National Preparedness Month: Starting Your Own Seed Bank

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As my continued series during September; which is National Preparedness Month, I want to discuss the need for people to start their own seed bank (saving seeds for future use) and how to get it all organized.


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Starting Your Own Seed Bank

Gardeners and homesteaders know what it means to harvest seeds from their current garden for future plantings. We also know that using heirloom seeds is important; some say the taste and flavor of the crop plays a role, but the most important part is being able to preserve the genetic background of plants when growing and using heirloom seeds. defines heirloom as this:

noting or relating to an old plant variety that is being cultivated again

In this DTube video I explain my reasons for starting a seed bank of my own, what my future plans are for one, how to organize the seeds and keep track of important information for each seed.

Having my own seed bank readily available for my homestead has many purposes:

  • Being able to expand foods I can preserve in my pantry
  • Having variety
  • Participating in seed swaps
  • Having a well-stocked seed bank in the event of economic collapse, weather calamity hindering my ability to purchase certain foods or other disaster that could prevent me from being able to provide food for my family

Things To Consider When Organizing Your Seeds

  • Keeping track of all plant & seeds
    ** Location of where plant was
    ** Best soil conditions
    ** Sun requirements
    ** Generation of seed (explained in video)
    ** Date seed harvested
    ** Storage conditions of seeds (cold, dark place, room temperature)

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It is quite eye-opening (and reassuring) to see how much of this is happening here in SA (on larger scales) by the farmers - preparing for "the worst" in terms of civil war etc.

That right there is a life line!


Exactly! SO much turmoil in the world, you never know when you'll wake up and the world as you know it is... gone.

Best to be ready and proactive.

Good advice!! All of us saving seeds is so important!!


I know... I want to be at a point where I don't ever have to buy a packet of seeds again


There are lots of seed swaps and in our area, libraries have started to have seed libraries as well. In some states, they made that illegal - but that might be a great community project...

Trying it for the first time this year!


Oh good luck!!! Let us know how the seed saving goes!

so nice video

howdy this fine Saturday goldendawne! oh man you are a fanatic about organization aren't you? lol. you probably don't think so but compared to the rest of us it's totally amazing and we can learn from you how to do it the right way so thank you!
You must think about this stuff all the time don't you?


Yes.. I'm a little OCD- lol
I feel as though if I have everything accounted for, in its place and organized, then my life is going smooth.

My mind NEVER shuts down


oh my sound like a machine! a wonderful working machine! lol. is your husband the same way?

fantastic job goldendawne ❤😊❤ u are amazing person, thank you for the tips 🌟🌟🌟🌟 god bless your work ❤

Creating a seed bank is something that I have began to take very seriously these last year or two. I like the idea of saving money on buying more seeds year after year and hopefully in a few years I will have my bank where I want it to be. Haha!


Oh absolutely!!! I don't want to be dependent on a store for my food and, like you, I have been taking all this more seriously in the last five years or so. It's very important to me to become more self-sufficient- and as you said.. it saves on the pocketbook!

This is great.. Something I, as a #Prepper, am lacking...
I will have to get things rolling!


It took me a few years to get to this point and I have plans to keep expanding it. I'm currently looking at some local gardeners who have seeds and seedlings that I don't have. Even if I get one seedling and harvest seeds from it, I am adding to my stash.


Long term, i could imagine SEEDS will be like gold dust, maybe even a TOP barter item. They definately ensure longevity and the ability to thrive..

This is a great message. I collect flower seeds from my garden so that I can plant them the following season. I like the bins that you used for organization.


I am so OCD that I keep things this way. Hubby laughs at me all the time but when he needs a receipt for a previous purchase I can whip it out in a matter of seconds.

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We save all our seeds. People laugh at me and call me a seed hoarder! But those seeds have come in handy and now those people are coming around and asking for a few seeds...amazing!