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RE: The easiest thing to grow in your garden.

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I can't grow radishes for shit. Seriously. I've tried year after year, in different conditions, early, late, spring, fall...they hate me. I can grow everything but radishes. I've literally tried everything. Good soil, poor soil. In containers, in the ground. They refuse to produce a bulb for me. I get beautiful leaves and tops, but never ever any bulb. So frustrating! Haha! Thanks for your post. Got any tips for me?


My first thought is maybe there is too much nitrogen in the soil. Most root crops prefer a soil high in potassium and phosphorus. If you live in a mild climate try to plant in the winter time. Any heat at all will keep them from bulbing up right. Getting a variety pack like "easter egg radishes" might be a good idea. You may find a specific breed that grows well in your area. Worst case scenerio the greens are good to add to soup. Hope that helps a little.

Thank you! I never thought about eating the greens. To think I've always tossed them away. We live in southern Missouri so you'd think we'd be just right for radishes! I'll try again but with a soil with lower nitrogen. Thanks for the tips!

Your welcome, hope you have better luck this time around.

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