National Prepping Month- September: How Are You Prepping?

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September is National Preparedness Month and the motto is Disasters Happen. Prepare Now. Learn How.

From natural disasters to potential government disputes and all those other scenarios that preppers are getting ready for, imagining and hoping never happen, I will be discussing the what to do, how to be ready and what do I need questions that could possibly be in everyone's mind(s) in the event of a national or global emergency.

From protecting and being prepared on your own homestead to a government/economic collapse.. are you ready for the unknown?

So all throughout the month of September, aside from my regular posts and features, I will be making posts in the prepping, preparedness and survival topics and tags.

Topics To Be Discussed:

  • Food storage/preservation for short and long term
  • Strategies to use in a catastrophic event
  • Learning new skills
  • Supplies to have on-hand
  • Emergency plans
  • Home remedy and medical care

And so much more- so watch for posts ALL month long.

Two of my favored topics are food storage and learning new skills. So in today's post I will give some general information (and then later this month, I will elaborate on these two topics) and share some personal insight to get the ball rolling.

Food Storage & Preservation

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This is just a short explanation about the importance of having a proper food storage in your pantry whether for short term (power outage that lasts for days or a winter storm that has you stranded at home) or long term (power grid collapse or loss of income).

Do you know how long the food in your pantry, freezer or refrigerator will last your family in the event of an emergency? How long can you substantially feed your household before you run out of food? Do you know how much food you need per person per day to survive?

These are all topics I will be discussing in a food storage post hopefully this coming week.

On the topic of food storage:

  • Gardens- why to have one
  • Preserving harvest- various ways to preserve (curing, canning, dehydrating, smoking)
  • Being sustainable
  • Proper ways to store food
  • Expiration dates of food

Learning New Skills

Image Source- Pixabay

You don't necessarily have to learn to forge- although it may be a handy skill to have in the event of an EMP/CME cataclysmic event.

So what skills do you have that would be beneficial to your survival?

  • Do you know how to sew? (to make warm clothing if you live in a northern climate)
  • Can you make fire without a lighter?
  • Can you hunt and fish for food?
  • Do you have hand tools for cutting wood? Building?
  • Can you purify water with water purification tablets?
  • Can you make temporary housing (bushcrafting) to get out of inclement weather?
  • Do you know how to raise livestock for sustainability?

These topics will all be discussed throughout the month also.

The Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo (GLEPE)

This expo is in my home state, search online for a comparable one in your own area. I'm hoping to attend this one in a couple of weeks.


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Awesome post! I don't know how you stay so active! I have been taking a break from Steemit. Just checkin sometimes to see how my friends are doing!

As for prepping... I am rebuilding a gasoline generator right now. I'd like to later do one that I can run off of wood gas.. At least to see if that is a real doable thing. or if it is just a pipe dream.

Our garden got us some good food this summer. Still have the fall harvest from that.

gotta keep moving forward! Thx

This will be helpful to so many people (hopefully)! It's sad that it takes a crisis - when it's usually too late - before people realize how important prepping is @goldendawne! And this is not simply for the "end of the world" possibility. Faced with the white genocide here in SA I find that a lot of people are still not prepared. I don't understand it. Better to be prepared and the tragedy never occurs than to NOT prepare and the crisis hits


Oh absolutely!
You always think of things you need... when it's too late.


Oh absolutely!
You always think of things you
Need... when it's too late.

                 - goldendawne

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


We have seen that with others in a crisis (the last with the flood in our farming community nearly 5 years ago - not so much as extra candles, water tanks, alternative energy, nothing. It was a real shocker especially as these are farmers who are quite far from modern conveniences)

I think that these are important skills to learn. Two of this things to me are the most important is how to make a fire and also finding water that is safe to drink or making it safe to drink.


Oh yes!!!
I am hoping to do a DTube video about fire starting this month- so keep an eye out.

I really need to up my skills just reminded me about improving my design skills

As the boys scouts say - Be prepared


I keep an on-going skills' list and am constantly adding more to the list as I go on in life. There is just so much to know

Wonderful idea @goldendawne! I don't consider myself a prepper but I am packing the pantry full of home-made goodness. We like to always have a years worth of food as we go into winter. My husband just hugged me and told me that I smell like garlic and dill! :)


lol- garlic and dill.. is someone making pickles??

And yes.. having a full stocked pantry is a must have especially when dealing with the harsh winters.


how'd you guess?? :) It is harvest time around here and I can't keep up with all the food coming at me. A good problem but so much work.

howdy goldendawne! learn to forge! lol. yeah I don't think alot of people would do that but if things were total breakdown it would be a great thing to know! ok this is going to be a wonderful series I can tell so great job on doing this, most haven't even thought of any of this.
That top photo is a scary image, lets pray it never gets anywhere near that bad!

Excellent ideas to post on @goldendawne. If we hadn't been preppers from a way back, we would have been in serious trouble very quickly. The way it is we are weathering the storm, better than most but I can see room for improvement in the future!