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Hello people of this great community. Hope you all are doing great today. This is an amazing contest by @anomadsoul and its all about re-reviewing ones past work on the platform. Thank you for this great contest.

I joined Steemit January, this year and so I am over 10 months here and have made far more than 30 publications. Now there are some amazing posts I've made in the past and i'll love more people to see it and read up.Here are my 10 entries,sit back and enjoy them.


Potential! People may tell you that you have lots of it, that you are wasting yours or that you should maximise yours. Yet,few people really know what potential is. Fewer people realize that discovering your potential allows you to redefine your destiny and attain greatness in life. more by clicking the link below


Many people are looking for quick way out of their problems,they just keep going around in circles not knowing that the devil has blindfolded their eyes. The good news is that there is a way out and that way is JESUS, he alone is the only way to all problems of the world. There was a woman that was in need of a child,she went to places, native doctors, even went to do IVF, paid huge amount money to doctors just to get a child but all of these didn't work till she went back to Jesus "the only way" and she got pregnant. It may tarry for a while but the is always a light at the end of the more by clicking the link below


Thanksgiving is the expression of being grateful,Many people think that the things they have is by their right,they believe the ability to walk,sleep and wake, eat, being intelligent is by their own power,they see no reason to give God thanks. this should not be so,we should GIVE THANKS AT ALL more by clicking the link below

There is probably nothing more painful for a christian parent than to have one of her children rebel against the lord and against her. After you have spent years loving your child, raising him in the christian way and showing him the path to salvation, after investing so much time and resources,the pain of seeing your child go astray goes so deep into your soul and makes you feel like a failure.All this makes you want to question God, it fills you with grief that just won't go more by clicking the link below


Parenting is one of life's greatest privileges.God did not have to use you as a medium of bringing that child of yours into the world.There are many ways he could bring multiplication into this world but he chose to use me and you as channels of birthing his image.What greater privilege can we have? more by clicking the link below

Revival as it is described means a return of spiritual health after a period of decline into sin and broken fellowship with God .Revival is for the people of God when they need to be forgiven and restored to life,spiritual health and vitality and to achieve this,you must first discover the need for revival,make yourself available as an agent of revival and fulfill the prerequisites for more by clicking the link below


Life has got its ups and downs,there are good and bad times. Elijah is an example of encouragement,consecration and godliness for believers,he was a man of great courage,mighty prayer,faith and total surrender to God and his service. Despite his courage and strength a day came that he found himself in a perplexing situation that made him despondent and more by clicking the link below

We wonder why some children rebel. "But he comes from a very devout christian family,his father is a pastor and so on,the question then becomes then why is the child wayward? The reasons are not more by clicking the link below


What does the word living and Victory mean?

"LIVING " means a condition that distinguishes organisms from inorganic objects and dead organisms.
"VICTORY" as my name implies means an overcomer,it denotes success achieved in personal combat,it means success in a struggle against difficulties.

Living in Victory means maintaining a lifestyle of success over personal combat and struggle in the face of difficulties.The type of life and quality of life defined above is because he or she has been infused with a life that is divine through Faith in God's own son _Jesus more by clicking the link below

The christian life is not one that accommodates laziness,it's a life of passionate service for the master .Immediately a person is born-again,the joy of salvation naturally spurs him to work for the more by clicking the link below

I have to stop here,to see more of my post visit my blog @vik3. Its been so much fun on steemit.
I nominate @adedoyinwealth, @izurich20, @Ammy.
Thank you for reading.
I remain @vik3.


Very well said by this post. Well done @vik3 Keep posting ♥


This was beautifully done. Very lovely posts you've got there maam! And you are so pretty too.

Love from all of us at #Bigwaves.

Thank you

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