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Much like G2A and Kinguin, dgameland is a second hand games market, except it only takes SBD and STEEM as payment.

dgameland by @fervi / @dgameshop

This is what we're presented when we enter the site. You can browse through all offers and sort them by date, price, etc. The number of offers represents how many different copies are being sold at the moment, but it will always show you the lowest offer first.

Trying it out

I thought the names were a bit suspicious so I decided to buy a lower priced game first, just in case. Fortunately for me, everything went well and the key activated 39 Steps and it's now on my Steam library.

Since there are a few unused key codes on my notepad file anyway, I thought I'd put them up since someone else but make better use of them than me, specially when they also drop cards. Actually, the first few games on the front page are being sold by me.

Safe from monitoring

You can see on the image above how the game key shows up to everyone. You get it on your steem wallet, but it's encrypted, so only you can see it if you're already logged in.

Low fees and fast processing are a given, considering it's a steem blockchain project, so you can see the expected fee - at the moment at a fixed US$ 0.05 - which is all the service is charging.

It's a very affordable way to get rid of your incredibly old but still interesting Steam codes. Buying and selling are both very easy, making nothing longer than one screen.

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I am happy to see Steem and SBD used in different places now. That will help the community to grow and the value to go higher.


You can use STEEM to pay on some sites that accept bitpay. I agree though, steem is such a good payment currency.

Thank you for the entry ;)

For now we are improving the DGameShop engine (which is part of DGameLand) and we are waiting for Hardfork. However, we test different solutions and collect feedback before the Alpha 3 version.

We're also working on the DGameShop's fork, where books will be sold.


Zabawne że ostatnio myślałem nad stroną tego typu :D


No cóż :D Szkoda tylko, że licencje są problematyczne do zdobycia :/

I think it's good to have site like that, I will use it for sure :D


I'm putting some new games up every now and then. I can just remove the keys if they don't sell, so all good to me. Not every game I buy from bundles fit my taste.


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