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Lutece Twins
Thursday, 5 July 2018.

How's it going, Steemian? It's me again in weekly Lutece's Posts of the Week, where you'll find some of the most enjoyable posts to read on Steemit. I hope this post not only can bring more viewers for the mentioned authors, but also help you readers to find some gud stuff to read easier. Now you can sit back, and I hope you'd enjoy these posts as much as I do. Here's this week's some of the best gaming posts...

Video Games As An Educational Tool And The Internet Gaming Disorder

by @conficker

So... I didn't follow this "Gaming Disorder" news, really. But one thing I know is everything that is too much is not good, that is include gaming. This is a long article but it explain why and how gaming can be good for educational purpose, and how you should avoid getting addicted to video game. 

Philosophy and The Binding of Isaac

by @clayboyn

This post is... when you're into some game so much you'll see the part of the said game that most people will likely overlook. The message behind the design choices, the philosophical lining of the game, it could be anything from any part of the game. And for me, such thoughtful read is very interesting. I've experienced this train-of-thought before for another game, quite similarly. 

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A trip back to 2002 in gaming history (Part 1)

by @emtecks

Have a trip down memory lane with this post that invites you to discuss a buttload of great games in the past according to the year stated in the title. If you scrolled down the post but don't see your favourite game(s) there, put down your baseball bat! Because the author has made a bag full of this "games in history" posts you can find in this post. 

20 Reviews in 10 Words

by @vladalexan

Some people, including me, try to make in-depth game reviews, explaining whatever features and pros and cons the game has. Other, such as this author, made it to capture the entirety of the games in 10 words and trust me, you will like it. So come on, people. Just check this post out, and leave a comment "MOAR OF THIS PLS" because this is what we need.

For the mentioned authors, sorry I didn't let you know if you're featured here because I rarely leave a comment. If you'd like your post to be removed, feel free to let me know! For everyone, if you like what you read, don't forget to leave your upvotes to support the authors, and maybe resteem too. Thank you for taking some of your time, Steemian!

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Thanks for including me!

You're welcome! You write an interesting view towards video game (well, a certain game). Sorry for not leaving a comment, by the way...

I really loved 20 reviews in 10 words. Make me almost want to try a 10 reviews in 50 words. Just a little more length to give myself more room. I really loved the reverence and jokes he included in such a short word limit. Ah “diablo bat” hehe was a rather funny one I thought.

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