowers really blooms so bright and perfectly beautiful.!!


this is the flower "eik manok" aceh language, indonesia, this photo i capture with camera xiaomi not3 pro smartphone,

This picture represents spring to me as it shows both the plantlife and wildlife that blossoms in spring. These butterflies are one of my favourite parts of the New Zealand summer, they are stunning and beautiful. The sky gets filled with them, and although many don't like it, I find it amazing!


In the spring season, the beauty of our small hill station in Hazara division KPK Pakistan comes to life. You can see a stunning background forest covered with beautiful greenery. The beauty is breathtaking and calming. I love nature and its beauty so it is my hoppy that I go out in the wild to witness the beauty of it. It is sublime to watch the what nature has to offer. This road and its surrounding is the living example of it. Hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I did.
Thank you


Spring is my favorite season. whenever thought comes in mind first few flowers comes in my mind is Jasmine, cherry blossom, daisy. Today my morning walk I captured this. Hope you all like it.

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It's funny, I just commented on @schmidthappens post and said that wildflowers and blue skies says spring perfectly. I might alter that to 'bright flowers' and blue skies instead because when I was going through my images this one was the one that most stood out as Spring, as simple as it is!