The easiest thing to grow in your garden.

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Radishes are probably the easiest thing you could ever grow in your garden. Some breeds grow from seed to harvest in as little as twenty-five days. It usually takes about a week for the seeds to sprout. After that most types are ripe after about a month. Radishes are a cool weather crop that is best to plant in the spring or fall. The heat will make the plant "bolt", meaning it will go to seed before it matures. Saving seeds from ones that bulb up good but don't go to seed in a heatwave, is a good way to breed for heat tolerence. The seeds are cheap readily available just about anywhere with a gardening section. Since the radishes mature at such a fast rate they are great to grow with slower growing plants. In this picture I cleared out a section of neglected garden. I planted some red potatoes in with the radishes. The potatoes will take quite a while to sprout up and mature. So the quick growing radishes will be ready way before the potatoe crop. Plant lots of seeds every few days until it gets too hot. If you plant continuously you won't be overwhelmed by to much all at once. Instead you'll have a steady supply to munch on till summer. This area where my swiss chard is growing would be a good place to squeeze some more radishes and lettuce plants in. For a novice gardener, or even a child gardener, radishes are the best instant gratification you can recieve in the plant kingdom. Anything I can eat in thirty days of growing is pretty special in my book. Hope you enjoyed my radish growing enthusiasm. Please #upvote #follow and #resteem if you found this useful.

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I use the radishes to mark rows of the later sprouting plants like Carrots as well. That bot shows me where the carrot seedlings are and also helps me to thin and weed the carrots when I harvest my baby radishes.

Carrots are certainly a good companion plant since they grow so slowly. Thanks for the tip... I need to get some more carrots in the ground after this storm passes.

I can't grow radishes for shit. Seriously. I've tried year after year, in different conditions, early, late, spring, fall...they hate me. I can grow everything but radishes. I've literally tried everything. Good soil, poor soil. In containers, in the ground. They refuse to produce a bulb for me. I get beautiful leaves and tops, but never ever any bulb. So frustrating! Haha! Thanks for your post. Got any tips for me?

My first thought is maybe there is too much nitrogen in the soil. Most root crops prefer a soil high in potassium and phosphorus. If you live in a mild climate try to plant in the winter time. Any heat at all will keep them from bulbing up right. Getting a variety pack like "easter egg radishes" might be a good idea. You may find a specific breed that grows well in your area. Worst case scenerio the greens are good to add to soup. Hope that helps a little.

Thank you! I never thought about eating the greens. To think I've always tossed them away. We live in southern Missouri so you'd think we'd be just right for radishes! I'll try again but with a soil with lower nitrogen. Thanks for the tips!

Your welcome, hope you have better luck this time around.

Great Post, You have definitely gotten me to want to grow them this year. I like your tip about sowing seeds every few days.

Thanks I'm glad I inspired you. Hope you have a bountiful harvest. 😉

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I always loved growing radishes, they were easy to grow, and quick. and yes you need to spread your planting of them out over a few days, so like you said you have a steady supply to munch while tending to other garden chores.


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Wow! I had never even really thought to grow radishes! I definitely didnt knonw they grow so fast. Im all for the instant gratification! When some things take SOOOO long to grow, its nice to have a few that just sprout right up! Thanks for sharing! :)

I think it's the best thing for kids to grow since they are so fast growing. I'll to look on my facebook for pics of these "easter egg" radishes I grew a couple years back with my nephews. All different colors, but the purple was amazing. I'm all for instant gratification myself lol.

My kiddo would LOVE to grow some easter egg radishes!! Ill definitely going to have to look into it!

I found the picture of the ones I grew...

Ohh, how awesome are those!! Definitely have to grow some of those! Thank you!

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Cool thanks I added the banner to the post. I've thought about putting together an inititive to help farmers in India get g.m.o. free seeds donated to them. I also want to put one together to help homeless people, in the future...

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Thanks for sharing

I've never grown too many radishes, because no one in my house really liked them, but suddenly we all started really enjoying them, so I'll be growing as many as possible this year. Since I don't have a lot of experience, I appriciate the tips in the post and down in the comments!

We have a very large experience of growing radishes. Now there are very good Dutch varieties that do not go into the shooter. Radish always grows large and sweet. it was a good idea to plant salad and radish together! Good luck in your gardening!

Thanks so much. I'll have to look into some of the dutch varieties.

Pay attention to the variety Rudolph. You will not regret!)

I certainly will keep my eye out for it. A watermelon radish is a fun type to grow. It's a bit more finicky than other types and takes about 70 days. Well worth it when it works though...

I actully thought that peas were one of the easiest for me. Granted you need a trelis. But I can definitely see radishes being one of the best and easiest to grow. Esepcially if you have hardpan soil or clay. Plant a bunch of daikon radishes and you have most of the ground plowed! lol

I like to plant radishes in the fall to avoid root maggots.

If you let spring planted radishes go to seed the immature seed pods taste just like the roots. Try them in a summer salad. Makes a good substitute until the fall radishes are ready.

You can also let the plants go to seed for use as radish sprouts in the winter.

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