Make Games Great Again! 🎮 [Rant]

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Mrs. Snail told me to write about something different than Survival and Preparedness from time to time. I thought a little about this proposition and came up with a topic. It's a big topic, an elephant in the room that nobody talks about. It's Gaming Industry.

Back in 1990's after paying SEGA and all it's awesome games like:


All of the games were made very well with few exceptions. They were Games. They were made for playing, mostly by people who enjoyed playing.


Latter on after 1997 came games like Red Alert! One of my all time favorites. Spent countless hours playing it and enjoyed every bit of it.


And Many Others, too numerous to list, but here's few:






My point is, those game were awesome and Today's games are just not. Graphics, yes, all is much nicer. But, the essence, the spirit is missing from it. Shout out to Worth A Buy from youtube. He has been at it for years.

Take a good long look, what we have today?


Today's games are made to be Addictive, yes. But quality is horse sh*t. Game Can be addictive and not suck. Great example:


Amazing grind, many hours were spent playing this game. I remember my thumbs were hurting from pressing the buttons on play station controller, to the point of blisters, but I kept on going!!!!!!!! and it was Awesome! The satisfaction you got for completing this very long competition was worth it.


And that's another thing that today's games are missing. Challenge. They are made too easy. Game is playing the game for you. It's made So Easy that all you have to do is press a button. That's all. No decision required. Just press a button when game asks you and if you don't, nothing happens. You can do it again.It's like watching movie more than playing a video game.

Counter Strike 1.6.jpg

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this little rant. And also Let me know in the comments if I missed any awesome new games. Though I must say I did look closely including indie games. Some of them are alright to play once. But nothing compares to games like Transport Tycoon made in 1994. I still play it sometimes, because it's simple and awesome!

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Great post @juozas

You are right it is all visual and instant. It is a bit like the current film industry, everything is action, in your face, CGI and rushed characters.

I grew up playing on the Sinclair Spectrum 48k and there are a couple of good examples of what you are saying here.

Two of my favourite games were Dungeon Master and Footballer of the Year. DM was a text adventure role playing game and captured my imagination with its simple yet creative system. Very little in the way of visuals, hell, even the sounds were basic but it captured me and I was totally addicted. I played this with a buddy of mine for hours.

FotY was a role playing game with a little action thrown in. You were a young budding footie player trying to make it in the game and in life. The game economy was set up so you would earn a salary and that give you a chance to earn opportunities to score goals (live action)in the coming games. This played on my heart strings as a wannabe football player and again, totally captured my imagination. To my knowledge nobody has even attempted to recreate this as a stand alone game in the modern era.

Captured my imagination. I think these are the key words. Nothing is subtle or left to chance these days. Its in your face, make a buck and move on. Sadly.

I also had a Master System and a Mega Drive. Moved to PC and then back to a console with the original X-Box, Wii and then to the Playstation series.

Thanks for posting.


Hey if you do much gaming - they've got a group for that lol :) .. My big complaint is that there's not many first person games that are two players on one consol, many are just online multi player .. with my little guy i play minecraft, gta, and borderlands :)

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hey, hey, what's the game after the diablo pic and before Crusaders? It feels familiar but I just can't remember. Btw, I absolutely love Crusaders, and still play it occasionally. hahaha. I quite agree with you here, and actually, I can say the same about some of the new music going out. XD

That's Transport Tycoon. Yeah, I love Crusaders as well, was playing it this winter! 2018!

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