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RE: The easiest thing to grow in your garden.

in #gardening4 years ago

Wow! I had never even really thought to grow radishes! I definitely didnt knonw they grow so fast. Im all for the instant gratification! When some things take SOOOO long to grow, its nice to have a few that just sprout right up! Thanks for sharing! :)


I think it's the best thing for kids to grow since they are so fast growing. I'll to look on my facebook for pics of these "easter egg" radishes I grew a couple years back with my nephews. All different colors, but the purple was amazing. I'm all for instant gratification myself lol.

My kiddo would LOVE to grow some easter egg radishes!! Ill definitely going to have to look into it!

I found the picture of the ones I grew...

Ohh, how awesome are those!! Definitely have to grow some of those! Thank you!

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