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RE: 🌺 SteemIt Community Garden Journal Challenge - September (With Steem-Bounty)

Sorry to hear you have the flu. I hope you feel better soon.

Pick those tomatoes I guarantee you they ripe inside. I did that before as I left for two weeks.

By the way you can make a great chutney with green tomatoes too.

Hereby my entry. I will do what I see the farmers do around me. No winter stop they plant and wait for the result. Their sunflowers all stay till they are brown, dead and shrunk, I assume they are used for the seeds (eaten or oil?).

No bugs, worms or whatever on my plants. I do not spray or use anything. My tomatoes, the ones I planted outside in August are doing well. As long as it is not raining daily and there is sun I have good hope.

Hereby my entry

Happy Saturday 💕

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Thanks for joining, @wakeupkitty :0)

Happy with the given opportunity 👍💕 Have a great weekend.

Hola @wakeupkitty, creo que @simplymike no usa traductor google, porque no comentó nada. Si es así, no lee mi publicación. Es como si yo no participara??

No sé si será traducido. ¡Una entrada es una entrada y se trata principalmente de las fotos! Tienes fotos geniales. Sé que en las computadoras Google también puede traducir automáticamente. Yo preguntare. Feliz lunes.

I do not know if it will be translated. An entry is an entry and it is mainly about the photos! You have great photos. I know on computers google can automatically translate too. I will ask. Happy Monday.

Feliz día @wakeupkitty. Felizmente me contestó @simplymike. Estoy muy contenta, me dice que sí, aunque no comentó antes, mi publicación si concursa. Gracias amiga, por tu interés. Un abrazo.

@gertu como siempre eres muy bienvenido. Hoy espero unirme a lo que significa CCC para ti también. Estoy haciendo algo con C. Feliz martes. Un abrazo para ti ❤️

like always you are very welcome. Today I hope to join my what means CCC to you contest too. I am making something with C. Happy Tuesday. A hug for you ❤️

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