🌺 SteemIt Community Garden Journal Challenge - September (With Steem-Bounty)

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What's going on in your (indoor) garden, on your balcony, in your homestead or on your farm this month? Let us take a peek and maybe you'll win one of the prizes

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End Of Summer

I'm a bit late this month, but I've spent the last week in bed with the flu. I know of better ways to close the summer.

In the meantime, my garden has turned into a real mess. The sunflowers I've been using as a support for my climbing chayote plants have collapsed under their own weight. The stem simply broke.
I really need to get moving and collect some flower seeds before it's too late.
In the greenhouse, the melons need to be harvested - the plants are heavily infected with mildew.
I hope the last tomatoes will have time to ripen, but since fall has set in with a lot of rain and clouds, I think that will be a no-go.

I truly hope your gardens are in better shape than mine....

Welcome to the SteemIt Community Garden Journal Challenge, which encourages you to share your monthly (indoor) garden/balcony updates with your fellow Steemians and create your own garden journal.


A Shoutout To Our Previous Contributors.

We've had different gardeners joining this challenge in every edition. The participants' base follows the seasons in the different parts of the world.

Last edition, we could enjoy the garden updates of

@bengy, @riverflows, @erikah, @abitcoinskeptic, @nelinoeva, @enjar, @amberyooper, @sifondeseltz, @briarch, , @porters, @fmbs25, @gingbabida, @plantstoplanks and @minismallholding.

I’d like to thank them all for entering this challenge, and I'd like to invite them to post a new update.

This challenge is open for everyone who is growing plants or crops - indoors or outdoors.

If you haven’t joined before, feel free to start now. The more the merrier! There are plenty of people who are enjoying to see what's going on in other people's garden, farm or balcony.


The Challenge

The rules haven't changed:

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Please also include a link back to this challenge somewhere in your post.

You can include whatever you want in your post, but please remember that the pictures should be the most important aspect of your post.


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Show us how your plants, herbs, flowers, succulents or vegetables are doing. Share what you’ve been doing in your garden, on your farm or on your balcony. Don't forget to let us know if you are dealing with things like fungus, caterpillars, aphids, and - even more important - hów you’re dealing with those.

In short, tell us the story of your garden.


🏆 The Rewards

As always, all entry posts will receive a 100% upvote from my personal account.

As an extra reward, I'll be setting up a #steem-bounty in the comments section. Everyone who posts a comment that includes a link to a valid entry will get a share of that bounty.



🏆 The Winners

When this post reaches payout, I will select the two entries that I liked most.

I’ll reward the top 2 posts with a 3 SBD prize.

I'll also use a random name picker to select two entries and send them each 2 #steembasicincome shares.

Prizes will be given out once I get the winners post up, which will be after this post has reached payout. Make sure you submit your entry before that time.


Grab That Camera

Are you still reading? What are you waiting for? Grab that camera and go make some awesome pics of your (indoor) garden, your balcony or wherever you are growing your plants, herbs, flowers or crops.

Show off your green thumb, or the lack of it, and create another chapter in your very own garden journal for 2019.


I'll can't wait to see your updates!

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I thought I wasn't going to make it this month. I've been busy with some other things:


Thanks for joining, @abitcoinskeptic. looking good!!!

Part 1 .... Part 2 is coming! Hey, its Spring here... I could do 20!

When I was a kid, if I was going to chose between being a witch and being a f... https://steempeak.com/gardenjournal2019/@riverflows/medicine-journals-a-witches-garden

Thankyou..the fact you have kept up this awesome contest makes me smile alot. Xx You rock.

Here is part 2

'Hey babe, it's holidays! I know, let's move 35 metres of mulch!'
I sure know... https://steempeak.com/gardenjournal2019/@riverflows/native-beauty-garden-journal-september-part-2

Sorry to hear you have the flu. I hope you feel better soon.

Pick those tomatoes I guarantee you they ripe inside. I did that before as I left for two weeks.

By the way you can make a great chutney with green tomatoes too.

Hereby my entry. I will do what I see the farmers do around me. No winter stop they plant and wait for the result. Their sunflowers all stay till they are brown, dead and shrunk, I assume they are used for the seeds (eaten or oil?).

No bugs, worms or whatever on my plants. I do not spray or use anything. My tomatoes, the ones I planted outside in August are doing well. As long as it is not raining daily and there is sun I have good hope.

Hereby my entry https://steemit.com/palnet/@wakeupkitty/my-garden-journal-september-28-2019-ldo1jowa

Happy Saturday 💕

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Thanks for joining, @wakeupkitty :0)

Happy with the given opportunity 👍💕 Have a great weekend.

Hola @wakeupkitty, creo que @simplymike no usa traductor google, porque no comentó nada. Si es así, no lee mi publicación. Es como si yo no participara??

No sé si será traducido. ¡Una entrada es una entrada y se trata principalmente de las fotos! Tienes fotos geniales. Sé que en las computadoras Google también puede traducir automáticamente. Yo preguntare. Feliz lunes.

I do not know if it will be translated. An entry is an entry and it is mainly about the photos! You have great photos. I know on computers google can automatically translate too. I will ask. Happy Monday.

Feliz día @wakeupkitty. Felizmente me contestó @simplymike. Estoy muy contenta, me dice que sí, aunque no comentó antes, mi publicación si concursa. Gracias amiga, por tu interés. Un abrazo.

@gertu como siempre eres muy bienvenido. Hoy espero unirme a lo que significa CCC para ti también. Estoy haciendo algo con C. Feliz martes. Un abrazo para ti ❤️

like always you are very welcome. Today I hope to join my what means CCC to you contest too. I am making something with C. Happy Tuesday. A hug for you ❤️

Upvoted your post. Here is my entry. :) I hope it brings you joy! Food Forest Update - pictures around the garden - Sept. 26, 2019


Thank YOU for hosting! This is awesome! I'm pretty excited about it :)

Doesn't really look like a disaster, though :0)
Thanks for joining, @fmbs25

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I'm here I'm here! Don't Garden Journal without me!!!!!!


Pfieuw! Glad I remembered to check Gina right after I got up, so I noticed your entry before the bounty pays out.
Thanks for joining again, @bengy

Cool... I wasn't too concerned about the bounty... just actually getting the entry in before the time ran out!

I ended up making some Salsa from some of the stuff I’ve been growing. Did not have everything I wanted from the garden perhaps next year! Always nice to see some of it come together like that.

I hope everyone had a great month!


Thanks for joining again, @enjar

My garden is looking pretty sad this month too but I did get some good photos from the splendor of Fall. Here is my entry - https://steemit.com/gardenjournal2019/@porters/september-garden-update-for-the-steemit-community-garden-journal-challenge

Thanks for joining, @porters

I'll bring some positive garden vibes here shortly! Hope you shake the rest of the funk and feel better soon!

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Thanks, @plantstoplanks.
Looking forward to it :0)

Here you are:
Community Garden Journal September 2019.
Hope you are feeling much better now :)

Thanks for joining, @shanibeer

Saludos a esta comunidad, a la que publico por primera vez. Gracias a una recomendación.
Por acá mi participación.

Sorry I didn't comment earlier, @gertu... I did upvote your post and your comment. But I forgot to reply. You're definitely in. Thanks for joining!

Muchas gracias. Estoy muy complacida que me acepte en su concurso, es muy lindo. Muchas gracias.

Oh, I am sorry to hear you had flu. Hope you are feeling better.
The summer is over and we had some cold nights but now again it is warm. I am off to take new photos.

Oh it’s no fun spending the last days of Summer with the flu. I sure hope you are cleared of it now.

This is a nice challenge. I plan on eventually growing some indoor plants . I will definitely revisit this challenge when I do.

Busy this days, no longer keep a garden. Hope you feeling better

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I do, @fredkese, thanks. Not 100% yet, but a little better every day.

Get well soon

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I've got a few timings left to harvest, but the garden is looking in a pretty bad state at then mo. Runner beans are all but gone, sunflowers(like yours) have collapsed, carrots 99% gone, beetroot 99% gone.... You get rhe picture.

Should really get an update up, watch this space!

Glad to know it's not just my sunflowers... I never had it happen before.

I'll be watching ;0)

My garden is looking pretty sad this month too but I did get some good photos from the splendor of Fall will put into a post!

Great! Can't wait.... :0)

I don't have any garden because I live in an apartment on 7th floor but I wish I had...

You're welcome to share pics of what you're growing inside too. Any greenery is welcome :0)

I will try to get one together, but, if that doesn't happen, I upvoted it anyway. You are awesome with this journal. I love the idea!


Thanks, @dswigle.
Hope you can get one out, though :0)

Ah, I hope you are feeling better now, so you can save your garden!

Ah, I hope you are
Feeling better now, so you
Can save your garden!

                 - roselifecoach

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thanks, @roselifecoach...
Not a lot of saving left, though.

Ahh... Too bad... Next year maybe better!

@simplymike, Good to see that you are still continuing with this amazing series. For this effort i want to share a Quote.

Learn growing, to be ready for the time of no growth.

Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

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Wellness Is Green


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In our garden only grass ... and a few apple trees. Harvest with one we took off in the summer (summer variety), and the second will stand until November))) Pretty boring)))

At least you have apple trees. Mine is only 2 years old, and not a lot of apples are growing yet.

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May you get well soon! May you also enjoy the remainder of the week

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Too bad my garden was an epic failure this year! Great contest!

Posted using Partiko iOS

An epic failure? How come?

I had some health issues this summer and was not able to care for it during the really hot, drought days. Most everything died.

Posted using Partiko iOS

Sorry to hear that.
Been struggling with my back these last three years, but still managed to take care of the basics. However, this year I learned that health issues and a garden are hard to combine. It was only a little over a week, but my garden is a disaster

Unfortunately, we have some things in common! But, I see our health problems didn’t get the better of us! Thank you, and good health and blessings to you!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Thanks, and right back at ya :0)

Yay, its that time again!!!xxxx

That time of the month again, lol

Amazing effort to build the steem community. Get well soon, @simplymike.

Hi @simplymike. I have a question. Is it a problem to join in another language as English. I hope you will not ignore the Dpanish entries. I couldn't find anything back in the rules.
Thanks in advance for your answer. Happy Monday 💕

No problem. I've had quite a coupleof Spanish entries in the past.
I had given @gertu an upvote on the post and the comment, but forgot to reply to her comment. I fixed that yesterday. Still need to go over all the posts to leave a comment there, though. I hope to get that done by tonight. :0)

Great it is possible. I am not always sure if those who host a contest are willing to yranslate. I try to make a list with contests/challenges to join.
It takes a lot of time to read and comment. I see that with the two contests I am hosting. Perhaps it saves time only to do so once or twice a week.
?i wish you a great Tursday 💕

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It's Spring in Sydney and lots of different flowers are showing their true colours. Beauty is everywhere ~ Even the weeds. Have been photographing the flowers but became bewitched by the dandelions and clover this week.

My backyard garden has been totally ravaged by Brush Turkeys in the last few years, scraping off every inch of 10-year-old homemade mulch, all the topsoil and a few inches below, in the process of building their mounds/nests in three different locations in the backyard.

Would love to show you all the 'trials and tribulations' of trying to save the garden. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Would love to see them too, @allyinspirit

Thank you for tagging me. I will try my best to make an entry. 😊

Can't wait :0)

I don't have a garden but I have a bunch of wild blueberries growing in my back yard. I purposely never mowed a big section of my yard to keep them growing. They got surprisingly big. No maintenance was required but I still got all the delicious benefits :)

Blueberries... mmmm, delicious

Ah I forgot you do hold this contest.
I will do the next one then as I just posted my garden update 4 days ago.

You can enter with your last post, if you want to, @quochuy

A bit early for us with this challenge my friend as we are now busy studying in the second course of our new mushroom growing venture. These are the first two basic courses and then we have to do 3 advanced ones before we can even start.

But of course when it's all ready I will start to post about the preparations, the growing room and all other titbits.

Thank you my friend!
Hope that you have a good weekend!